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Hell as a parallel dimension in the realm of dark matter – new article

For millennia people have wondered whether such a thing as hell really exists? And if it exists, where is it and why can't we see it? Is it a place, or simply a state of mind?  And could it be inhabited by other beings, such as demons? Independently of one another, countless religions and traditions have included accounts of demons and hellish other-worldly places, and many people who’ve died and revived from near-death experiences have entered hell, encountered demonic entities, and come back to tell the tale. I’ve personally encountered demonic entities and seen hellish realms whilst out of the body (during out-of-body experiences), and my husband has explored this out-of-body underworld extensively, and the hierarchy of evil that exists there, for over 25 years... In this article, I’d ask you to put aside any preconceived notions, and to take a look at some of evidence for the existence of a hell as a parallel dimension that has been called Sheol, Xibalbá, Narakam, Diyu, Tartaros, Kuzimu, Uffern, Peklo, Hades, Helheim, etc. and is the location of the inter-dimensional entities described as demons, asuras, tzitzimimeh, the shayātīn, the guardians of the netherworld, shedim, daevas, and alu, in different cultures spanning our globe [...]

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Why there are dark feelings and nightmares and what to do about them

This explains what goes on deep down in the mind and how an inner abyss affects thoughts, emotions and feelings, and explains how the places of nightmares exist in another dimension and they affect us here and now. https://youtu.be/nswT-lYVTS4 Belsebuub says how in some of his explorations in another dimension he has gone through the abyss or hell to the point of infinity at the center of the earth. This is sometimes known as the Seat of Satan, and it’s the center point of the abyss, where the main temple of darkness and demons is (please don’t try to go there yourself, you need solar bodies). From this axis point the forces of darkness move upwards to influence the earth at a multidimensional level. This process has its counterpart in the inner multidimensional structure of the human psyche too. Inwardly, in the inner abyss of a human being there is also a point of infinity it’s where all inner forces of darkness meet; it’s connected with the outer abyss and it interpenetrates it. This internal abyss sends its low vibrations upwards through the channel sometimes known as the Kundabuffer, into the coccyx bone and through the canal of the spine [...]

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The war against demons

In this response to a question Belsebuub talks about demons and how there is an unseen war between the forces of light and those of darkness. In other works of his Belsebuub explains that demons are real multidimensional entities that exist in the lower regions of the fifth dimension. Everything exists multidimensionally and demons affect people by affecting us in the fifth dimension, which is the dimension of dreams and the astral plane, where out-of-body and near-death experiences happen. Tales of demons exist in legends, mythology and religions, but they are frequently encountered by people today in dreams and out-of-body experiences. Belsebuub has also seen demons in his own out-body-experiences and he says: "Demons function in a hierarchy of beings of darkness and exist as part of the substance of darkness, which has to exist in creation, as it's the mixture of light and darkness that gives form and enables existence, without darkness we would see nothing, as we see nothing in light alone. It's the mixture of light and darkness that enables us to learn and be tested, which is what we are here to do. In this solar system demons and dark forces gravitate around the earth, the [...]

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How an inner abyss drags thoughts and emotions down into low states

This talk explains how there is an inner abyss and from its regions, energies go into the psyche and affect it, dragging thoughts, emotions and feelings downward. Thereby increasing low feelings, moods, depression, anger, fears and many more unpleasant inner states. The inner abyss, the region of nightmares, is related to and is in the same dimension as the outer abyss, or hell and they intermix. As, following cosmic laws, the microcosm is a replica of the macrocosm. The inner abyss drags emotional states downwards, just as after death as the souls (essences) of the dead are also dragged downwards when their circuits of lives are over (look up near death experiences of hell). The talk also explains what to do about the inner abyss and how to counter, and ultimately overcome it. The second of the questions and answers from the talk 'Human and Demonic Darkness' at a retreat in Oregon, USA, in 2009. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddU11dPMpFc

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Transforming inner darkness into light

"If we are of darkness we are attracted to the darkness, as that is where our affiniy lies. But if we are of light, we go to the light. Therefore find the light within you, treasure it and nurture it, so that you may be attracted to light and may one day become the light" The inner darkness is the sum of the ego states that dwell in subconscious levels of the mind. The outer darkness is the abyss, the regions and properites of darkness in their multi-dimensonal aspects, which are the abode of demons. This is part 2 of a talk at a retreat in Oregon in 2009. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=As3l_iAnTa0

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The inner darkness in the realms of the abyss

Belsebuub talks about some of the things he's seen in his own experiences out of the body, in which he explored inferior dimensions, hells, abysses and their effect on the human psyche. Belsebuub looks at the inner abyss, the world of demons and the origins of nightmares. And explains how facing this is a spark of light, the consciousness, and the seed of spiritual development. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVeTPGVAsmw

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The Occult Influence of the Blood Moon

By Oliver Stein under CC license. In around 17 hours a conjunction of a number of lunar phenomena will take place - Full Moon, Super Moon (when the Moon passes closest to the Earth) and Blood Moon (which is a lunar eclipse). It won't be visible in all parts of the world, but will mostly be visible in America, Europe, parts of the Middle East, and Africa. It is the final Blood Moon/Lunar Eclipse in what has been a lunar tetrad. "The September 28, 2015 Total Lunar Eclipse is the fourth and final eclipse in a series of four total lunar eclipses called the lunar tetrad. The first three eclipses of the tetrad took place on April 15, 2014, October 8, 2014 and on April 4, 2015." ~ source timeanddate.com Everything in nature has its time - sometimes the winds favour the direction of the ship, sometimes they oppose it, and sometimes they do not blow at all. Each time in nature's cycles can be used for different purposes, and both light and darkness are intrinsically part of the cycles of life. All times in life can be used wisely for inner learning by those wishing to awaken [...]

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Playing the unconscious host or taking back our power

Can I come in? Sinister inter-dimensional entities look for gullible hosts to propagate their misinformation in the world, tricking the host by making them feel special and convincing them they are the bringers of so-called "important messages". Would you let a complete stranger, someone you've never seen, stay overnight in your home? The answer for most would be - not a chance. Our body is our home; well actually, it's our temple (or at least meant to be). Inviting unknown entities into our bodies through mediumship and channeling is just like opening our home up to strangers. Let's not be naive; there are both good and bad people in this world, and some who are downright evil. We see a tiny frequency of light - almost all of it is invisible to our physical eyes. That means there are vast dimensions of light and space we are completely blind to. These are inhabited by all manner of beings, that just like here, are both good and evil. How do we know who an invisible entity really is, having never met it and being completely unable to see it? Are we to believe them, just because "they say so"? [...]

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An Astral Journey through the Mouth of Hell

One night in 1992 I had my first out-of-body experience in the underworld, or hell, and I was quite shaken by it. I was walking in a street near my old school and was conscious of being in the astral plane. As I looked around I saw a kind of a gap in the sky; it was a gap in space itself. Intuitively I felt that I should explore it and so I rose into the air. As I got close I could see demons guarding it on the outside. They had that classical grotesque demonic appearance and looked quite threatening, so I expelled them with a recitation and went into the slit in space which was like a mouth. It was noticeably dark inside, even though it was night-time and dark outside. As I went in, I was suddenly in a corridor that sloped downwards. I walked down it and walking with me were the deceased. They came through continuously, just walking in the one direction with no notion to walk in any other direction and with no notion to communicate to each other. I walked down the corridor for a short time with these people who seemed to [...]

Meeting the demon Bael

As I began my spiritual journey I had many encounters with sinister entities of darkness while I was out of my body, and I learned to use special recitations to get rid of them. There were so many, and they came again and again, time after time in many different guises. Sometimes they would be confusing, such as the time I saw a spiritual being I recognised, or what looked like him. He began to tell me something, but as I listened my intuition told me there was something wrong, and so I stared closely into his eyes. As I did they appeared blackish and dark with an evil resonance about them. I immediately knew that it wasn't him, but it was a negative entity, a being from the dark side in disguise. Deceit is a major weapon of the forces of darkness. But there was one being from the dark side I met at that time who was different. One night out of my body I travelled through dark regions, with the familiar intensity of the regions of hell. There I saw a figure dressed elegantly in black. He had an entourage with him who followed him. His entourage [...]

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The ominous influence of the four blood moons

By Peter Gaylard under CC licence We just watched the eclipse of the red moon, or blood moon as it sometimes called. The emanations of occult darkness and the abyss that came from it beamed to the earth and were very powerful. This lunar eclipse of April 4 is part of the series of cosmic events that enhance the forces of darkness. It is one of four lunar eclipses in a lunar tetrad, in the middle of which was the solar eclipse of March 20. These eclipses are successive with no partial eclipses in between them and each of them is separated from the other by six full moons. A lunar eclipse has a red colour, which is caused by the earth blocking the light of the sun from reaching the moon. As it does, a red glow is created around the silhouette of the earth like when the sun sets over the horizon. This red glow is cast upon the moon and its red light is reflected back to earth. Cosmic events and forces affect the earth and everything that lives on it including us, as the human body is a microcosm of the macrocosm and, at [...]

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A major event for the forces of darkness

Photo CC BY-SA 3.0 by Luc Viatour. Last night there was a major gathering in the underworld of beings who have awakened in darkness. It was a special time for them as there was a rare combination of celestial events. In some parts of the world there was an eclipse of the sun. These eclipses are ominous symbols of darkness as they represent the lunar forces of darkness eclipsing the solar forces of light. But it was also the time in the moon cycle when it’s black. The black moon has a special force which facilitates and conveys darkness; it’s a special time for their ceremonies and is an important event personally for those Demons and aspirants of darkness who have physical bodies. It was also the time when the moon is closest to the earth, and a black moon that close has incredible strength. Finally, in the southern hemisphere it was the autumn equinox. After this time the days become shorter than the nights, and darkness is greater than light. In the northern hemisphere this was countered somewhat by the spring equinox, after which light becomes greater than darkness. It’s quite possible that there will be a [...]

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The Symbolic Burning of the Knights Templar at the 2014 Grammy Awards

Katy Perry performing her single Dark Horse at the 2014 Grammy Awards. She is wearing the red cross of the Knights Templar and is symbolically being burned alive with four demons conducting the ritual behind her. The performance of the song “Dark Horse” by pop singer Katy Perry at the 2014 Grammy Awards left many in the audience disturbed; it looked like a satanic style ritual, replete with demons, witches, and a giant crystal ball. Yet it was much more than that—it contained a deep occult message, which I’ll break down below. At its crux was the celebration of the burning of the Knights Templar—a famous spiritual order who were said to have an inner Gnostic circle, and who were persecuted out of existence in 1314 by burning at the stake. So why on earth would this event be relived in such a satanic style setting, in a completely unrelated song, in a mega pop music event, and indeed even at all? The Knights Templar - the Jedi of the Middle Ages An illustration of the Knights Templar who were both monks and warriors, just like the Jedi. The Templars are symbols of something broader—they were [...]

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A Weekend at a Psychic Workshop

A seance from around 1920. Continuing with my theme of different psychic and spiritual activities I’ve tried, back in 1988 I went to a two day workshop at the Swansea Psychic Centre in Wales, UK, to explore psychic phenomena. It was mostly attended by old ladies. They had a nice facility with lots of rooms for different talks and activities and it was well presented and organised. Amongst the first of the activities, was one where we had to sit next to a person and describe each others life. The first person (an old lady) and I had nothing to describe about each other - we were blank. The instructor said when you have something in common or an affinity with someone it’s easier to get a psychic reading with them. So I tried again with another person (another old lady), and this time it worked, and I managed to accurately describe many important things in her life; finally there was a hint of psychic abilities after a drought of so many years. In the next day’s activities, each person anonymously put an item of theirs (in my case my watch) into a basket. They were collected and [...]

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The Unseen Spiritual War Beneath the Veneer of Society

There is a spiritual war taking place at every instant and it's good to be aware of it. We normally see only a fraction of reality, there are forces of light and darkness existing beyond ordinary view and they affect each of us and society. Although mostly unseen, darkness extends itself throughout the world like the giant tentacles of a sinister octopus. This influences people in important positions, whether they are aware of it or not. Some of the most respected, powerful, and influential figures in Western society meeting at Bohemian Grove. Anything that attacks, marginalises or supresses the light of authentic spirituality is liable to be supported by forces of darkness in various ways. Often manipulating people through their emotions (ego states) from beyond the physical world and influencing them usually subconsciously through interference in their dreams. Some ways the influence of darkness affects society unknowingly Sometimes when trying to do good a great deal of harm can be caused and so even good intentions get used by forces of darkness. Some people for example, are working to create a world based upon globalist values and yet one of the outcomes of this is the suppression of [...]

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