The Process of Awakening Consciousness

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The kind of awakening and inner transformation that I describe has a defined process. It’s not random nor is it arbitrary; it is precise and methodical.

The steps to spiritual awakening have been described in part in sacred and mythological texts, and in the architecture and artwork of the past.

There is another way however, in which the steps are taught, and that is through the events that take place in the lives of a rare number spiritual figures. This has happened in just a small number of occasions at precise times in humanity’s history.

The Lives of Religious Figures Depicting the Process of Enlightenment

There have been a number whose lives have depicted the journey to enlightenment; the events in their lives symbolically showed the various stages of awakening. Jesus is the most well-known of these, but if you look carefully you’ll discover remarkable similarities between the life of Jesus and the lives of other figures such as Dionysus, Horus, Osiris, Mithras, Odin, Krishna etc.


It’s also clear that the lives of these figures followed actual events in the cosmos, in the astrological calendar, and these were integrated into the spiritual worship of ancient peoples through symbols, teachings and ceremonies, which were often performed at sacred sites.

Many believe that due to the similarities in their lives, and their linking to the astrological calendar, that these spiritual figures are merely common myths that signified astrological events and that they were not real people at all, or were people that existed who had this common myth replace their actual lives.

This is just speculation however, the real reason that they are so similar is because their lives tell of the same esoteric process, and you can know that by going through the same process.

There have been individuals with a high level of spiritual development who have had the mission to show the way to enlightenment in their lives. To make this happen, divinity and the forces that govern life give rise to events that precisely mirror and show those of the path of awakening.

Speculation is made about these great spiritual figures by those who look solely at physical things to try to understand nonphysical phenomena and who have no knowledge of actual esoteric processes.

In Experiencing Spiritual Realities You Will Understand Them

To understand what they were teaching, you need a knowledge of esoteric processes. So as well as information describing the process and how to do it, you need esoteric experience. This experience is so important because with it you go through the process yourself, and if you can have out-of-body experiences as well you can communicate directly with higher beings and truths, and you will be able to experience not only existence beyond the physical world, but also have contact with divine beings and esoteric teachings.

If you have the correct exercises and practice the main essential techniques, you have the opportunity to fulfill the requirements to begin the process of awakening. Should you begin it, then you would know of its actual existence. You will only know that which you have done already and this is the only way to discover the reality of this path – you have to walk it yourself.

The Process of Awakening Consciousness

Athens, Greece 2006

Athens, Greece 2006

In the process of awakening, an ordinary human consciousness is transformed and merged with divinity. This is a very long, slow and difficult process. Most people never begin it, and most that begin it never go far on it.

As human beings we are subjected to many laws, both physical and nonphysical, through the stages of awakening, nonphysical laws are transcended, they gradually reduce until we are governed by one single law.

Everyone is subjected to the laws of nature. In the process we free ourselves from the laws of nature, stop being an animal with a mind, and return to the source of life as an awakened being.

An individual comes from the source, the Absolute, as a spark of consciousness without self-awareness, enters matter, and evolves through various forms until becoming human. Each human then has the chance to free themselves from nature and return to the source as self-aware and awakened beings.

There is a circuit of human lives to accomplish this in; if it’s not done then we devolve in nature, which is the meaning of hell in religions.

Nature eventually cleans the spark of consciousness or essence of the egos and another cycle on nature’s wheel begins (known in the East as the Wheel of Samsara). In awakening, one becomes freed from nature’s wheel.

The path to enlightenment is the journey to get free of nature’s process and to return to the source. To walk the path requires that a person dies to their ego states, which are the animal desires, transforms their energies with alchemy, and helps others spiritually.

By practicing the three essential components—death (of the ego states), birth (of the spiritual within), and sacrifice (helping others)—the process can begin. It starts by cleaning the psychic energies, transforming them, and passing tests that are thrown in dreams and in life.

There is a preparatory stage and then the three proper stages follow—each of these is called a mountain and they are difficult to climb. These three mountains were symbolized in Egypt through the three Great Pyramids of Giza. There are initiations to be gained in the higher dimensions and spiritual rewards.

An artist's depiction of the sun setting between the two Great Pyramids and crowning the Sphinx on the summer solstice.

An artist’s depiction of the sun setting between the two Great Pyramids and crowning the Sphinx on the summer solstice.

In this process, in the first and second mountains, the vehicles, the bodies for the divine consciousness to merge with within are created; each initiation corresponds to the creation of a body and a divine force known as the Kundalini is risen in each initiation.

The Merging of the Three into One

On the Third Mountain the Divine parts of consciousness, Father, Mother and Son, merge until becoming one.

The end of the path is the complete merging of human consciousness with the Father, Mother and Son, and then the merging of the three into one followed by Ascension – the return to the source of the all, the Absolute.

A talk by Belsebuub in Athens, Greece, 2006

For a more detailed and illustrated description of this process see How Enlightenment is the Process of Creation in the Universe in Reverse


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