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self-knowledge and consciousness~ On Removing Some of the Obstacles to Love
~ How Spirituality is in Consciousness Not Emotion
~ An Introduction to Spiritual Change
~ Inner Peace and the Awareness of the Present Moment
~ The Driving Force of the Mind
~ Don’t Let Yourself be Dragged Down Into the Pit of Others’ Emotions and Thoughts
~ Depression and Feeling Down – From A Spiritual Point of View
~ Don’t Just Think About Spiritual Realities – Experience Them


Out-of-Body Experiences and Dreams

astral projecting~ Experiences in Dreams and in the Astral Plane
~ An Interview on Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming
~ A Talk on Out-of-Body Experiences
~ The Hidden Side of Dreams
~ Some Tips to Remember Dreams
~ Near-Death Experiences – Where Science Can’t Go, Mystics Can
~ Astral Meetings with the Being Belsebuub




spiritual exercises~ Spiritual Exercises
~ A Review of the Day: Learning from the Past
~ How to be Aware
~ Self-Observation
~ Analyzing an Inner State
~ Meditating on an Inner State
~ How to Have Clearer Dreams and Remember Them Better
~ Relaxation and Focusing the Mind
~ Concentration and Visualization for Astral Projection and Meditation
~ Concentration and Visualization on an Object
~ Imaginative Visualization


Esoteric Wisdom

esoteric wisdom - photo copyright Nina Aldin Thune 2005~ Esoteric Knowledge Throughout Time *
~ How Enlightenment is the Process of Creation in the Universe in Reverse *
~ A Hidden Secret Knowledge of Life
~ An Alternative Way to Understand the Gospel of Judas
~ We Have to Make Change Happen
~ The Churning of the Milky Ocean
~ The Light of Christ
~ Esoteric Christian Texts
~ How to Find Meaning in Ancient Sacred Texts
~ A Universal Process of Enlightenment
~ If You Want to Awaken Create a Revolution Within Yourself
~ Enlightenment is Hidden in Sex
~ Sexual Desires and Inner Darkness
~ Get Out of the Spell of Nature and the Sleep of Death
~ The Understanding of This Kind of Spirituality
~ Why Enlightenment Takes Time


Higher Global Consciousness

global consciousness~ The Powerful Use Esoteric Knowledge While Keeping it from Humanity: Empower Yourself by Awakening Consciousness
We Have it Within Ourselves to Raise our Conscious Level and That of Humanity
~ How Self-knowledge is Crucial for Changing the State of the World
~ Commercialized Spirituality – It’s a Business, Not the Real Thing
~ Be Free to Express Yourself Spiritually
~ The Sleep of Consciousness That Weighs Heavy Upon the Human Race
~ Having Spiritual Knowledge Brings a Responsibility to Assist Others
~ Looking Beyond the Issues to the Causes Facing Humanity.


Sacred Ceremonies, Places and Times of the Year

summer solstice celebration

General Solstice and Equinox

~ The Significance of the Solstice and Equinox in Spirituality *
~ A Guide to Celebrating the Solstice and Equinox *

Autumn Equinox

~ The Spiritual Meaning of the Autumn Equinox *
~ Ancient Sacred Sites Aligned to the Autumn Equinox *
~ A Ceremony to Celebrate the Autumn Equinox

Winter Solstice

~ The Spiritual Meaning of the Winter Solstice *
~ Ancient Sacred Sites Aligned to the Winter Solstice *
~ A Ceremony to Celebrate the Winter Solstice
~ Mantras to Celebrate the Winter Solstice *


~ The Symbolic Meaning of Christmas

Spring Equinox

~ The Spiritual Meaning of the Spring Equinox *
~ Ancient Sacred Sites Aligned to the Spring Equinox *
~ Decoding the Ancient Meaning of the Sphinx and its Origin as Anubis *
~ A Ceremony to Celebrate the Spring Equinox

Summer Solstice and Midsummer

~ The Spiritual Meaning of the Summer Solstice *
~ Ancient Sacred Sites Aligned to the Summer Solstice *
~ A Ceremony to Celebrate the Summer Solstice


~ A Spiritual Wedding Ceremony *


Blogs by Belsebuub

Belsebuub at Chaco Canyon 2012_process,crop,resize~ The Unseen Spiritual War Beneath the Veneer of Society
Who Was the Mysterious Taxi Driver?
How I Discovered Our Phone Was Tapped
~ A Psychic Experiment With Matthew Manning
~ On Jiddu Krishnamurti
~ A Weekend at a Psychic Workshop




In Defense of Truth and Freedom

Belsebuub & Angela
~ Legal Measures in Our Favor Stop Individuals Smearing Us *
~ Even Jesus Would Be Called a “Cult Leader” by Angela Pritchard
~ Why Esoteric Knowledge and its Practitioners are Persecuted by Angela Pritchard
~ The Use of the Word “Cult” to Stop People Forming Groups for Higher Spiritual Knowledge
~ The Anti-Cult Movement and its Suppression of Spiritual Rights and Freedoms
~ War on Consciousness Takes to the Internet as Esoteric Websites to Be Censored in UK by Angela Pritchard


Articles by Angela

Mahakali_crop3x4,process~ Reestablishing the Feminine in Godhead: The Role of the Mother Goddess in Divinity
~ The Danger of Becoming the Darkness when Fighting the Dark Side
~ The Inter-Dimensional Entities Behind the Dark Agenda that’s Taking Over the World
~ Reclaiming the Spiritual Symbols That Have Been Hijacked and Used Against Us
~ Ignorance is Not Free
~ Why We Have a Need to Know About the Esoteric
~ The Symbolic Burning of the Knights Templar at the 2014 Grammy Awards
~ We’re Here in this Reality to Learn About Who We Are
~ Making Contact with Extraterrestrials Through Other Dimensions
~ When Anger Just Won’t Go Away
~ The Poison of Anger Poisons Us Too
~ A World of Hurt that Can Be Changed


* Indicates articles that are co-authored with Belsebuub who contributed the esoteric knowledge, and Angela Pritchard who contributed the research (all other articles are written entirely by Belsebuub).

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