How to Have Clearer Dreams and Remember Them Better

//How to Have Clearer Dreams and Remember Them Better
How to Have Clearer Dreams and Remember Them Better 2016-10-30T04:44:21+00:00

There are a number of techniques for remembering dreams that are simple and easy for anyone to use each day.

To have clearer dreams, takes a practice of exercises that focus the mind and activate awareness. These exercises cause a shift in the patterns and nature of psychic energies, and allow consciousness to manifest more, so you’ll feel clearer, lighter and be more aware. This has its repercussions in dreams, which become clearer and brighter, as the state of consciousness in dreams is a direct result of the state of consciousness during the day. But if you lose that level of practice, then it’s inevitable that the level of clarity in dreams will come down.

When you can remember dreams it’s worth making a note of them in a journal or diary, where you can look back over what you’ve written to try to understand them better. There may be things that you can’t understand now, which you may understand later.

Intuition is useful for understanding dreams, as the language of dreams and the astral plane is symbolic and intuitive. Obviously it helps to get symbolic interpretations for everything that you see there, but even they have their limits, because there are many interpretations and meanings to different symbols, and so much does depend upon intuition. To increase your level of intuition, you should increase your level of practice in daily life, and then you’ll learn more things not only about dreams, but also about self-knowledge. As you learn you’ll get more teachings in dreams; some dreams can be very clear and their meanings become very vivid and as you make progress, you’ll increase in self-knowledge and understand your dreams much better.

Q: When I go to sleep I feel like in the first portion of sleep, the first two to four hours, I fall into a very deep unconscious state where I have no idea what happens while in my dreams. My remembrance of dreams during this time is usually very low. In the first part of sleep I feel that the egos feed increasingly while in the deep unconscious state, while later in the morning, I have more remembrance or control over my dreams and I am more likely to act consciously while in them. So what is occurring in the first part of sleep that differs from the later hours, and is it necessary to hit this deep unconscious sleep state in order to fully rest and recuperate the body?

Belsebuub: You may have less recall of the first few hours of sleep because the memories are further back in time compared to the most recent dreams. There are periods where the remembrance of dreams is greater or lesser depending upon the rhythms of the body. Also, when the body is overly tired, sleep tends to be heavier, making it more difficult to remember dreams. The body really needs to be in a reasonable state even going to sleep, and illness as well can affect the quality of sleep.

If you go to bed with a normal healthy tiredness, but you’re concentrated and your mind is focused, you can find you’ll have lots of lucid dreams and out-of-body experiences, which could be much different from the normal night’s sleep where you’re heavy, going to bed really tired with all of the weight of the day and a lack of energy. The body uses sleep to charge up its energy and as the night goes on the body gradually revitalizes; all the stages of sleep are part of this revitalization.

The deep subconscious state brings a lack of remembrance of what’s actually happening when you’re out of the body in the astral plane, which is where a person is when dreaming. The body goes through different stages while asleep as part of the revitalization process, and it’s in REM sleep that dreams are most remembered, when the events while out of the body most affect it. But it’s not that events stop happening out of the body when there is no REM sleep. In the subconscious part of sleep there is still activity, it’s just that the events are not being communicated as well to the body. You can prove this by having an out-of-body experience while the body is in a deep subconscious state. People have been monitored (I don’t recommend doing this) in experiments where they’ve had out-of-body experiences, and lucid dreams while being out of the REM state in the supposedly subconscious state, during deep sleep. So in deep sleep the astral experiences are still going on, but it’s that the body is not in a receptive state to get the information from them as it is in that REM time. However, the experiences are continuing just the same. They continue throughout the whole time of sleep, whether they are remembered or not.

When I try to use intuition and go with my first feeling about something, doubt quickly comes in. How do we distinguish intuition from the mind?

That’s a matter of practice and waking up intuition and then learning how to use it. It’s simply a matter of practice. The more that faculty is used, the more you’ll begin to trust and recognize it. You could invent intuition, imagining it’s there, but when it arises you’ll feel it and that’s a matter of practice.

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and immediately remember and sense that I’ve had a spiritual teaching or a conscious astral experience, but I can’t remember anything about it even though I’m trying hard to remember.

It can be because the level of awareness in not quite enough, which diminishes the ability to recall the event. Sometimes it’s that the body is not in a good state to remember, like if you’ve had a tiring day. It helps to train the memory; one way you can do that is to do retrospections of your day before you go to sleep or in the evening. You would look back over the day and try to piece together what happened, what events took place. It also helps to go to sleep in an aware and focused state, by doing exercises such as awareness, visualization, concentration, analysis of an inner state, or meditation. This can have a huge impact: it can help astral experiences, it can give clearer dreams and can make it much easier to remember them.

The more you are clear throughout the day, observing yourself, in a state of awareness and removing ego states, the more likely it is that everything in dreams and the astral plane is brighter and clearer. If you’re just living a normal day, and going to sleep without preparation, you’re wasting the night and you’re also losing a time when you could be getting spiritual teachings. You could even be having them, but they’re being missed. Much teaching actually goes on while out of the body even in deep sleep.

One sign of being taught spiritually is dreaming about being taught in a classroom, and if you’re taking exams it’s a sign that you are going through a testing time in your life.

As you’re getting a feeling that you were being taught, you probably were, and it’s a wasted opportunity not to remember it. You can also check if there is anything that’s adversely affecting your body, as it plays a huge part in this. Not having enough sleep affects it badly in this respect. Feeling tired and having heavy energies throughout the day affects the night’s sleep.

Doing the practices will help you to have clearer dreams and to remember the information and teachings you’re getting from the higher dimensions, which you may be having regularly but are missing. Work out a program of daily or weekly practices, do them regularly, and incorporate them into life, and then the overall cumulative effect will be to astral project and have clear dreams, which will allow you to see what’s going on at night when you dream. All of the practices can help to improve the psyche, and they help to activate the spiritual senses within. So the main thing is to do lots of practices, preferably in a program.

Watch that the body and psyche is not too heavy either with energies of the egos, with negativity during the day, or with over-tiredness going to sleep or fighting over-tiredness during the day, because with tiredness, the energies are being taken from the different psychic centers within, which is where the egos manifest. They’re also valuable centers for the human being to actually exist, and they require energy, so when an ego, let’s say an emotion of anger or fear is in the solar plexus area, which is where you’ll feel your emotional center, you get sensations in that area. When this happens the center is using energy. To replenish itself, the emotional center takes energy from the sexual center. The sexual center then is missing energy, so it steals back energy from other centers so the sexual center gets mixed up energy, instead of the pure energy of its own center it began the day with. As you keep going with all of this throughout the day, the centers are full of energies that are not in their place, and each time they are taken they run at a lower, heavier level with each stealing energy from one to the other, moving from one to the other. So then the energy of the psyche runs at a lower level, and lust permeates thoughts feelings, emotions and movements.

In addition to this there is an energy crystallized into a psychic organ, called the Kundabuffer, which has its base within the coccyx bone and sends energy down into the inferior regions of the earth. That comes back up into the coccyx and into the psyche, bringing the influences and energies of the infernal regions. These have hypnotic effects upon the mind and with the mixed up energies of the centers, gross ego states are created and fed and in this state a person goes to sleep and has dreams of a disharmonious, crazy and unsettling nature, or nightmares, or just sleeps heavily and remembers nothing.

It’s important therefore to work spiritually within each day, and to maintain the centers in a clear state. If the centers are clear and there are no ego states manifesting in them, then emotions and thoughts will be clear. You can then think and act clearly without the interference of worries and endless chatter that triggers emotions or sexual feelings, which keeps the mind churning endlessly. If you practice being aware, observing yourself, and getting rid of ego states throughout the day, then you’ll see a clarity emerging, and you’ll feel clear. You’ll wake up to reality and be able to see and appreciate the beauty of life. You’ll also be able to deal with people and situations much better, and at night you are in a much better state to go to sleep.

The hidden esoteric processes of the psyche have an enormous impact upon the nature of dreams and the ability to remember them. That’s where work has to be done to be able to see and understand dreams, and there is a lot to learn from understanding them.

I can testify to what I heard myself from your talks when you were talking about being clear and then seeing the repercussions in your dreams. I couldn’t tell how badly I was doing during the day, but I was having very subconscious negative dreams, and I questioned, why is that happening to me? Based on what you had said about being aware, I thought, I’ve got to try being more aware, because I kept going into these really horrible states and I didn’t want to continue those kind of experiences, and I really tried to be clear from then on, and I noticed almost immediately the following days were extra clear, that my dreams lifted up and even became clearer and brighter, and I was learning more from the situations that were taking place, rather than just having these negative states.
When I had negative states in my dreams, I’d wake up in the morning and feel the negative vibration, a kind of a sense within me that would make it harder again, and it became a downward cycle that I thought that I would go deeper into if I didn’t do something and get myself out of it. So that talk about being aware really helped me to see that that’s what was missing even though I know it, but knowing it and actually doing it I found to be quite distinctly different.

Yes, every inner state comes out in dreams. The images within the mind are actually a kind of astral matter, formed by the condensing of thought, and being without a physical body when dreaming, those images are compiled together with the feelings that arise throughout the day. So if you’re having negative feelings, they will turn into something at night. If there’s fear, or anger, they along with the images will condense into situations. So you could be dreaming and angrily chasing after people like a crazy person. In another occasion you may be chased and feel fear. It’s that the fears and other emotions condense into places and situations, so most of what you go through in dreams is from the subconscious. The world of dreams is mostly constructed by the subconscious, for those who don’t work to self-realize.

And that constructed mental world in daily life is placed upon the reality of the three-dimensional world, so what is felt and seen is the dream world mixed in with the physical world. So for example, emotions that arise in a certain place or situation in the physical world are usually subconscious states that color the three-dimensional reality of what you perceive. Then mental impressions are created in the mind, and when dreaming these mental impressions are replayed along with the subconscious states that usually go unnoticed, thereby creating the dream scenario. But because there is no three-dimensional mater, the subconscious doesn’t stay restrained, it runs rampant and alters the mental images to suit the emotion or feeling. So a place in a dream where you feel a little nervous in may suddenly sprout sinister people who want to attack you, which were created by your subconscious ego states.

Subconscious feelings arise in dreams, they will be part of the environment in which you’re moving around in, and will manifest into different places that are appropriate for that state. But normally those subconscious states and the altering of realty with images and thoughts in daily life go unnoticed. But this is going on, and the creative process from the physical world into the astral world is taking place instantly, and from the astral dream world to the physical world, as the dimensions intermingle and are all in the here and now.

Each person lives in subconscious regions, and in daily life feeds negative states and has all sorts of feelings in the subconscious. Even if they are thinking positive thoughts, that doesn’t matter—underneath these states are going on, and they will translate into forms in dreams. These forms then have their connection into other parts of the psyche, and take a person to the different regions within (the dream world) the astral plane and sub-regions, and there they inhabit those regions both in dreams and when awake, as the psyche remains in those regions even though the person is awake. There is an unseen aspect of dreams where human beings gather within low sinister regions, and in those regions dream of being chased and running after people, and there are many kinds of awful things going on. Those regions have a vibration, and that vibration corresponds to the vibration of the subconscious, which is then the vibration of the psyche and that vibration also correspondingly exists within daily life. So you can see people going around places during the day and all have their centers completely unbalanced, they are asleep and negative, they could be celebrities on TV or very rich people, and yet they inhabit those dismal regions along with other dismal folk, and their negativity by affinity gathers them together, both in dreams and in life.

If a person works to self-realize they lift that vibration, end the Kundabuffer and raise the Kundalini. They look into the psyche and see those heavy feelings and lighten them, and thus dreams become clearer and they can take place in better situations than the heavy subconscious states. But even if someone believes they have freed themselves in daily life from what they perceive to be negative feelings and states, if they don’t have a keen sense of self-observation, they will be unaware of their state. You can see if this is happening to you by looking at what kind of a person you think you are and comparing it to what you experience in your dreams. If you’re having dreams where you’re frightened, being chased around, where you see dark shadowy places and figures, that’s revealing as to what your psyche is actually doing, and what you’re actually like as a person.

It’s easy to be fooled in the three-dimensional world, but in dreams you see the reality of the psyche and you can’t hide from that. Even though a person may be applauded by millions here in the world, the state of the psyche is laid open in the dream world, in the astral plane, and the sub-regions. So keeping the psychic energies clear is very important not just for remembering dreams, but for the quality of dreams, and the quality of life.

Who wants to go to sleep and be chased around by creatures and monsters, and be attacked? And yet, that’s what’s going on—people living ordinary lives in workplaces and so on, are being eaten by giant spiders and things at night. That’s all because of the subconscious and the different levels that it takes the individual to, and the different things that it creates.

If you’re in a place and it has a certain feel to it, that feeling is your response to it. You are creating impressions of it in your mind and this cumulatively becomes your world. In your dreams you will go to that world, and those feelings will be recreated, as they are as much of what is experienced as the places and people itself. Then the different emotions and inner states and stored mental impressions will create the different situations in your dreams. So looking into the subconscious in daily life with self-observation and remembering dreams go hand-in-hand in the quest for self understanding.

To get the psyche clear and out of those abysmal regions at night when dreams are taking place requires a work that aims at achieving self-realization, an awakening of consciousness. Remembering dreams is an important factor in self understanding and bringing about a change that can gradually lead to the reduction and then removal of subconscious states, which in turn brings about an awakening of consciousness from the slumber of psychological sleep and brings different, more spiritual dreams in higher regions of the astral and other worlds, away from the lower dark regions of the infra-dimensions and subconscious.


An online talk, July 2009

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