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What is within us determines what we do in life and if we can see what is within ourselves we can change it. If what is within is negative, then outcomes that derive from it can be expected. Likewise, if what is within is spiritual, then it brings actions in accordance with spirituality.

Negativity is actually programmed within us so that we can learn from life, it arises in essence from subconscious states that can be referred to as egos, such as pride, anger, greed, depression, worries, etc., that lock us into the program of nature. Each ego is self-centered and affects everyone beyond their knowledge and yet by observing within we can get knowledge about them and then they provide the material we need to be able to understand ourselve and get greater knowledge from our lives. These dark inner states must first be seen, if we can’t see them we will never actually uncover them and will always be trying to deal with the symptoms of low feelings and not the causes.

The spiritual part within us is found in consciousness or the essence and manifests in the awareness of the present moment. That’s why you can feel more spiritual when aware in the present moment. Feelings of love and peace come from the consciousness – it is the real “you” when you strip away the thoughts, feelings, and emotions. It is what continues beyond the body.

It is submerged by the subconscious, by the egos however, and it needs to be consciously developed and activated for it to manifest properly within. The subconscious states (egos) can be gradually removed and the consciousness with all its spiritual faculties freed.

To remove them it’s necessary to have the correct techniques and firstly to be able to see them. If you don’t see them, they continue to exist beyond your knowledge or reasoning. By seeing them you uncover them, get knowledge about them and can step out of them into awareness. Seeing alone is not enough to permanently remove them, but it is the first step.

To look for different inner states, be aware, see the feeling inside you, these feelings arise from the normal responses of thoughts emotions and feelings the psyche and body provide for us to be able to live and learn from life, but they often carry and are caused by ego states. With careful observation you’ll be able to see how your inner states and egos asise. They occur in different psychic centres: the mind, emotions, sex, movements and instinct. By observing ourselves we can see the manifestation of an ego state within these areas and learn to distinguish between an ego state and the normal functioning of the psyche.

When you feel an emotion, it’ll usually be around the area of the solar plexus. If it’s lust it’s in the sexual centre. If it’s a thought, it’s in the mind. You’re not really going to see a particular centre for movements and instincts as they affect such a range within the body, but you can still be aware of their manifestations within the body.

In self-observation we can see what is clouding awareness and affecting the psyche. Asking, “Are there any egos in my mind?” or “Do I have something in the emotional centre?” is not self-observation. What self-observation is, is to be aware of any coloration of feelings or emotions upon the present moment and being aware of the kind of thoughts you’re having. Just thinking about the egos is to stay in a continuous line of thinking and never break out of it. To break out, observe within and be aware.

Observe the inner psyche and outer world at the same time and as a whole.

We have to think about something to do it, so it’s a matter of being aware of what’s happening without trying to artificially stop thoughts, which is unattainable.

In this way you are observing yourself and bringing yourself back to the present moment and thinking clearly as you need to.

Q: Could we have permanent awareness just by concentrating and being aware of everything that we do all the time?

We need to think and so awareness works in the framework of thought. When we remember to be aware we can be, but its the quality of that awareness and the clarity of thoughts that counts.

Consciousness requires a mind as an intermediary between itself and form and part of its functioning involves imagery and thought. And so awareness has to work with these or we wouldn’t be able to function in the world. However, the problem is that the egos affect the mind in a negative way making thoughts and images negative and compelling and that submerses awareness into subconsciousness.

Even though we can temporarily be aware through concentration and sustained effort, the normal process of thinking will inevitably return and this is fine, but subconscious is going on underneath, and then once thoughts are lost the subconscious of lower desires and feelings the wheel of heavier thoughts pour in. We only have to face a problem for a moment and we lose self-remembrance and the heavier egos are back, rather than being clear thinking without lower and heavier inner states dragging you down.

To remedy this observe yourself, see the egos that come up in the day and learn how to gradually reduce and ultimately remove them from the subconscious.

There is an extra help which is alchemy. It’s a transforming process that vastly changes our inner structure; it makes it possible to more effectively get rid of egos (the subconscious) and to increase the capacity of consciousness and its spiritual feelings.

How do I get rid of lots of different negative thoughts that I’m not even aware of?

With self-observation we can see how we think, feel and react. By seeing this there is the opportunity to change inside; from undesirable states such as fear, to desirable ones such as peace and this changes the way we live our lives.

It’s good to have clear thought, but thoughts that arise from the subconscious egos are laden with feelings and emotions that keep returning compulsively. These are the kinds of thoughts you need to deal with. If you look for feelings attached to thoughts, you’ll be uncovering the ego source of many thoughts. The more you see, the more gets uncovered and so you gradually uncover layer after layer of the subconscious, removing the egos as you go.

A picture from this talk, Australia, 2007

Thoughts that are generated by undesirable subconscious states can be strong and compulsive. They have their root in emotions and feelings and these generate the negative thoughts. Then in turn, thoughts which later appear themselves become triggers for these same emotions and feelings. So if you think about what your neighbour said to you when he was angry you may get an emotion corresponding to that event, even though it’s just in your mind.

To get into this, observe emotions and feelings; they usually work beneath the process of thinking and trigger off thoughts. If a thought itself is a trigger, then it’s after its “feed” which is taken from the corresponding emotion or feeling.

Look at the underlying emotions that usually pass unnoticed and come out of them, then you’ll get rid of the triggers for very many harmful thoughts.


A talk in Australia, 2007

There’s more information on self-knowledge in the book Searching Within by Belsebuub


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