Visiting a paradise where good people go in the afterlife – new article

A new article has just been added to the autobiographical section - it's called Visiting a heaven where good people go in the afterlife. Here's an excerpt from the article: One night in 1998 while I was out of my body, I suddenly found myself in a place I can only describe as a paradise. It turned out to be a region where people go after death who have made substantial positive changes within themselves. Comments can be made on the article itself, which you can read here. For those who missed it, another article was added to the same section recently, but it wasn't mentioned in this news section. It's called An Experience of Pure Consciousness, the Samadhi, the Illuminated Void. There are more spiritual and mystical experiences on the Autobiographical Blogs page.

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The Resurrection in the Pyramid Texts

The Pyramid texts in Egypt are often thought to be about the process of the soul after death, but they have a more significant meaning, which is the depiction of the process of death and resurrection on the Path of the Spiritual Son. This event is represented in the solar year by the spring equinox, which is Easter time. Here is a small selection: 163: He comes indeed, this Unas, weary of the Nine, an Imperishable spirit, he that bore more than you, he that suffered more than you, he that is more weary than you, he that became greater than you, he who will be happier than you, he who roars louder than you. You have no more time there! Lo, this is what Seth and Thoth have done, your two brothers who could not bewail you! 167: To say the words: "Atum, this your son is here, Osiris, whom you have preserved alive. He lives! He lives! This Unas lives! He is not dead, this Unas is not dead! He is not gone down, this Unas is not gone down! He has not been judged, this Unas has not been judged! He judges, this Unas judges! 195: Be [...]

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I’m Back to Writing Books Again with More on the Way

After starting back after this recent break I had considered blogging regularly, but looking at the situation further I've decided that the time would be better spent writing books. The trouble with books is that you go a long time until the book is finished without having much contact with anyone, but I need to do it because I haven't yet written anything about the more esoteric work, and, unless that's done no one will be able to read anything of mine that will explain what this kind of spiritual awakening is and how to do it. And that's the most important thing I can do right now. I'll see what opportunities arise to write something here and there to keep in touch. While we're on the subject of books, I've just finished revising the new edition of the Peace of the Spirit Within. It's going for it's final check before it gets formatted into a free eBook.

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