How Spirituality is in Consciousness Not Emotion

How Spirituality is in Consciousness Not Emotion 2018-02-23T06:45:38+00:00

Consciousness is the spiritual part of a human being and it’s fully active by being aware of the present moment.

This consciousness however, is a small part of a greater spiritual consciousness that could exist within.

There is a greater spiritual consciousness, which could also potentially exist within and that is each person’s own divine Being. When it merges within our consciousness we become transformed.

This greater consciousness manifests not as a thought, nor as an emotion, nor as any kind of feeling that anyone would recognize. It manifests in its own way, in its own nature.

It is not an emotion, so it doesn’t bring about any kind of emotional response within the body or within the psyche.

It does not make anyone have pleasant looks or wild gestures, gushing emotions, nor happy smiles—nothing of that—all of that belongs to the world of emotions. It is not an emotion.

It does not give the sense or feeling of stupor, like when some people practice meditation and they have a slow kind of feeling. That’s not the spiritual manifesting.

It could not be thought of as being a beautiful or loving emotion or anything like that, as neither thought nor emotion are the direct manifestation of the spiritual within.

When the spiritual manifests within, it has a completely different way of working within. It does not trigger an emotion—it has its own perception. Anything that is of an emotional feeling is of an ego nature, and is not of the spirit.

When consciousness manifests it brings clarity to the psyche. To experience it, practice awareness wherever you are, or go for a walk in awareness and you’ll find that in moments you become clear and then all the spiritual properties of consciousness within you can come forth.


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