Visiting a paradise where good people go in the afterlife – new article

A new article has just been added to the autobiographical section - it's called Visiting a heaven where good people go in the afterlife. Here's an excerpt from the article: One night in 1998 while I was out of my body, I suddenly found myself in a place I can only describe as a paradise. It turned out to be a region where people go after death who have made substantial positive changes within themselves. Comments can be made on the article itself, which you can read here. For those who missed it, another article was added to the same section recently, but it wasn't mentioned in this news section. It's called An Experience of Pure Consciousness, the Samadhi, the Illuminated Void. There are more spiritual and mystical experiences on the Autobiographical Blogs page.

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A Biography of Belsebuub

A biography website about Mark Pritchard (Belsebuub) has been created, which chronicles the events of his life and his incredible and unique spiritual journey. Starting with his psychic experiences and poltergeist visitations in his childhood, the biography describes how he searched for spirituality and had mystical experiences. This led him to abandon his desires for a material life in order to dedicate himself to exploring spiritual truths within himself, and from there he took a spiritual path leading to his inner Being. The biography is illustrated with photographs, documents, video, and audio. The website is  

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An Astral Journey through the Mouth of Hell

One night in 1992 I had my first out-of-body experience in the underworld, or hell, and I was quite shaken by it. I was walking in a street near my old school and was conscious of being in the astral plane. As I looked around I saw a kind of a gap in the sky; it was a gap in space itself. Intuitively I felt that I should explore it and so I rose into the air. As I got close I could see demons guarding it on the outside. They had that classical grotesque demonic appearance and looked quite threatening, so I expelled them with a recitation and went into the slit in space which was like a mouth. It was noticeably dark inside, even though it was night-time and dark outside. As I went in, I was suddenly in a corridor that sloped downwards. I walked down it and walking with me were the deceased. They came through continuously, just walking in the one direction with no notion to walk in any other direction and with no notion to communicate to each other. I walked down the corridor for a short time with these people who seemed to [...]

Meeting the demon Bael

As I began my spiritual journey I had many encounters with sinister entities of darkness while I was out of my body, and I learned to use special recitations to get rid of them. There were so many, and they came again and again, time after time in many different guises. Sometimes they would be confusing, such as the time I saw a spiritual being I recognised, or what looked like him. He began to tell me something, but as I listened my intuition told me there was something wrong, and so I stared closely into his eyes. As I did they appeared blackish and dark with an evil resonance about them. I immediately knew that it wasn't him, but it was a negative entity, a being from the dark side in disguise. Deceit is a major weapon of the forces of darkness. But there was one being from the dark side I met at that time who was different. One night out of my body I travelled through dark regions, with the familiar intensity of the regions of hell. There I saw a figure dressed elegantly in black. He had an entourage with him who followed him. His entourage [...]

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A Weekend at a Psychic Workshop

A seance from around 1920. Continuing with my theme of different psychic and spiritual activities I’ve tried, back in 1988 I went to a two day workshop at the Swansea Psychic Centre in Wales, UK, to explore psychic phenomena. It was mostly attended by old ladies. They had a nice facility with lots of rooms for different talks and activities and it was well presented and organised. Amongst the first of the activities, was one where we had to sit next to a person and describe each others life. The first person (an old lady) and I had nothing to describe about each other - we were blank. The instructor said when you have something in common or an affinity with someone it’s easier to get a psychic reading with them. So I tried again with another person (another old lady), and this time it worked, and I managed to accurately describe many important things in her life; finally there was a hint of psychic abilities after a drought of so many years. In the next day’s activities, each person anonymously put an item of theirs (in my case my watch) into a basket. They were collected and [...]

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The Resurrection in the Pyramid Texts

The Pyramid texts in Egypt are often thought to be about the process of the soul after death, but they have a more significant meaning, which is the depiction of the process of death and resurrection on the Path of the Spiritual Son. This event is represented in the solar year by the spring equinox, which is Easter time. Here is a small selection: 163: He comes indeed, this Unas, weary of the Nine, an Imperishable spirit, he that bore more than you, he that suffered more than you, he that is more weary than you, he that became greater than you, he who will be happier than you, he who roars louder than you. You have no more time there! Lo, this is what Seth and Thoth have done, your two brothers who could not bewail you! 167: To say the words: "Atum, this your son is here, Osiris, whom you have preserved alive. He lives! He lives! This Unas lives! He is not dead, this Unas is not dead! He is not gone down, this Unas is not gone down! He has not been judged, this Unas has not been judged! He judges, this Unas judges! 195: Be [...]

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On Jiddu Krishnamurti

Jiddu Krishnamurti I thought I’d write a little about Jiddu Krishnamurti, as I studied his work a lot at one time and years later in numerous occasions while out of the body, I received some information about him, which can shed some light upon his work as a spiritual teacher. Krishnamurti was a great influence upon me in my late teens, particularly as an inspiration to practice the awareness of the present moment and to observe my inner states. I began studying his work in 1981. Two years before that I took art as a subject in school, which enabled me to spend much of the time painting outdoors in nature. My goal was to capture the spiritual I felt in nature, and so I would sit for hours perceiving its stillness, movement, peacefulness, and beauty. I wanted to communicate the spiritual I felt in nature through painting, and so I decided to study art after leaving school to pursue that goal. When I started attending Art College in 1981, I, along with the rest of the students were sent a recommended reading list that didn’t have much art on it, but was mostly a list of philosophical [...]

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A Psychic Experiment With Matthew Manning

Matthew Manning in the 1970's Psychic experiences are the perception of reality that is greater than the ordinary perception of the five senses. Just as an ant can see only part of reality through its simple compound eyes, so too the human body is limited in what it can perceive. It does however have capacities that are latent and seldom used, which give us the ability to see more. Back in the early or mid 1970’s the Daily Mirror, a national newspaper in the UK, put on a psychic experiment. The details aren’t so clear now as it’s a long time ago, but I decided to join in. A well known psychic at the time called Matthew Manning went to the Post Office tower in London I think it was, and broadcasted a series of things with his mind. Participants had to try to ‘see’ what he was broadcasting. At the appropriate time, I held a pencil and a notebook and closed my eyes. I began to draw a series of items including a house, a number, and other things. I also picked up on flags flying around the place, which weren’t in the test. After the experiment, [...]

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How I Discovered Our Phone Was Tapped

This is another of those fun events that happen every now and then; well it has a serious aspect to it, but it’s interesting all the same. Not the original device (photo CC BY-SA 3.0 by Speed20, edited). We rented a place some years ago and set up the phone and internet. A couple of weeks later they stopped working properly; the phone was sounding scratchy and was cutting out intermittently and so we called the phone provider to get it repaired. A few days later a man showed up in a green van. He wasn’t very talkative - he went around the side of the house and a while later emerged and said it's fixed. He asked us to try the line; it worked fine, so we thanked him and he drove away. A week later I had an out-of-body experience (OBE): I went outside the house, but something drew me to look closer. I went to the phone line and saw a device on it, which I knew to be a phone tap. I went from around the house and woke up back in my physical body. I told Angela about it and so we were [...]

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Who Was the Mysterious Taxi Driver?

I thought I'd share something that took place a while ago, it was one of those fun things that happen from time to time. A friend and I were going to the house I had lived in from the time I was a child 40+ years ago. We were in a nearby city, the house was a 20 minute drive away, and so we booked a taxi, and after a short wait it arrived to take us there. Not the actual taxi, the photo is from another town and a different taxi company, but the driver looked similar The driver was about 60 years old and had white hair, he was quite friendly and started chatting straight away. I had never met him before and he said he was from another town about 25 miles away, that he was new here and he hadn’t been around this area long. He said he was just filling in for someone else, and that he hadn't driven the taxi to my town before, but he would take us there. He spoke about how nice it used to be years ago when life and the towns we lived in were much simpler, [...]

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I’m Back to Writing Books Again with More on the Way

After starting back after this recent break I had considered blogging regularly, but looking at the situation further I've decided that the time would be better spent writing books. The trouble with books is that you go a long time until the book is finished without having much contact with anyone, but I need to do it because I haven't yet written anything about the more esoteric work, and, unless that's done no one will be able to read anything of mine that will explain what this kind of spiritual awakening is and how to do it. And that's the most important thing I can do right now. I'll see what opportunities arise to write something here and there to keep in touch. While we're on the subject of books, I've just finished revising the new edition of the Peace of the Spirit Within. It's going for it's final check before it gets formatted into a free eBook.

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