A Hidden Secret Knowledge of Life

//A Hidden Secret Knowledge of Life
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A meaningful study of spirituality should lead to action, that is, applying to your life the good things you’ve discovered. It’s even more effective if you can experience some of the hidden realities that are not perceived by the five senses, which is to go to the source of many spiritual teachings.

A spiritual study can go beyond words and even thought. Although it can involve the learning of symbols, processes or deeds, and their teaching, what matters is the wisdom we get from it and how we act upon that new wisdom.

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Many teachings that contain lots of information, but the study of information is not an end in itself, as the kind of spirituality that matters most requires personal experience.

Much profound spiritual experience is of the hidden knowledge of life. It is unseen to the human eye and yet it is fundamental to knowing the nature of existence and the purpose to living.

This kind of knowledge has been studied through symbols, myths, religions and mystical schools throughout the history of humanity. These methods of imparting knowledge may lead a person to wisdom, but in themselves they are not it.

Humanity once lived in a golden age of spiritual knowledge, where the religion of the sun was widespread throughout the world. As the Hindu’s point out, we fell into the Kali Yuga, the dark age, where wisdom is scarce. Some religions are remnants of the knowledge of that once great golden age, and I aim to restore the lost knowledge of the most ancient of religions, the religion of the sun, in which the key principles of spirituality were clearly taught.

Central core principles exist in some religions that contain knowledge of the Spiritual Sun; this is why there are so many similarities between them. Its worth understanding these core principles if you want to go deeper into the search for reality and spiritual truths.

The religion of the sun (religion meaning to re-unite with divinity) has at its root the knowledge of the secret journey to enlightenment – the Path of the Spiritual Son – and it contains all the information and practices necessary for awakening.

With this knowledge, obscure meanings in religious and mythological teachings become apparent and understood. Without it their meanings are lost in time and believers in religions stick to that which does not lead them to the secret journey of awakening.

Some religious believers may learn the teachings of religious figures by heart, proclaim this as knowledge and clamor for more, and yet be far from understanding the messages of their teachers.

This is why the paradox of worship and violence by religious practitioners exists. They can fanatically defend the teachings and figures they hold dear while attacking those who appear to contradict or threaten them. Love is the opposite of this and so too is the study of spiritual knowledge.

If someone doesn’t know how to acquire wisdom, they cannot progress to advanced spiritual levels. Spiritual progress involves change in what we actually are inside, in thought, feeling, emotion, will, consciousness and spirit.

The knowledge of material things is seen and is easily transmitted in the world, whereas wisdom is not.

Wisdom is subtle, hidden, usually despised and is transmittable only to those who are prepared to receive it, at the level at which they are capable of receiving it.

Whoever wishes to be a student of a profound spiritual knowledge, must be able to see things as they are, and to do this, you must be able to see yourself as you truly are.

And in a spiritual study you can explore beyond the five senses into the multi-dimensional, the hidden and the inner. It can take you to hidden places, beyond your physical body, to teachings with divine beings; those teachings are given at a level that you can understand at this time, but no more. But if you increase your wisdom and understanding and change, new doorways of learning can open up to you.

There is a higher level of study, which is the path that leads to liberation, and you can read more about that in some of my books.

Wisdom requires preparation – preparing yourself to meet the standards required for it and to study spirituality in its deeper sense, you have to even learn how to study for it.

A true student prepares themselves to receive wisdom. A teacher imparts wisdom to those who are prepared for it and understands how to impart it. A spiritual school should be a repository of wisdom, not only of knowledge. And a true seeker of wisdom is not a passive smiling bystander, but is a revolutionary warrior of light.



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