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Exercises to be aware in the present moment and to observe your egos: Belsebuub

Two simple exercises, the first is awareness in the present moment, an exercise that clears the mind and allows consciousness to perceive three-dimensional reality clearer. The second is self-observation, an exercise to look within to see thoughts, feelings and emotions and to be aware of ego states as they appear. From a talk in Berkeley, California, in 2009. https://youtu.be/2TO61txt9RE

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Walking without spiritual crutches

Often in our spiritual journey, and in the daily course of life, there just isn’t the time to sit down and meditate, pause in prayer and reflection, or do a mantra. So what happens when the hectic pace of life seems to out pace us? Who are we in those times, when we can’t even sneak in a moment of calm to recompose ourselves? Sometimes it seems like life’s circumstances come to force us to see what we really are, stripped of spiritual crutches, and to test whether we have built the inner muscles to enable us to walk without them. Consciousness is within at every moment, not just in spiritual exercises. I think many practices can help a great deal and are extremely important when used wisely, like crutches for those who’ve suffered the loss of their spiritual parts, to help us find and learn to use them again. And being in the spiritually blind and debilitated state we are in, it would seem a little arrogant to me to think we don’t need them. Take for example what Lao-Tzu says about this in the Hua Hu Ching: "Don't think you can attain total awareness and whole enlightenment without [...]

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A Review of the Day: Learning from the Past – New Article

There’s an event in near-death experiences that indicates a way to get better understanding from daily life. One of the most common things people recall in a near-death experience is going through a review of their lives. Many go through it in minute detail, recalling every event. Most describe how much they’ve learned from it and what a positive experience it was. But there’s actually a way to learn like this in every day of our lives, by reviewing the day, at the end of each day. What people tend to say matters most when they review their lives after death are simple things, such as how much they’ve loved, what good they did, how they hurt others, what they felt, and how they made other people feel. This is what they say is really important. It’s not how much money they earned, or what career they achieved, but it’s more to do with interactions with people, such as what emotions they felt, what they did to others and especially how they loved. To understand more about how you live, how you really are, and what’s important in life, it helps to do a review at the end of every [...]

A Reflection Upon Krishna

This evening I set out to explore the words of Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita “The mind of him, who is trying to conquer it, is forcibly carried away in spite of his efforts, by his tumultuous senses. Restraining them all, let him meditate steadfastly on Me; for who thus conquers his senses achieves perfection. “ I sat comfortably and tried to see what it is to meditate on Krishna, who is the Christ. In the past I’ve concentrated my mind and reached meditation- perfect silence whereby I left behind the body, mind, and emotions to enter into the light that casts no shadows, the illuminated void. But this meditation that Krishna refers to is quite different; he refers to meditating upon him in the actions of life, not being out of the body, so I wanted to learn something about what he meant by meditating upon Krishna. I quietened the body and looked for a way to meditate on him. I sought to concentrate my mind, so I thought of him, but my thoughts were not him. I visualized him, imagined various forms of light, but I realized this was only my imagination and not him. So I immersed [...]

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