Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

Interested in the sacredness of the cosmos, extraterrestrial life, sacred geometry, different dimensions, astral projection, NDEs, consciousness awakening, truth, and awesome ancient teachings and mysteries? So are we, but what do you want to do about it, do you just want to keep reading and in that way believe you know about them? Do you realize science doesn’t know what consciousness is and has no way to study it? Do you know that an atheist cannot prove divinity doesn’t exist, and that atheism is just a belief? What kind of knowing are you after? Don’t you see there’s a huge difference between reading about out-of-body experiences or watching videos about them and lifting out of your body and traveling through space in a different dimension? Experience a wider reality don’t just read about it, discover what science doesn’t know and cannot ever know, its your life, break free of the known and live.

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