Try not to get demoralized when trying to understand the egos, but persist and study them thoroughly. As in the darkness of the subconscious is knowledge, and that knowledge can enable you to unlock the light of consciousness within you and lead to your spiritual awakening.

This questions and answers session was recorded in December 2009 and it was the last public talk Belsebuub gave.


From The Peace of the Spirit Within by Belsebuub:

If you don’t explore within yourself, then the absence of knowledge of how you function will prevent you from understanding the spiritual and psychological root of yourself, which will prevent you from fundamentally changing. It’s like a mechanic trying to fix a machine without any knowledge of its inner workings.

We as consciousness are here in three-dimensional form for the purpose of acquiring self-knowledge for our awakening journey back to the source we originated from. But for us as consciousness to do that, we need bodies to be in the different dimensions and an intermediary between ourselves and form, and that is the mind.

The mind and the entire psyche is multidimensional; in this physical dimension we have a physical body with a brain that processes the multidimensional psyche into physical responses that control our body in the physical world. The brain is of fundamental importance to who we are here.

But what many normally consider to be the results of the brain are actually the causes of much of its activity, as our psyche is functioning in higher dimensions and is simultaneously influencing this one. Thoughts, emotions, and feelings are actually fifth-dimensional, but they require the three-dimensional mechanism of the brain and body not only to manifest in the physical world, but also to interact with it. And so the three-dimensional affects the higher and the higher affects the lower simultaneously.

The brain is the vehicle that allows the psyche to exist and function in the physical world, but the psyche is not simply the result of the processes of the brain—it exists in the absence of brain activity as can be seen in near-death experiences. At the same time, the psyche obviously cannot exist in the world without a brain, and neither can consciousness develop without it.