Our publisher Mystical Life Publications (MLP) is currently focusing as a team on following up cases where our work has been plagiarized. There has already been a great effort to find the sites where our work has been copied or posted without attribution or permission. Thank you to all of you who’ve contributed – it’s been such a wonderful help, which I personally greatly appreciate.

Now they are methodically working through them all, getting through the backlog of nearly 1,000 cases, which had built up over the years during the time we had our free eBooks available, and many more articles posted on this site (without copy paste protection for much of the time). They’ve already resolved a few hundred of them, which is great to see. In the next few months, they expect to have most cases resolved, which will be great to have done and out of the way.

Here is the blog update they’ve written about it. Following up copyright infringement

For anyone new to this issue, I’ve written about it before in:

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