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Peace is from consciousness, not from egos A video discussing what it takes to have inner peace and its repercussions upon society and the world. The egos are temporary, they are not permanent, consciousness is the real you. Peacefulness arises from being aware in the present moment. A talk from Quebec in Canada in 2004.

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Knowledge of the egos is multi-dimensional A video of an interview from 2002 discussing ways to understand the egos and emotions and how the study of oneself is multi-dimensional and multi-faceted. It looks at how the beginning of inner knowledge is from seeing oneself in the present moment as one really is.

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Inner Peace and the Awareness of the Present Moment – New Article

Simply by perceiving the moment we can feel the beauty that emanates from consciousness, as inner peace is a quality of consciousness. If we perceive the whole we can be aware not only of the world we are in at that moment, but also our thoughts, feelings and emotions, and by observing these we can discover much about ourselves. While we are not aware we lose out on both inner learning and the feelings of peace that consciousness could bring. A deeply spiritual inner peace is not in its root a quality of an emotion, nor of a thought, nor is it an idea or a belief, or the absence of conflict. It is a quality of consciousness found within a perception that is clear of the ego. Consciousness experiences the form of dimensional existence most lucidly through the mechanism of a clear mind, and it’s most felt when we are aware in the present moment. Read the full article here

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We have it within ourselves to raise our conscious level and that of humanity – new article

We should take the time to know how we respond inwardly to life, because by changing ourselves and allowing consciousness to shine, we change not only our own lives but those of others around us, and, if enough people raise their conscious level, we can bring about a real change for good in the world. If we don’t understand ourselves, no matter how many victories for truth there are, the inner level of the majority will keep dragging society downwards into corruption, disorder, and destruction. And even those who pursue truth in the world are not immune to the adverse effects of the subconscious. All of us live in the present moment - it’s a quality of being alive, but it’s the way we perceive it that can make huge difference to our lives. Within us is a multitude of constantly changing thoughts, feelings and emotions, and not all of it is good. In fact, in the subconscious are awful inner states that are usually hidden from awareness and that are the roots of corruption and destruction. Read the rest of the article here

Removing Some of the Obstacles to Love – New Article

It doesn't take too much to see that there’s too little expression of love in the world, just as there’s insufficient expression of other qualities of consciousness. Much of the terrible suffering in the world is caused by a lack of love, but few can be moved to do anything about contributing to good and to positive change. Love is not simply about thinking positively, or thinking loving thoughts, or even doing kind deeds, although these may be expressions of it. It’s there in seeing and feeling and being part of reality, because in reality we’re all part of one - not only one humanity, but one substance, which is the cosmic consciousness of the universe. Read the full article here

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A Review of the Day: Learning from the Past – New Article

There’s an event in near-death experiences that indicates a way to get better understanding from daily life. One of the most common things people recall in a near-death experience is going through a review of their lives. Many go through it in minute detail, recalling every event. Most describe how much they’ve learned from it and what a positive experience it was. But there’s actually a way to learn like this in every day of our lives, by reviewing the day, at the end of each day. What people tend to say matters most when they review their lives after death are simple things, such as how much they’ve loved, what good they did, how they hurt others, what they felt, and how they made other people feel. This is what they say is really important. It’s not how much money they earned, or what career they achieved, but it’s more to do with interactions with people, such as what emotions they felt, what they did to others and especially how they loved. To understand more about how you live, how you really are, and what’s important in life, it helps to do a review at the end of every [...]

The Sleep of Consciousness That Weighs Heavy Upon the Human Race – New Article

The sleep of consciousness is the default state of the human race, but it's difficult to realize it. The state which we call awake, is actually a spiritual sleep, in which consciousness is stuck in the subconscious, which compulsively churns up feelings and emotions that have a hypnotic like effect upon the mind. There's a quote from the Apocryphon of John in The Nag Hammadi Library, which illustrates that this is something that humanity has faced from ancient times, which is referenced in many religions of the world, it's as relevant today as it was then. The quote says: And I said to the savior, "What is the forgetfulness?" And he said "It is not the way Moses wrote (and) you heard. For he said in his first book, 'He put him to sleep', but (it was) in his perception. For also he said through the prophet, 'I will make their hearts heavy, that they may not pay attention and may not see'. There is a difference between the ordinary state of waking (waking sleep), and conscious awareness, which is to be self-aware and free of the effects of subconscious states upon perception. Read the full article here

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Don’t just think about spiritual realities – experience them – new article

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash Interested in the sacredness of the cosmos, extraterrestrial life, sacred geometry, different dimensions, astral projection, NDEs, consciousness awakening, truth, and awesome ancient teachings and mysteries? So are we, but what do you want to do about it, do you just want to keep reading and in that way believe you know about them? Do you realize science doesn't know what consciousness is and has no way to study it? Do you know that an atheist cannot prove divinity doesn't exist, and that atheism is just a belief? What kind of knowing are you after? Don't you see there's a huge difference between reading about out-of-body experiences or watching videos about them and lifting out of your body and traveling through space in a different dimension? Experience a wider reality don't just read about it, discover what science doesn't know and cannot ever know, its your life, break free of the known and live. Read the full article here

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Self-Realization Requires an Inner Revolution – New Article

It's not enough to like the idea of inner change, or to believe something about consciousness, to have the real thing you'll have to work for it, and be part of the struggle of light against darkness. Added to the Esoteric Wisdom section in Articles, its from a talk at the Oregon retreat in 2009.

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Don’t Let Yourself be Dragged Down Into the Pit of Others’ Emotions and Thoughts – New Article

This happens so often, a person with a negative attitude can make another feel low, so what do you do to counter it? Take a look at how you respond and deal with that. Read more in the article in the self-knowledge section of the articles page. Its from a talk in Oregon in 2009.

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