shutterstock_3618260_resizeThere are some difficult problems facing us as a humanity that threaten not only our fundamental rights as human beings but also our very survival. We can and must tackle a seemingly endless stream of issues in a struggle for truth, freedom, security and justice. But unless we can get to the underlying causes of these issues, they will not only keep repeating, but will continue in their slide to a dark abyss.

The wars, environmental destruction, mounting debt, poverty and so on, are symptoms of deeper underlying causes, which have their root within each individual. If the problem was only limited to a handful of sinister people, then the difficulties facing the world would never have got this far. Corrupt institutions for example, are often a symptom of large numbers of individuals who are easily bought off, and are willingly ready to serve their own selfish interests before those of the people. Huge corporations often have their foundation upon the greed of populations who almost demand an endless stream of cheap, fashionable, throw-away goods. Even some who want world change can alienate and become aggressive towards others who don’t fit in with their future world view – so once any current oppressive force is defeated, will we all then just magically get along?

Empires, dictatorships and entire civilizations have risen and fallen throughout history. Therefore I see the struggle to bring about positive change in the world as being not only about providing the information on what is happening, but perhaps even more importantly, how to address the root causes of it within each person.

I’m sure many others, who look from their own perspective will see other causes that I‘ve left out, but here’s what I see as some of the main causes of the problems we face:

  1. A lack of inner awareness of what drives us psychologically as people.
  2. A lack of awareness of the mechanisms behind society.
  3. The inability or unwillingness of individuals to change.
  4. The loss of guiding principles and values.
  5. The devolution of our brains?
  6. The network of darkness (evil) and the lack of an equally organized and matched response from light (good).

I believe we need to acknowledge these problems and deal with them, as we are already paying the price for neglecting or being unaware of them and I feel unless large numbers of people change radically, the situation is only going to get worse.

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