Concentration and Visualization for Astral Projection and Meditation

//Concentration and Visualization for Astral Projection and Meditation
Concentration and Visualization for Astral Projection and Meditation 2016-10-24T09:01:01+00:00

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This article is an extract taken from the book The Astral Codex.



To successfully astral project or meditate it’s important to be able to concentrate on the exercise you’re doing at the time, without being distracted from it by other thoughts or by anything else.

VisualizationSo to prepare for astral projection or meditation, you should learn how to concentrate and visualize. Willed astral projection usually occurs when the mind is concentrated at the exact moment that sleep occurs.

Most techniques for astral projection are variations of concentrating the mind and/or visualizing.

Being concentrated is having the mind and the whole of one’s attention on one thing alone.

It is possible to concentrate upon whatever activity we do at one time. That ability is developed by learning to do one thing at a time in daily life. It is also a natural outcome of the psychological study, which I describe in other works.

Sitting exercises of concentration train and develop the ability to concentrate upon any astral or esoteric exercise.

Being concentrated upon one thing is different from having the mind completely silenced. There are techniques for silencing the mind; this is referred to as meditation, and it can actually enable you to travel to dimensions above the astral plane.


Visualization is using the concentrated mind to consciously imagine or remember something.

Visualization has order and structure.

It is possible to actually visualize something that is real, that you know nothing about, if the mind is focused enough. Those who are free enough from the subjective elements of the psyche can use this to look through space, time and dimensions.

The Difference Between Visualization and Fantasy

There is a difference between this kind of visualization and fantasy, although they are similar. With fantasy the mind goes where it wants to without any continuous direction or sustained concentrated thought. What is seen in fantasy is a product of the subconscious and is less effective for projection. Moreover, it feeds the subconscious elements of the psyche adding to the general haphazard, scattered mind during the day and adds to the likelihood of having vague and weird types of dreams without meaningfulness in them.

Practicing Sitting Concentration and Visualization

The more the mind is trained to concentrate and visualize, the better it becomes at it – it’s a matter of practice.

Train daily and your chances of projecting will be dramatically increased.

It’s like an athlete who prepares for a race by training.

To train the mind to concentrate and visualize you carry out exercises where you sit down or lie down simply to concentrate and/or visualize.

Techniques for Concentration and Visualization:
Concentration & Visualization on an Object
Imaginative Visualization


From the book The Astral Codex


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