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Most people have experienced nightmares at some time in their lives. They indicate the existence of another level to the world of dreams. They take place in inferior dimensions in what are referred to in religions as hell, the Abyss, etc. Just about everyone visits those regions sometime.

Ordinary dreams take place in the waiting room of the Abyss, which is where humanity resides, in the lower astral plane.

Belsebuub at Nicosia University, Cyprus, 2006

Belsebuub at Nicosia University, Cyprus, 2006

The Inferior Dimensions

The inferior dimensions are not physical, so you have to be out of the body to experience them.

Nightmares are usually brief; that’s because the nightmare itself often wakes a person up during them, but they can repeat again and again. And the reason most people have them, is that the energy of the egos is based in the inferior regions. There is an energy within which goes from the coccyx bone into the lower regions, in the inferior dimensions, commonly called the Kundabuffer – a term popularized by Gurdjieff. It reaches down into the center of the earth, through the infra-dimensions. The energy of the Abyss then travels up the Kundabuffer bringing with it the energy and influence of the Abyss, which permeates the human psyche, polluting it like poisoned blood, filling it with its sinister vibrations and energies, the source of negativity. And then within a person, there are horrible energies.

The Kundabuffer has been shown in some religions as the tail on a demon. With the spiritual work you can transform yourself and lose that tail, and those vibrations. You can raise what is called the Kundalini, which is represented in Christianity by the staff of the shepherd, which forms a shape that comes up over the head to the mid-brow. And that’s symbolized in ancient Egypt with a serpent’s head on the Pharaoh’s forehead at the mid-brow. This represents someone who’s awakened the Kundalini, who’s raised it fully. Kundalini means the end of the Kundabuffer organ, the end of the tail, and that sinister energy.

A_woman_fast_asleep_with_devil_on_stomachIt’s very important to do a spiritual work to raise the Kundalini and to change the internal nature of what you really are. At a certain point, once you’ve raised the Kundalini, you go through significant changes. Then you carry out esoteric works to acquire the spiritual within and to investigate the dark side of the psychological moon. Eventually the nightmares end, as you’ve freed yourself from the inferior regions of the Abyss.

This has tremendous repercussions for your whole existence, because the energies of the ego working from the center point of the earth have a gravitational direction, in which they pull downward toward the center. And descending into these abysses after death (a significant number of people have had hellish near-death experiences) after a certain number of times here, is the hell that is referred to in Christianity and in many other religions. But hell is visited unconsciously in nightmares and as you can see, it’s not a pleasant place to be.

Q: Why does a child have a nightmare, and how can we help them to stop having them?

Belsebuub: All of humanity, whoever doesn’t break free of these inferior regions, is tied to them, so even a child can experience nightmares. A person doesn’t start a life pure and new – elements of the psyche are brought from previous existences, and each child brings them. The standard upbringing in society could be dramatically improved upon: children could be brought up and encouraged to value love and wisdom and have superior influences around them. But it’s not happening; society’s not going to change fundamentally for the better. It’s just individuals that can change, and the more that a parent can change and understand, the more that they can help their child.

hell-John_Martin_002It helps to avoid exposing children to things that frighten them; if they watch a scary movie they are more likely to have a nightmare that night. Generally, the more you feed an emotion, the stronger it gets—that applies to children too. Also, it’s best not to give them a large meal just before they go to sleep as it can provoke nightmares, as it stimulates infernal centers/plexuses around the stomach.

What happens if a nightmare keeps repeating?

If a nightmare keeps repeating, it means that something psychological, usually a specific ego, is constantly taking a person to the same lower region, to the same part of hell. And that element within needs correcting, so that those things stop repeating. It’s based on certain inner states, which are very important to get rid of. When you do enough of this work, when you get free of so many of these states and have changed your own nature enough, then nightmares stop altogether, and you free yourselves from the Abyss and its influences.

Before I started this work I used to wake up from nightmares, but now I have destroyed the parts and processes within me that caused them, and I haven’t had one for very many years, not since the earlier stages of the work.

The Abyss works like gravity; it sucks everything down. The center of the earth is the lowest point of gravity, and the things that are within, connected to that Abyss, pull you into that Abyss.

To consider your future, you must take the Abyss into account, because to go there, to be locked in there and not to come out for a very long time is terrible. It serves its purpose however, which is to destroy the egos, so that consciousness is free from them, and then another cycle of evolution begins. It’s better to destroy the egos yourself in the esoteric work than it is to have nature do it for you.

Botticelli_ChartOfDantesHellThe layers of the Abyss are the hells and before entering them when a cycle of lives is over is the final judgment referred to in Christianity and depicted in ancient Egypt.

If you haven’t freed yourselves from the Abyss while you are alive, you won’t free yourselves after death. You have to free yourselves from it now – you have come here and you live this life to do so.

Those who have lives left on the circuit who have not freed themselves from the Wheel of Samsara, after death may enter into the light and experience spiritual joys and bliss, but they do so only for a temporary time. Then the circle of life continues and they are thrown back into another body.

Now many may say that these things don’t exist and that they would ignore them, but they make a grave mistake. Let them reflect that nightmares exist, and they exist for the whole of humanity. Even ordinary dreams where one is chased and running away from frightening things take place in the waiting room of the Abyss (purgatory in Christianity); they’re essentially part of it.

If I were you, I would explore and find out what’s really going on, because it’s not like the life you see here. The sun doesn’t shine over there; find out what really happens while you’re here, while you’re alive. If you don’t find your way to awakening and liberation while you’re here, you won’t find it after death.

Having a physical body is what enables the change from the abysmal state of ordinary life that is reflected in dreams, which each comes into this life with, into a state which is spiritual and free.

Whoever awakens and leaves this life is free from the abyss and its influences and has a different fate altogether.

How do we raise the Kundalini?

Kundalini_SymboolWhat is commonly described as Kundalini awakening is different to the Kundalini I know of. There has been much written about raising the Kundalini for thousands of years, but the real thing is not risen through positive thinking, nor through meditation, nor by mantras nor imagination. It’s not risen by being a nice person, nor by thinking you are. It’s risen on the path to enlightenment, which requires an alchemical process, which requires sex, and inner death and sacrifice for others. The awakening of the Kundalini from within the coccyx begins the process of initiation – when it begins to rise, the Kundabuffer ends.

This ascending serpent is transforming; to transform yourself takes a greater power than simply being aware. If you were just to be aware, your consciousness would not be made radically different. But to radically change and alter the spiritual structure within requires the creative power of sex in alchemy.

How can we help people who have nightmares?

To help someone with a nightmare, learn how nightmares work and give them advice and information about them. Eating a large meal before sleeping can contribute to nightmares too, so that’s something they may need to look into.

To be rid of the causes of nightmares a person needs to change. You can’t change someone on their behalf, everyone has free will, and has the right to accept, reject, or use this kind of information. But a sensible person would use it, because the cost of not finding out what’s really going on is too great.

You say from your own experiences that mediums channel negative entities. Now, all the students and teachers are here to learn and investigate about it and I do not know from direct experience, but I keep an open mind about it. One day as I carry on working on myself, I will, I hope, be able to verify the truth of this.

Yes, that’s the way to do it. Distinguish between information and experience. If you are learning to drive, would you say you should not believe in the driving instructor who is teaching you to drive? You have to actually drive, it is not a question of believing or disbelieving your driving instructor.

Belsebuub ~ A talk at the University of Nicosia in Cyprus, 2006

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