Get Out of the Spell of Nature and the Sleep of Death

//Get Out of the Spell of Nature and the Sleep of Death
Get Out of the Spell of Nature and the Sleep of Death 2017-03-18T02:45:23+00:00

­­We are all in nature, as the multi-dimensional experience of consciousness in form. But we are here for a reason. To know that reason and to do something about it, we need to wake up. Not just in terms of information, as that is just a step, but in our perception.

We see only partial glimpse of reality with the body, there’s more to experience beyond it by having out-of-body experiences. But while in the body we have the choice of waking up, perceiving the moment and observing ourselves, and that gives us the ability to see not only with the maximum capacity of the body, but also to recognise what is happening within ourselves at any moment.

Nature gives us the apparatus for life, but it comes with certain limitations upon our perception, namely a program founded upon animal drives and desires, whose main purpose is survival and reproduction of the species. When coupled with the human mind animal drives multiply and engulf the psyche, and, as they are within the subconscious, it has a strong grip over us, clouding our perception and keeping us locked within a daydream in which animal desires dictate the experience of life.

In this daydream through which the world is subjectively interpreted, we go through life in the sleep of perception, unless that is we take the step to wake up.

Wanting to wake up is great, but unless it’s followed by action, it’s just an idea. And like any idea, it can pass, and new ones soon take its place.

A major problem is that almost everyone thinks they are already awake and have no need to wake up. And like this, life passes in time, just like it does for every creature on earth.

Living through the daydream is not truly being alive, it’s being like dead people. They exist without the impressions of the three-dimensional world and to be alive they come into a body. But even with a body humanity lives dreaming and misses much of the knowledge that could be discovered from life, passing time until returning to where they came from.

To wake up we must really want to do it, and then convert that wanting into a remembering to wake up. The majority of people prefer spiritual sleep, which is perfectly natural to live in. But to wake up is a revolution in consciousness, to wake up is to break free of nature, to wake up is to rise and unite with the spirit, and nature doesn’t do that for us. Enlightenment is a process in which consciousness breaks free of nature and unites with the source consciousness; it’s a process we have to freely decide to embark upon.

Everyone has a limited amount of free will, and in the sleep of consciousness there’s not that much. As we free ourselves from the subconscious drives we are able to act with a clearer mind and greater intelligence, and, in the process of enlightenment, we gradually free ourselves from karmic laws.

At the retreat in Oregon in 2009 where this talk was given

To awaken we have to go against the drives of nature, and the seductive desires of the ego states, with their pleasure and pain, and the pleasure of the sleep of perception. This takes willpower and action as consciousness in itself is passive, and so it takes activity to do spiritual exercises and to perceive the world and what is within the mind.

It’s so easy to fall into the sleep of perception, but the awakening happens in our lives, it’s in how we live from moment to moment, and in how we interact with people throughout the day. And if that’s done in a state of sleep, then that is the experience of life, and at night, the daydream world continues. It’s the world of the dead, as to be bound by the automatic reactions and drives of nature’s mechanism is not truly being alive.

The perception of the present moment is a thread to hold on to, which can eventually lead the way through the process of enlightenment. It is consciousness that perceives and it is the spiritual within. It has the potential to unite with divinity and become a treasure the world has no value in comparison to. It becomes part of you permanently and is the ultimate purpose of living. It’s much better than living an ordinary, mundane life, to be born and grow, reproduce and die in the sleep of nature.

It’s difficult to get to the spiritual treasure and it doesn’t come without sacrifice, suffering and endurance. We have to put aside the animal ego and go through the trials of life that the process requires. But its worth is so great that it cannot be bought and it would not be exchanged for anything the world can provide.

No human being can give us that which we can find within ourselves and no one can give us a spiritual gift that comes from the higher Being.


At a Retreat in Oregon, USA July 2009.


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