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To be aware is simple to do but difficult to maintain. Just be aware of your inner world of thoughts, feelings and emotions and, if you can get clear of them, your perception of the outside world will also clear, as the two are really one, and then you will be living in the present moment.

By doing this you will see that you keep getting taken away from the present moment by thoughts and by the feelings and sensations inside. To maintain awareness you need to maintain your inner observation.


Being aware of the inner world is less easy than just being aware of the outer world as it is not externally visible, but it exists and becomes part of the perception of the outer world. Awareness of the present moment gets taken away or colored by what’s going on inside. Being aware of this is called self-observation.

To observe within see the thoughts and images, sexual feelings, the movements of the body, and emotions around the solar plexus and their effects throughout the body. These are all necessary functions of being human, the problem is that subconscious (ego) states manifest in these psychic areas, influencing them negatively.

The consciousness is what perceives; it is neutral and is the real you, and when thought, feeling and emotion are still, it manifests in a clear way by default.

The sense of self centeredness or “me” is actually different from the neutral consciousness and is not one constant self; it keeps changing and goes from one mood and state to another.

We keep changing as one state comes in, goes and then another comes in, the process repeating in an endless stream. This is because the psyche and the sense of “me” is divided into different psychic elements called ego states that exist in the fifth dimension, where the psyche resides. There are huge numbers of them and they enter and leave us, feeding from psychic energy. These psychic elements can be recognized as the different inner states of anger, fear, greed, lust, envy, etc. They manifest one at a time in one or more of the five psychic areas. They are animalistic, they engulf consciousness making it dim and form the subconscious. What’s being perceived of these ego states is their manifestation in the psyche.

Thoughts and images come and go, but observe any ego state that appears, and if you can, get to clear awareness, so that you are aware without anything coloring or altering your awareness of the moment.

Both the inner world and outer world exist within any moment. Being aware is perceiving the totality.

On the path to enlightenment the ego states are gradually and slowly destroyed, leaving the human mind and conscious awareness in which the spiritual within is present.

The Psyche Tends to be Governed by the Subconscious

Thoughts keep wandering and images take the mind into subconscious daydreams where ego states drive it from behind the scenes.

Daily life tends to get lived in a subconscious dream, in psychological sleep, and it doesn’t allow consciousness, the spiritual part which we essentially are, to experience. A life lived in a daydream is at the mercy of ego states and the program of nature which controls its destiny. In this there is no meaningful change, only the passing of time.

To live life unaware of inner states is to be controlled by the subconscious, beneath the awareness or understanding of the conscious mind, basically like any animal programmed by nature. That’s never to be truly free, but the remedy for this is by having self-observation.

Consciousness and Inner Peace

Awareness is not an idea about awareness, as it is not thought at all. Awareness allows us to feel life as its happening, as it is in perception that consciousness and all spiritual qualities are manifest.

Search to discover how it works, and be aware and observe within, focused upon whatever you’re doing at the time, be it planning, reading, walking, talking or any activity. Then consciousness will awaken within each moment.

The mind is more than thought, it contains the totality of the brain and connects the essence or consciousness with the interior and exterior worlds. The five centers and the five senses reach the essence through the mind.

Peace is a natural state of consciousness, thoughts, feelings and emotions are passing and temporary. If you want to find peace within yourself you will never find it in those, but in consciousness, which you have to search within yourself to find.


A talk in California, 2007


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