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How our inner change improves the lives of those around us

A look at how inner states, particularly the egos, affect the ways we view the world around us and, how they affect the lives of those we live with, or regularly come into contact with. By changing within, we break some of our own contributions to the negativity that may exist in relationships with other people, and it's important to look at how we relate to others, making clear and intelligent assessments of our own deficiencies and doing what we can to change for the better. These are answers to questions in the second Q&A session. This was filmed in November 2009.

In seeing reality there is love: Belsebuub

There is an alternative to the feelings of ego states - to develop and nourish consciousness, which is the source of love. Within consciousness are many qualities and abilities, not least is the ability to perceive reality. Reality itself is greater than the five senses can perceive and the interconnectedness of consciousness in the universe is a reality. The feeling of oneness in the perception of consciousness is the source of love and it's where we must look if we wish to increase our capacity for love, for the good of humanity. This is the response to the second and third questions in a weekly broadcast in which Belsebuub answered questions on different topics. This first session was filmed in November 2009.

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How to begin this spiritual journey – Belsebuub

An introduction to spiritual change and knowledge of esoteric phenomena. Includes, understanding ego states, self-discovery, consciousness, awareness, astral projection, what the root of ourselves is and what's the purpose for living. A talk in Berkeley, California, USA in 2009.

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Experiencing consciousness through mindfulness

Image by Greg Rakozy Have you ever had a moment where you felt a heightened sense of awareness in which you could tune into your environment and people around you, allowing you to perceive things you wouldn’t normally? Or have you ever experienced becoming aware in a dream in which you were then able to start making decisions within the dream world (called lucid dreaming)? What about a moment of love and compassion where you could actually feel what another person or animal was going through almost as if you were them? KEEP READING ON GAIAM TV    

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Getting down to work

We all know that sinking feeling of waking to the alarm on a Monday morning—and having to face another week at work… and thinking, wouldn’t it be nice to be on permanent holiday retreat. But if we look out the window, every living thing in nature is at work. The birds and insects, flying this way and that busily forage for food; the trees and flowers, are constantly expanding or contracting in accordance with the seasons. Nature’s design compels us to work and actively participate in creation; if we don’t, we are soon submerged by the forces of disorder, degeneration, filth, starvation, disease, and decay. These principle not only apply to the outer world, but also to the inner. Without a constant work on the egos within ourselves, degeneration takes hold, and our spiritual qualities and perceptions begin to atrophy like unused muscles. It is clear therefore, that we are here to work. Ordinary consciousness in the human body is receptive by nature (as it's here to soak up learning and experience to take with it through eternity). Therefore it needs to be engaged to be active, and creation provides the stimulus and impetus for it to do so. Those [...]

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Connecting with Our Personal Mother Goddess

Ancient texts say that each of us not only has a physical mother, but our own spiritual mother, too. She has been described by Jesus, his disciples, the spiritual community of the Essenes Jesus was said to have spent time with, and in numerous ancient sources including those of the Mayans, ancient Egyptians, Hindus, and Taoists of China; and has been symbolized as countless goddesses such as Durga, Mary, Gaia, Isis, Athena, Coatlicue, Senge Dongma, Inanna, and as Yin energy — all of which encoded a knowledge of the feminine aspect of the universe and of our own consciousness. KEEP READING ON GAIAM.TV    

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Forgive us our debts

The world of high finance and banking can seem far off, but don't we all act like debt collectors sometimes? We often keep tallies of the actions of those who’ve hurt us, and hold them to account in arguments and in our minds. While we hold people to account, they hold us to account too; with each looking to get paid back what they are owed (when we're hurt, we tend to settle things by hurting others back). The whole of nature is based on this principle of balance—we tip the scales when we hurt others, which provokes a tip back as recompense. So what part does forgiveness have to play? Letting a criminal loose who would only commit the same crime is a crime in itself; sometimes we have a duty to act, without negativity of any kind. But what about when someone could do a greater good by being freed of a debt, instead of being bound and hurt by the weight of repayment? The never-ending cycle of debts and payments in life would continue ad infinitum, as those who demand repayment must return to collect their debt and in time only amass more debts themselves. That is [...]

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Sitting here now

Sitting here now, working on writing an introduction to the website, I was struck with a feeling of the sheer magnitude of the potential of this work to reveal untold mysteries about life, creation, and the natural world—providing the reason for being of everything, from the air we breathe to the fire of the stars and the dew drops of morning, and how we and the journey of our consciousness are all connected to it. It is a way of understanding where everything is alive and teaching us, and where creation is far beyond the dead and incoherent lumps of matter we’ve come to take for granted—but instead a divine, palpitating book of living wisdom that reveals its pages from moment to moment. The sheer wonder and beauty of it can’t be expressed in words. What a joy to study it and receive of its lessons—it is one of the greatest incentives to being awake and aware in the present moment, and one of life's greatest gifts. It is a completely different way of seeing the world, a way of seeing that those who hold beliefs can never see as long as they continue to cling blindly to their beliefs, [...]

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Feel good versus real good

The word “spiritual” to most conjures up a scene of perfect peace. Like doing asanas in yoga-style garments on a secluded tropical beach at sunrise, and then returning to a retreat hut for meditation and fresh organic fruit. Spirituality has become synonymous with what makes us feel “good.” Spas, crystals, beads, positive affirmations, scented candles, eating organic, repeating spiritual verses, can all make us feel like we are more “spiritual”, but can they actually make us any more spiritual? If standards as to what is spiritual relate to pleasant ideas, and things that are external to us, then anyone can surround themselves with things associated with “spirituality” and in doing so appear more spiritual than others—when they may have no more consciousness than the next person standing in line at the supermarket. Additionally, it’s easy for someone to simply recite whatever makes people “feel good” and then look like they are giving spiritual information. But isn’t the real good to be found in the inner qualities of consciousness—like true friendship, courage, faith, and honesty—and in some of the most unexpected, ordinary, everyday, and trying of circumstances? In my view, it’s what’s within and who we are that counts. Real love [...]

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Waking Up to Higher Consciousness

Writer Maria Thomas interviews Angela Pritchard about some of the questions people have regarding consciousness, the vortex, and waking up to higher perspectives. What is the difference between a synchronicity and a coincidence? There are infinite numbers of interactions and events occurring around us continuously. From the minute crawling of an ant in the lawn, to the thoughts about others we’re transmitting and receiving telepathically and unknowingly, right up to the passing of our sun around the centre of the galaxy and beyond. Some of these events randomly coincide, like if you pull the lever of a poker machine enough you eventually line up the same images. It’s a matter of odds, and in a universe whose fabric is dictated by mathematics and geometrical patterns, coincidences are mathematically and statistically inevitable. KEEP READING ON GAIAM TV    

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Ascension and Raising Our Energetic Frequency

Energetically we are vibrating at a certain frequency right now. We might be feeling anxious, lethargic, excited, upbeat, moody, or just a bit ho-hum. Each of these feelings has a frequency that creates sensations in our bodies and emits energetic vibrations to everything around us. These are the energetic atmospheres in which we live and experience life through, whatever our circumstances may be.KEEP READING ON GAIAM TV

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How to see ego states within and remove them A video of a talk looking at how to observe and discover ego states within and how to remove them or 'die to them'. Ego states are the subconscious emotions, drives and feelings that create so much negativity within and in the world and they affect a person beyond this life. In the absence of the ego, inner peace and stillness are present. From Quebec, Canada in July 2004.

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Peace is from consciousness, not from egos A video discussing what it takes to have inner peace and its repercussions upon society and the world. The egos are temporary, they are not permanent, consciousness is the real you. Peacefulness arises from being aware in the present moment. A talk from Quebec in Canada in 2004.

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