TAOP paperback

By Layla Fowler at Mystical Life Publications

We are very happy to let you know that the first of many of Belsebuub’s latest books is now available in paperback.

While the paperback edition is available for purchase, Belsebuub himself does not make any money from the sale of his printed books. Like with his eBooks, Belsebuub provides everything he does freely, which you can learn more about here. This book along with other of Belsebuub’s works are available as an eBook free to download here.

To purchase a paperback edition of The Awakening of Perception you can browse various online retailers, or order it through your favourite bookshop to get it in for you, however just keep in mind the price of the book does vary between each retailer, as they set their own prices. We have found that Amazon US and Amazon UK have listed this title at the price we have recommended which is under 10 USD and GB Pounds (these listings will take a while to show the image and description but people can still make an order). We’ve set the minimum price possible which mostly cover costs and taxes and a small amount that will go towards our upcoming publishing and printing costs for future titles. We’ll also have copies available for sale at our bookshop in Fremantle, Western Australia which is open on weekends for anyone in the area.  You can check out our printed books page for further details.




Just a little note from us: Thank you so much to the team at Mystical Life Publications and the volunteers who helped edit and format the book and put together the print ready cover file for this printed edition, as well as those who donated to get the first print run started. There were a lot of details to work through as it is the first book and so it was a bit of a learning curve, which took a lot of persistence and team work to get through. We look forward to seeing the rest of the books get printed (The Astral Codex should be next!).

Mark and Lara