If Your Life was over and you could Re-live it from Now

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Belsebuub A talk in Nicosia University, Cyprus 2006

The path of transformation cannot be seen physically, but it exists nevertheless. It has been described and referred to in many ways by different religions, myths, and legends throughout history. In this journey we merge our consciousness with our divine Being and liberate ourselves from the bonds of nature and its laws.

It’s very difficult to walk along this path. It’s not a journey for those who like to hop on and off, to pick and choose whatever they want at leisure, to adapt spirituality to their lifestyle, or to change ideas according to whims. The process of enlightenment follows a defined path, with precise stages.

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Very few have ever walked it, even those who are revered by the majority of people as wise, are unlikely to have even stepped upon it.

It takes determination to walk the path to return to source, without it however, the journey of life is nothing more than that of any another creature on the face of the earth: being born, growing, reproducing, aging, facing the unknown, and dying.

As you get older, you realize more and more how this is taking place, as time passes by. So, facing the certainty of death, you have to really ask yourself what is the most important thing that you can do in your life, whether it’s simply to live as animals live, or whether there’s something more that’s worth living for. It is actually possible to discover what this life is about and to find out what’s really happening.

Consider what is at stake. Being in a body that is mortal, that ages and dies. It’s in everyone’s best interests to find out about life after death and to discover what needs to be done in this life.

Now concerning the existence of hell, it’s included in many religions, but a significant number of people who have near death experiences have hellish ones and many who have out of body experiences through astral projection and lucid dreaming also discover hells and so it’s in your best interests to find out about it.

When a person discovers hell exists they are faced with a very fundamental question, which is what to do to escape it. Then, everything else becomes secondary. If you discovered that you were facing hell, the Abyss, what would you do?

Imagine that your life is over and you’ve come out of your body, as will inevitably happen. You’ll be looking back on this life as something that is finished. How real is it then to you? How real is it to you when it is just a memory? And then imagine that you’re facing the gateway to hell, and you have to pass through it, it’s facing you and you know there is no alternative; there is nothing at all that you can do. If at that moment you had the chance to come back now to this moment, what would you do? How would you live your life from this moment on?

Reflect and consider something which will happen, which you now have the opportunity to do something about.

Q: How are we going to do that?

A: The requirement to get free of nature’s wheel (the Wheel of Samsara) is to get rid of half of the egos, which gets you out of immediate danger. No one is stopping you from doing that but yourself.

Generally a person would start the second stage of the process having rid themselves of half of their egos. It’s an achievable goal.

You shouldn’t make this obscure and impossible; once you get the information as to how to get rid of the egos, then do it. If you get rid of a little one, why can’t you get rid of another one, and then another one, and then another one, and so on? The only person stopping you from doing this is yourself.

To able to project to the highest realms of the dimensions and to reach perfect meditation is not the requirement. Bring it back to your life—no one is stopping you from dying to your egos.

What about the difficulties of the path?

The difficulties of the path are extreme and numerous, you have to go through it step-by-step with faith. You will have to face trials of all kinds and be persecuted intensively throughout much of it. You only have the next step to face however, and you are prepared and tested internally in higher worlds before the tests materialize into the physical plane. How you go through it and the time it takes depends upon you; to walk the path you have to be an inner revolutionary.

I find that I think to do this work I have to isolate myself from other people. How is it possible for someone to be in their everyday life, but at the same time, to do this work without having to isolate themselves from the others?

It depends what you mean by isolation. There’s the isolation from reactions, so you are inwardly sealed, which means for example that if someone is angry toward you, then you’re not angry back.

Then, there’s the isolation which you feel when you’re actually on this path. At a basic level it’s like you don’t have much in common anymore with people who are not on the path, while feeling a greater sense of oneness on a higher, spiritual level. It’s not that you have to go to a remote part of the world and live away from people, when you are walking along it, because the psychological gymnasium is in daily life, it’s with other people that many different tests of the path actually happen. But what you’ll find is that when you change inside, you change the affinity that you have with others. So you won’t feel so much like being with the same people, and they won’t feel so much like being with you. But you, through affinity, will get together with new people. So that’s another kind of isolation, but it’s through change, and it brings about new things.


Illustration CC BY-SA 2.5 copyrighted to Himalayan Academy Publications, Kapaa, Kauai, Hawaii.

Then there’s the isolation that you can feel on the path when you’re actually abandoned, and you’re abandoned physically and seemingly internally, but that’s part of a process, and it happens at certain stages and times. So those are some of the kinds of isolation that you face.

There is a self-inflicted isolation however that could come about through fear, or from ideas, or by wanting to escape things in everyday life, but that kind of isolation generally brings about negative consequences. You’re much better off learning from life than you are isolating yourself from people, unless that isolation is for a specific and productive purpose.

And what will be the result in the end? Have we any chance in this life?

There would be no point in this world existing if there was no chance for anyone; humanity would be finished off and something new started. So then, there is a chance. It’s better not to wait to begin the work though, because all those ideas do is to keep you away from actually doing the spiritual work; they keep you the same as you are, with no change.

There’s only so much you can do just by observing and understanding the egos; to really change, you have to practice the three fundamental keys of the path. You can only do so much just with the idea that you’ll start maybe another time—it’s very limited, it’s a waste of a life.

To get off the wheel and to go back to the source, to the Absolute, is achievable in one life. If you wait and do nothing, you’ll go around all the cycles and go back as you came out basically, and that’s without self-consciousness.

So we can awaken in this life without waiting for all those cycles?

Right, it’s possible to go back from this life to the Absolute without waiting for the cycles, but that is a very difficult thing to do. Each person can only stand upon where they are now, and move from that point. But if your head is in the idea of the Absolute, you won’t have your feet on the ground—you’ll lose touch with reality. You’ve got to stand upon what you are now, and then change from there. There are achievable goals and this is one of them.

What are the difficulties of the path, in everything?

You go stage-by-stage on the path; it’s irrelevant to think, “What’s it like to be taught at the end,” if you’re just starting off. Your concern is to see what you need to do right now. Then you understand what you need to do, and if you achieve it, then you go to the next one. It’s very simple, but if you start being concerned (because this is just a fantasy if you haven’t done it) about what will happen on the seventh initiation of the second mountain, you are projecting your ideas onto an imagined scenario, which is not real. Once you get to that stage it will simply be the next stage, and you have been prepared to go from one stage to the next.

Belsebuub in Greece in 2006

Belsebuub in Greece in 2006

What’s concerning for most is the beginning, the probative path; this is what you need to look at, this is what you need to prepare for. In spite of whatever information you get about the difficult path, you always have to put your feet on the ground, try to understand where you are, and what you need to do right now.

Since we follow this, we follow some rules in the process, aren’t the rules and the process a belief and a theory?

So, if someone says that to see egos, self-observation is needed—is that a rule, or, is it a fact that can be discovered?

It is a fact to be discovered, but it is only this that the teaching says, not facts like this. It could be another thing…

Well know then that there are differences and it’s for you to be able to discriminate whether one thing is useful and right or not. You’ll find out whether it’s useful or not through your own experience.

Just as you see whether self-observation is useful or not, then, you can see whether other things are useful and right or not. But you would have to do the exercises correctly and actually start the path to know whether it exists; if you are not prepared to do that then you won’t know whether it exists or not.

Everyone stands on what they can experience and what they can do.

If someone wants to walk along this path, should they give up other spiritual-type things?

There are requirements of this path that you may break if you do other things. For example the work is done with certain energies and laws; you could find that they are broken if you do other activities, you would have to be on the path and know the effects of the exercises to be able to tell.

Some for example work with energies on other people’s backs. Now, are those people who are transmitting that energy pure and chaste? Or are they full of lust and all sorts of ego states and awful defects? Foul energies get transmitted like that. If you understand the energies and esoteric laws, and if you’re purifying your energies, you will then understand that to have somebody do that on your back would be to cause you harm.

You cannot do two things well in this regard; you can only really do one thing well. As they say, the servant can’t serve two masters; a fish can’t swim in two waters. To do this work, you have to do it well and that’s not easy. If you compromise, you are lost, because the requirements are not set by people here in this world, the requirements are set by the creators of life. It’s to them and to the Father that the requirements are to be fulfilled. You can’t negotiate with them saying that you don’t want to fulfill their requirements because you feel like doing something else instead. They respect your choice, but then you don’t walk on this path. They set the levels.

The requirements of the path are set from above, and to be able to meet those, you need to change yourself. You can’t change the requirements.

Could you tell us a few things about our divine parents and the disintegration of the egos?

The monad that comes from the Absolute into creation splits into different parts, one of these is the essence, or consciousness, and this is what enters physical form initially. The two highest parts of the Being are the Father and Mother, and as the Being divides into male and female, from these comes the Son. The Mother takes care of the disintegration of the egos—it’s she who is in charge of the energies of sex, so you would always ask her to destroy your egos. You won’t see much of the Mother normally, unless in a dream; if you’re doing really badly, then she’ll appear.

The Father is the one who sets the path. Normally you wouldn’t see him at all apart from special circumstances, which is why Jesus referred to him as “the Father who is in secret.” In the New Testament you don’t find much about Jesus’ father Joseph, who represents the divine Father in the biblical story. You see much more of Mary his mother—she’s with him at the cross and she’s close to him until the end, but it’s the Father who Jesus asks for help from, and who he publicly revered so much.

When you are talking about the illuminated void, do you mean the seventh dimension?

No, generally it’s referring to the outer ring of the Absolute. It’s reached temporarily in a practice of transmutation after alchemy called Ham Sah, and through meditation, when the mind is absolutely silent. It is reached permanently by passing tests on the third stage of the work, on the third mountain—a person then lives with its constant underlying bliss within.

If in this life we have worked and increased the amount of consciousness we have, does that increased amount follow us to the next life, and if it does, when will it be active in the next life?

Yes, whatever consciousness you have freed in this life passes to the next. To activate that consciousness you would need to practice being aware and self-observing, as it’s passive by its nature. You would feel the effects of the increased consciousness if you did though.

Also, if you have created solar bodies, they are kept throughout the whole of the circuit of different lives, but they’re destroyed in the Abyss. And, if someone has solar bodies, then it takes longer to go through the Abyss. So if you create the bodies for yourself, you’ve got to work hard.

Are we given the chances in the next life to do the spiritual work and to continue?

Yes, if the cycle of lives is not finished, then you don’t go to the Abyss. If though the cycle is finished then you go to the Abyss. It just depends on which life anyone is at, at any one time.

Some believe that there are two gods: the creator, the good god, and the punisher, the bad god. Is this true?

It is better to know rather than believe. There are light beings who administer justice or karma; people break karmic laws and as a consequence get pain. There are laws and there are repercussions for breaking them. It’s conscious beings who administer the repercussions.

You can’t have an irresponsible demon in charge of karma; you’ve got to have conscious beings. They may seem very stern and severe—if you think of the terrible things that people go through, many will wonder how is it that divinity can do this to humanity? But this karma exists for reasons that are beyond one single life, and are part of the learning of that essence or consciousness. The whole point of life is that consciousness awakens, and it needs to learn through pain unfortunately. This is why karma exists. It may seem as though pain comes from a bad source, but it’s there so that learning can exist.


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