Concentration and Visualization on an Object

//Concentration and Visualization on an Object
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This article is an extract taken from the book The Astral Codex.



This technique trains our visualization skills, in it we visualize the details of an object and to train ourselves to memorize it. This is very useful for exercises of astral projection and any exercise of meditation.visualize object

Take an object; it can be any object (one popular object for this exercise is a lit candle, but make sure that you only use a candle if it is safe to do so and there is no risk of starting a fire). Sit down and place it where you can see it clearly. Then concentrate upon it in great detail, observing how it looks, the textures, shapes, colors, the material it is made of, the way that light reflects on it, etc., discovering everything you can about it. When you have clearly seen it, then close your eyes and recreate/visualize the object exactly as it is in your mind.

If there are things that you cannot recreate because you didn’t look at them properly, or if the image is fading away, open your eyes and look at it again. Study it, then close your eyes and recreate the image again in your mind. Keep doing this process so that you visualize it as clearly as you can.

This type of exercise gently trains the mind in concentration and visualization, both of which are vital for astral projection. Try to do it regularly (at least once a day for 10 minutes), at a different time from your astral projection exercise and whenever is convenient for you, but don’t do more than 10 minutes. If you want to do this for more times each day then do it, but increase it very gradually, because the mind needs to be trained for astral projection and you shouldn’t force it.

Vary the objects – for example, a glass of water, a plant, flowers, etc., and continue with at least ten minutes each day. Remember to close your eyes when you are recreating the object in your mind and to recreate it often. Don’t try to stay there with your eyes open or force yourself to keep staring at the object for a long period of time. Gradually increase the time you spend on this exercise, beginning with just a little.

This technique will improve your ability to concentrate, which will help you in any exercise you may choose to do.

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From the book The Astral Codex


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