Original article by Priya and posted on the Mystical Life Publications blog

The Mystical Life Publications team with Graham Hancock.

The Mystical Life Publications team with Graham Hancock.

A few weeks ago, the MLP team and friends were out and about hunting for office space when I stumbled upon a poster advertising an Australian tour for Graham Hancock. As a writer and journalist, Graham Hancock has investigated some fascinating topics like the evidence for an ancient and very advanced lost civilisation, the Orion correlation theory, and the ‘War on Consciousness’ – a talk that was infamously banned by TED. We’ve been particularly interested in his research on ancient sites and the significance of their alignments to celestial patterns, as the lost spiritual knowledge of ancient civilisations is something that we’re helping revive today through the work we publish.

His last talk was scheduled for the upcoming weekend – we couldn’t believe our luck – we had to see if we could get tickets. From there began phone calls, emails, and negotiations with the ticket vendor and luckily enough, just a few days before the show, we were able to get some tickets at a good price.

So a couple of weekends ago, we went along to see the ‘Magicians of the Gods’ tour. Having seen some of Graham Hancock’s talks and documentaries online, I was pretty excited to attend this in person. Arriving at the venue, people of all ages and walks of life were buzzing around, from dreadlocked youth to distinguished types and everyone in between (like us!). The venue capacity was adjusted to accommodate 1030 people and from what I could see, it was mostly full.