Making Contact with Extraterrestrials Through Other Dimensions

This is an account of an experience I had with an extraterrestrial being, which I have now just put up in the articles section. It describes through the encounter I had how it is possible to make contact with extraterrestrials whilst out of the body (having an OBE). I personally believe that the almost totally unused potential we humans have to access other dimensions of reality can be used to make contact with like beings throughout this vast cosmos - allowing us to instantaneously traverse the seemingly insurmountable obstacles of time, space, and even the dangers of meeting here on Earth due to military aggression, which have separated us. As we stand on the brink of our own destruction, there has never been a more pressing time to learn how to use this potential and to receive direct communication from more spiritually advanced beings and civilizations that can help us both personally and as a humanity. It is time to reach out and bridge the divide - but to bridge the gap, we need to strive to make the next level in our own personal spiritual development. ------------------- In late 2011 my husband Mark was out in our garden one [...]

Extraterrestrial Contact Experience with Dr Steven Greer

Myself (left), Jenny (Mystical Life Publications), Geraldine (a friend), Layla (Mystical Life Publications) and Dr Steven Greer Last weekend myself and the Mystical Life Publications team went to spend some time with Dr Steven Greer of the Disclosure Project. It was his first visit to Australia; he spent 3 days giving a series of talks and going out under the stars to make contact with extraterrestrials (ETs), and then was off to attend a secretive meeting of government officials at a location in Australia. Even though the workshops were fully booked, the organizers opened up spaces in the weekend of talks, which allowed us to go at a greatly reduced price. Then they opened up the final night under the stars by donation, which we attended with around 80 other people from around Australia (normally he only does his CE-5 contact sessions with groups of around 25). And so our weekend adventure began rather unexpectedly, and we set to out to investigate one of the most important frontiers of human experience—contact with like beings from throughout the universe. What followed were lots of ET sightings. I was mainly interested in finding out about the spirituality of ETs, and [...]

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