Krishna with the divine white cowThis evening I set out to explore the words of Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita

The mind of him, who is trying to conquer it, is forcibly carried away in spite of his efforts, by his tumultuous senses. Restraining them all, let him meditate steadfastly on Me; for who thus conquers his senses achieves perfection.

I sat comfortably and tried to see what it is to meditate on Krishna, who is the Christ. In the past I’ve concentrated my mind and reached meditation- perfect silence whereby I left behind the body, mind, and emotions to enter into the light that casts no shadows, the illuminated void.

But this meditation that Krishna refers to is quite different; he refers to meditating upon him in the actions of life, not being out of the body, so I wanted to learn something about what he meant by meditating upon Krishna.

I quietened the body and looked for a way to meditate on him. I sought to concentrate my mind, so I thought of him, but my thoughts were not him. I visualized him, imagined various forms of light, but I realized this was only my imagination and not him.

So I immersed myself in the Samadhi that is always with me, which unfortunately ebbs and flows throughout the day according to the action of my mind and emotions.

Of the Samadhi is intelligence, in the Samadhi is action without attachment, of the Samadhi is Krishna. As I looked there was nothing I could fix my mind upon to recognize him, he is beyond the mind.

I could be aware of my body, the breath, the heartbeat, and fix my mind upon them, but these were matter. The Samadhi was not to be found located specifically in these forms; everything of matter I perceived was my interpretation of form. The Samadhi is that which sees. It is what I perceive, the breath, it is the heart, the body, it is everything that exists and it is the true “I” stripped of form.

To sing to Krishna, to praise his name, to visualize him is not really to meditate upon Krishna. I realized that to rest in the peace of the Samadhi is to meditate upon Krishna from moment to moment during daily life, and that this is the key to conquer the senses.