Following up the copyright infringement of our work

Our publisher Mystical Life Publications (MLP) is currently focusing as a team on following up cases where our work has been plagiarized. There has already been a great effort to find the sites where our work has been copied or posted without attribution or permission. Thank you to all of you who've contributed - it's been such a wonderful help, which I personally greatly appreciate. Now they are methodically working through them all, getting through the backlog of nearly 1,000 cases, which had built up over the years during the time we had our free eBooks available, and many more articles posted on this site (without copy paste protection for much of the time). They've already resolved a few hundred of them, which is great to see. In the next few months, they expect to have most cases resolved, which will be great to have done and out of the way. Here is the blog update they've written about it. Following up copyright infringement For anyone new to this issue, I've written about it before in: Why we provide our work for free or without profit How plagiarism poses a threat to spiritual knowledge

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Why we’ve removed our articles on the meaning of the solstices and equinoxes

On the 17 of March 2018 Mark and I have removed what were the most popular articles on this website—which are the articles we’d written about the spiritual meaning of the autumn equinox, winter solstice, spring equinox, and summer solstice, as well as the greater spiritual significance of these times of year. They had been shared on social media over 23,000 times, and had become a world reference on the spiritual meaning of each of the solstices and equinoxes, ranking in the first 1 to 4 places in Google searches for terms like “winter solstice spiritual meaning” – above sites like Wikipedia, Encyclopaedia Britannica, and The reason why we removed them is because of the extent they were being plagiarized. They were first published between 2011 and 2012. From then on, they were copied and pasted by hundreds of people who plagiarized them verbatim, which is why in 2016 the copy&paste function on this website was blocked. This helped stop the verbatim copyists, and we hoped this would stop their plagiarism altogether. However, unfortunately it has continued. Although there have been a small number of people who have decently credited and referenced our articles when writing their own, many [...]

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An update on the work we’re doing

We've been fairly quiet lately, and so would like to give an update on what we’ve been doing and have planned. Mark has spent the last few months writing a series of books on the path of the spiritual sun, and how to walk it. At this stage it’s likely to be released as a number of separate books, as the content would be too large to put into one. Photo by Lucas Silva Pinheiro Santos on Unsplash It will contain descriptions of the different stages of the path, the key exercises that allow someone to walk along it, chapters on a huge range of different spiritual topics, and accounts from Mark’s own spiritual journey. It will also bring together the information on the path of the spiritual sun found in the traditions that descended from the ancient Religion of the Sun, and will include a lot of excerpts from sacred texts. It will, by far, contain the most detail and content on these subjects that Mark has ever written, and will be the world’s most complete guide to enlightenment. I’m helping with research, and will continue to make videos at Sakro Sawel where I can. We’ll be [...]

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Searching Within by Belsebuub now in paperback

Post is by Jenny at Mystical Life Publications The long awaited day is finally here – Belsebuub’s Self-Knowledge book is available again! This edition of Belsebuub’s self-knowledge work is titled Searching Within: Taking the Way of Self-Discovery for the Journey to Source. Searching Within can be purchased from: (should be available on Book Depository in a few days) And many other worldwide online retailers Since Searching Within has just been released, it can take time before the book listing shows up on some online retailers' websites. Currently the book seems to only be available on,, and some of the other global Amazon sites. About the book: The search for who we are, and the deeper purpose of existence, is ultimately an inner quest. Searching Within provides the tools and information to set out on this inward journey. It explains why acquiring self-knowledge is so important for any kind of profound inner change, and how it can bring many benefits to one's life and the world. Belsebuub explains how using the timeless principles of self-discovery, one can observe and understand their subconscious, with its many drives and desires, and uncover the causes of suffering within [...]

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Gazing into the Eternal by Belsebuub is now in Paperback

Gazing into the Eternal by Belsebuub has been re-released in paperback! The book was originally released in 2009 and was a finalist in the Best Book Awards 2009 in Spirituality, was featured on the cover of Publishers Weekly, and received a 5 star review in Foreword Magazine. From the back cover: “Gazing into the Eternal is a collection of a number of Belsebuub’s key talks that provide an introduction to spiritual knowledge. It takes a clear and easy-to-understand look at some of the most profound questions we face, such as what happens when we die, is it possible to have the divine within, what are the causes of suffering, and how can spiritual realities be personally explored.” Thanks again to everyone that continues to support Mystical Life Publications. Your support makes all that we do possible. Read more at Mystical Life Publications  

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The Biography site is now up to date

A new page has been added to the biography site, bringing it up to date. The page is called In Solitude and it covers the time from 2013 until 2016. Here's an excerpt: In 2015 the plagiarism of Belsebuub’s free eBooks had become too much work for his small publisher to continue chasing up and so they were withdrawn and his publisher shifted to preparing his books for print instead. In 2016 The Astral Codex, The Awakening of Perception, and The Path of the Spiritual Sun were released as printed Books and sold at cost price, as Mark wanted to continue to provide his work without charging money for it. Mark, nor his wife Lara, receive any royalties from the sale of their printed books, as Mark says that he wants them to be provided as close to cost as reasonably possible. Mark says that people have taken advantage of his following the spiritual principle of giving spiritual knowledge freely, and compares people who make money out of spiritual teaching to the merchants of the temple that Jesus cast out. Read the rest of the page here

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Next biography chapter published – Teaching Independently

The next chapter in Belsebuub's online biography has just been published, and covers the time from the end of 2010 until 2013. It's titled Teaching Independently, and begins: "From the end of 2010 Mark began to develop his website, and many of the talks he had given while in The Gnostic Movement were gradually transcribed and published on the site as web articles over the following three years. In 2011 Belsebuub’s book Gazing Into the Eternal: Reflections Upon a Deeper Purpose to Living was released as a free eBook on his website in Kindle and EPUB formats. Mark had always wanted to provide his work for free and had initially created his popular online courses in 2001 as free downloadable PDF files. As eBooks had become more popular and were a very low cost way of publishing, Mark thought it would be a good way to give his work freely in written format again, and so planned to gradually release all his books as free eBooks as they became ready. Towards the end of 2011 the book The Peace of the Spirit Within by Belsebuub was released as an eBook titled Self-Knowledge for Spiritual Awakening." Keep reading Teaching Independently

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The Path of the Spiritual Sun now available in paperback

The book The Path of the Spiritual Sun is now available in print. Here’s a description of the new book: Exploring the Mysteries of the Ancient Religion of the Sun In the cycles of the sun and stars, in the movements of the earth and the cosmos, the message of a journey to enlightenment is written. Many thousands of years ago, ancient seers understood this - revering the sun as the highest symbol of divine consciousness, and its light the spiritual source of creation. Its major stages at the solstices and equinoxes became the dominant alignment of sacred sites all over the world, as well as central events in the lives of many spiritual figures. Today, these ancient remains can still be decoded to reveal their message of spiritual enlightenment. The roots of this knowledge trace to a distant time before a global cataclysm destroyed a prior civilization. After this disaster, mysterious wisdom-bringers are recorded as traveling the world on a divine mission to establish this cosmic knowledge anew and initiate the spiritual beginnings of our current human age. They oversaw the building of some of the most enigmatic sacred sites on the planet, and gave rise to a civilization [...]

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The Astral Codex Out Now in Paperback!

From Jenny at the Mystical Life Publications blog Finally, the day has arrived – The Astral Codex is available in paperback!  It’s been a small journey to get this book to print and we thank everyone along the way that has been part of it. You can get it from: for $8 USD for £6.00 or from your favorite book seller. We try to set the price of the books as low as possible so it’s accessible to as many people as possible.  We set the price to cover the costs and taxes associated with printing the books and a small amount that will go towards upcoming publishing and printing costs for future titles. Like with all of our printed books, Belsebuub himself does not receive any payments or royalties from the sale of his printed books. Belsebuub has always provided his work freely, which you can learn more about HERE. The Amazon systems make take a few days to fully update, for example, it is saying on the site that it will be dispatched within 4-6 weeks ?  It may still need to update in the system that the book is available. Thanks to everyone for [...]

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New Belsebuub YouTube Channel

Belsebuub on the Daytime Show on Rogers TV in Canada, discussing astral projection in 2006 We've launched a new YouTube channel gathering together Belsebuub's media appearances. Most of these have never been released before. So far seven interviews have been uploaded, and there are many more radio interviews to go up. Subscribe to the channel to know when the next interview is released. A big thank you to Jenny, Jon and Dara for their work on converting and preparing the radio interviews into videos for the channel. Go to the new channel here

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An update on printed books

The new book in its final stages - printed for proof-reading. We’ve been quietly hard at work over the last few months, which has meant we haven't been able to be very active on the website, so here's a bit of an update. We’ve mainly been working at getting the books out in print. The Astral Codex should be available on Amazon very soon (probably in a week’s time). Following that, The Path of the Spiritual Sun should be the next book to become available. We've spent a lot of time over the last two months thoroughly revising and updating it. This next edition will have quite a lot of new content, lots of new excerpts from sacred texts, plus new and updated ceremonies and readings for celebrating the solstice and equinox. We’ve just sent it to Mystical Life Publications so that it can be formatted for print. To allow for the formatting and proofing process, it’s likely to be around one month away from being available on Amazon, which we’re really looking forward to. Gazing into the Eternal and Return to Source shouldn’t be too far behind. Mark then has also been working on writing a new [...]

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The plagiarism of this work is too extensive for us to continue like this

It’s sad and very unfortunate, but we’ve had to stop the downloads of our free eBooks as they are being plagiarized on a huge scale. This has meant that our publisher Mystical Life Publications has had to spend more than a year trying to stop hundreds of plagiarizers. That’s time they could have spent towards more constructive things and that in turn has meant a loss of new activities. Here's what Jenny and Priya from the Mystical Life Publications team have to say: It’s wrong to continue simply being an anonymous and unwilling supplier of other people’s work and being left with an awful task of trying to chase up unscrupulous people, some of them who have been difficult and threatening to deal with. This can’t go on. Plagiarism of my work has been going on for a long time and I believe that many aspects of my work are more widely known through plagiarism than they are by me. My motivation in teaching is to let people know of the spiritual things I’ve discovered, so that they can freely have them too. And yet between the theft of my work and the abuse and harassment I've had to [...]

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Remembering The Gnostic Movement

A new website has just been created that looks back over The Gnostic Movement, showing many of its activities and spiritual practices. It's closed now, but The Gnostic Movement was an organization that Mark taught in for about 10 years, which ran classes and retreats. A lot of care has obviously been put into this very nice site and it's a lovely reminder of the time.

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The Awakening of Perception now available in paperback

By Layla Fowler at Mystical Life Publications We are very happy to let you know that the first of many of Belsebuub’s latest books is now available in paperback. While the paperback edition is available for purchase, Belsebuub himself does not make any money from the sale of his printed books. Like with his eBooks, Belsebuub provides everything he does freely, which you can learn more about here. This book along with other of Belsebuub’s works are available as an eBook free to download here. To purchase a paperback edition of The Awakening of Perception you can browse various online retailers, or order it through your favourite bookshop to get it in for you, however just keep in mind the price of the book does vary between each retailer, as they set their own prices. We have found that Amazon US and Amazon UK have listed this title at the price we have recommended which is under 10 USD and GB Pounds (these listings will take a while to show the image and description but people can still make an order). We’ve set the minimum price possible which mostly cover costs and taxes and a small amount that will go [...]

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