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Has humanity blown off course? Belsebuub on Triple J Radio

Belsebuub and radio host Dave Callan take a look at the state of the world. They look for answers to questions such as: Where do we take responsibility for what's happening? What can be done about it on a personal level? What are the causes of the state of the world within us? And what can we do to bring positive change? From 'The Graveyard Shift' show on Triple J Radio Australia.

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Good Doesn’t Always Win

This is one that was missed when the talks were put into articles for this site and into the book The Awakening of Perception. It's from the live, online weekly talks in 2009: Life is in a constant interplay between light and darkness. Whichever is greater than the other predominates, and when darkness has greater force than light, it prevails. It’s the struggle between the two opposing forces that gives us the gradients of experiences and opportunities in life, and in this struggle, good doesn’t always win. We all have a set of values that are the moral foundation for what we perceive as right and wrong. As a society, we establish the rules for conduct and enforce corrective behavior in order to put those who oppose society back in line, or to remove them. As individuals we also have standards of right and wrong, and the wish to put right what we consider to be wrong. This kind of behavior also exists in animals, such as when a dog scolds its puppy for doing something wrong. So there’s a mechanism built into us as human animals that works in ways that are defined by nature. These are laws that [...]

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We have it within ourselves to raise our conscious level and that of humanity – new article

We should take the time to know how we respond inwardly to life, because by changing ourselves and allowing consciousness to shine, we change not only our own lives but those of others around us, and, if enough people raise their conscious level, we can bring about a real change for good in the world. If we don’t understand ourselves, no matter how many victories for truth there are, the inner level of the majority will keep dragging society downwards into corruption, disorder, and destruction. And even those who pursue truth in the world are not immune to the adverse effects of the subconscious. All of us live in the present moment - it’s a quality of being alive, but it’s the way we perceive it that can make huge difference to our lives. Within us is a multitude of constantly changing thoughts, feelings and emotions, and not all of it is good. In fact, in the subconscious are awful inner states that are usually hidden from awareness and that are the roots of corruption and destruction. Read the rest of the article here

Looking Beyond the Issues to the Causes of the Problems Facing Humanity – New article

There are some difficult problems facing us as a humanity that threaten not only our fundamental rights as human beings but also our very survival. We can and must tackle a seemingly endless stream of issues in a struggle for truth, freedom, security and justice. But unless we can get to the underlying causes of these issues, they will not only keep repeating, but will continue in their slide to a dark abyss. The wars, environmental destruction, mounting debt, poverty and so on, are symptoms of deeper underlying causes, which have their root within each individual. If the problem was only limited to a handful of sinister people, then the difficulties facing the world would never have got this far. Corrupt institutions for example, are often a symptom of large numbers of individuals who are easily bought off, and are willingly ready to serve their own selfish interests before those of the people. Huge corporations often have their foundation upon the greed of populations who almost demand an endless stream of cheap, fashionable, throw-away goods. Even some who want world change can alienate and become aggressive towards others who don't fit in with their future world view - so once [...]

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The Sleep of Consciousness That Weighs Heavy Upon the Human Race – New Article

The sleep of consciousness is the default state of the human race, but it's difficult to realize it. The state which we call awake, is actually a spiritual sleep, in which consciousness is stuck in the subconscious, which compulsively churns up feelings and emotions that have a hypnotic like effect upon the mind. There's a quote from the Apocryphon of John in The Nag Hammadi Library, which illustrates that this is something that humanity has faced from ancient times, which is referenced in many religions of the world, it's as relevant today as it was then. The quote says: And I said to the savior, "What is the forgetfulness?" And he said "It is not the way Moses wrote (and) you heard. For he said in his first book, 'He put him to sleep', but (it was) in his perception. For also he said through the prophet, 'I will make their hearts heavy, that they may not pay attention and may not see'. There is a difference between the ordinary state of waking (waking sleep), and conscious awareness, which is to be self-aware and free of the effects of subconscious states upon perception. Read the full article here

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Changing The State of the World? – New Article Just Added

The world is in a dire state in many ways, and yet most people carry on the same regardless. There’s a lot of information about meaningful issues available through the internet, and what’s really happening behind the scenes can be discovered by anyone digging in a little. This information could be a catalyst for real change, unfortunately there are so few people who are actually interested in digging deeper to find out what’s really going on, let alone actually doing something about it. This is not just a social or political problem, but one that goes deeper, into the nature of what it is to be human. Looking at a few figures about how some people live paints an awful picture—over 850 million people in the world are without enough food to meet their basic nutritional needs, more than five million people suffer from illnesses from poor drinking water; in the last forty years, approximately thirty percent of the world’s cropland has been abandoned because of soil erosion and degradation; 2.8 billion people survive under two dollars a day, wars keep erupting and nations face huge burdens of debt. Problems like these are not new, they have been going on [...]

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Commercialized Spirituality – It’s a Business, Not The Real Thing – new article

They're popular, charismatic, look the part, and want your money, but can you really be sure you're getting you're dollars worth? Or is there something fishy about the whole deal? Commercial gurus have forged their place in the hearts and minds of the public, their smiling faces adorn every successful bookstore and new age golf course, but is spiritual knowledge a commodity to be bought and sold? No it's not, at least not if you're after the real deal. Read the article here

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