Easter is a celebration of resurrection, which is a universal cosmic event symbolizing the resurrection of the son, the neutral force of creation, which integrates itself within the human consciousness when a person is prepared through divine initiation.

That’s celebrated at the spring equinox. The present celebration of Easter is a creation of the Christian Council of Nicea, who made sure that little of the esoteric teachings and groups of Jesus survived. It’s related to the passover and is calculated from the first Sunday after the full moon following the spring equinox. This has no esoteric basis in relation to the actual death, three days in the tomb, followed by resurrection, which is the real Easter – a universal event celebrated by many different cultures, particularly the most ancient ones, whose grasp of spiritual knowledge was incredible.

The name Easter and the time of Easter celebration was taken over by the church from pagan religions that had a basis in the original solstice event and celebration. I wouldn’t celebrate the Church’s version of Easter at all though, any more than I would include Santa Claus in the winter Solstice. It’s a distortion of cosmic truths, which is best left in the bag with the chocolate eggs, Santa, brightly colored baubles and the Christmas stocking.

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