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shutterstock_139579118_resizeBelow people share their accounts of meeting the higher Being Belsebuub while out of the body in the realm of dreams and conscious astral travel. The Being is not Mark the person, it’s consciousness. Every person has their own unique Being, that is their eternal spirit, which they merge with in the process of spiritual enlightenment.


Mike L says:
December 1, 2010

I’ll share one experience in particular that was completely life-changing.

It was just after a series of intense practices… I had the good fortune of waking up in my dreams. I really wanted to meet Belsebuub in the astral.

I began calling his name. Again and again. For a while it seemed like nothing was going to happen. I was waiting and waiting, calling and calling, and nothing.

But then, I felt a presence. A presence of intense spiritual love. Like nothing I’d ever experienced before. I was totally immersed a heavenly, spiritual presence. I felt like a tiny speck of dust inside the largest star of the galaxy – the warmth and the love I felt goes beyond words. I felt completely insignificant, but at the same time I was the happiest I’d ever been in my life.

This was just his presence. A short while later, he appeared and gave me a teaching. No words were spoken. It was given symbolically and to this day stands out as one of the most amazing and inspiring teachings I’ve ever received. I’d never felt such hope and yearning to carry out the spiritual work before in my life…

Truly incredible. And then I was back in my body.

Other astral experiences I’ve had with him have always been heartwarming and inspiring. The Being Belsebuub is truly a being of love and he has a wisdom like nothing on earth.

Even in the physical world, in speaking with him, he is one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. His talks are profound. And he has an amazing sense of humor!

I hope many others can meet Belsebuub and experience this for themselves!


Dara says:
December 1, 2010

There is one experience I had which made me appreciate the uniqueness of Belsebuub as a spiritual teacher.

It was a symbolic dream with many other people who I know personally, and we were all being taught by Belsebuub.

The thing that made this teaching so unique, and really precious to me, is that the symbols and just everything that was happening there was so unmistakably Christian esoteric. The symbology could not have been from any other tradition, it was so clear, striking, and powerful.

When I woke up I could barely believe what I had seen, but I felt the impact of the experience deep inside of me.

It was so important because I gained an understanding beyond words about the roots of the tradition which I practice and also about Belsebuub’s role in it.


Geraldine says:
December 1, 2010

There was this student that was taking a class on Astral Travel & Dreams, and the practice of the week was to project into the place we were practicing. That student made it, and he said that there was a man there waiting for him in the classroom. The student recalled that the man had a very peaceful aura to him and that he shared with him some type of esoteric knowledge. I don’t know what it was as the student did not say, but when he described the man, it was a description of Mark Pritchard. And when the student was shown a picture of Mark from one of the book, he said, “yes, that was him! That’s the man that was there”. The student was shocked but in a good way :)

I remember my first experience was very similar as I did not really ever look at a picture of Belsebuub (Mark Pritchard). This was several years ago, and I was attending a retreat in Northern California. One night, I remember that something was happening in my dream, and that I really wanted to remember it. And a very gentle presence in my dreams was telling me “well, then you better write down your dreams when you wake up” and in that moment, I thought I was awake so I said, “yes, I better do this right now”. I woke up in the physical and realized it was a dream.

I went back to sleep wanting to find out more about who that person was and found myself in a classroom with other people. And there was the same presence as the teacher though I did not know who that was really at the time. It was a great dream and I remember conversing with him and others. It was very peaceful, full of light, and really, really tangible. When I woke up, I remember clearly the face of the teacher and it was Belsebuub (Mark Pritchard). I just could not believe it. But what was even more shocking to me is that later on I took more advanced courses, and I learned about different things that verified what I had seen in that dream, and there was absolutely no way I could have known about it. It was incredible to me.

So in a sense, it was almost like a premonition, as I had seen things that I was able to verify later on and that no one had told me.


matthew says:
December 2, 2010

I have received lots of helpful guidance in astral and dream experiences with Belsebuub over the years. I couldn’t put it all here or share everything of course, but I’d like to share what I can about a certain experience I had, which was kind of funny I think, and also very important to me.

This experience happened when I was just starting to learn about spirituality. Even though I was just on my own, I practiced the techniques and found they worked, and had a number of astral experiences.

I’d learned that you could get a spiritual teaching in the astral by asking your “Divine Being” for one, and I tried that out and found it was possible. That was an amazing thing to discover – I discovered that they can and do teach you and guide you in the astral.

So one night when I was conscious in the astral I asked my Being for a teaching and I was given one. After asking for a teaching, was taken to a place, and there were four men sitting at a table there; they were just dressed normally. I walked over and sat down with them. I had no idea who they were. Later on though, when I saw some photographs, I recognised three of them from my experience and realised who they were: one was actually Belsebuub, one was Rabolu and another was Samael Aun Weor. But at the time I didn’t who they were and wasn’t familiar with them.

The one who I later found out was Samael Aun Weor asked me a question, and my response was perhaps the stupidest thing I have ever said in my life! Belsebuub laughed, in a very genuine and light hearted kind of way. Looking back and knowing what I know now, what I said was pretty ridiculous (I grimace at the thought). It was pretty silly thing to say, and it was pretty funny :-) .

After this conversation I received a teaching in a symbolic way, which Belsebuub played a part in. I can’t explain it because its personal, but I’ll just say that it gave me some pretty clear guidance about something I needed to change in my life which was holding me back spiritually, and it came in a way that I would have never expected – a symbolic way that spoke straight to my consciousness. When I woke up I understood intuitively what it meant and what I needed to do.

This is just one experience of many, but it was one of the earliest and one of the most pivotal. I have been taught by Belsebuub on other occasions too, and it’s been very useful and helpful to receive guidance from him and other spiritual guides out of my body in different dimensions.

I’m very grateful to have been taught about how to astral project and have out-of-body experiences so clearly so that people like me could have experiences like this!


steve says:
December 2, 2010

Hi, I would like to share some experiences I have with Belsebuub in the astral. I started the astral course about 7 years ago. It took me the whole course to astral project, but after some time I learnt to astral project fairly regularly. From persistence with the practices, I have also been able to project almost every day for extended lengths of time (depending on the amount I am practicing). I have probably met with Belsebuub consciously in the astral at least 20-30 times, and of course also have regular dreams where I am taught and guided.

I have been in darkness in the astral, and surrounded by chaos, and the presence of Belsebuub cleared it all. Once, I had been in the astral for what seemed like a few hours, and the whole time I was surrounded by forces of darkness – it was a real battle. I felt exhausted and scattered having to struggle so much to retain conscious amid all the chaos. But in a few seconds of relative quiet I took the opportunity to call Belsebuub.

And so, here was me, full of chaos, surrounded by darkness and Belsebuub just calmly walked around the corner. He was remarkably relaxed. The darkness moved at him, but could not even get close to him. His aura repelled them and peace filled the space. The forces of darkness turned in fear, running scared, unable to face the power of the Being. And then there was silence, genuine silence. The peace emanated from Belsebuub and together we sat down. We were joined by a few other people and Belsebuub taught us some things.

I have seen the immense peace of the being Belsebuub, and have received very helpful teachings.

It’s very important that we make the efforts to verify spiritual information that we receive from any source, and gain direct experiences in the astral. We need to be objective, not believers. Spirituality is real and so we never need to be afraid to question as long as we are willing to put in the work to find the truth. Comfort doesn’t lead to experience.


DavidP says:
December 2, 2010

I’ve seen how things come about sometimes in a really uncanny way. How you get given just want you need just when you need it. How Belsebuub appears to know things about me which he could not have any physical way of knowing.

Once we were talking and he repeated back to me verbatim a thought I had months earlier which was related to the topic we were presently discussing. It was word for word and such a specific reference there is no way it was a co-incidence. Quite a number of times now messages have come from him and I can see how it is addressing something which he could not have physically known about.

I have always found Belsebuub to be warm, friendly, caring, reassuring, very humble, very insightful, at times quite humourous with observational type humour and he has so much to say about esoteric and spiritual things. He has sacrificed at lot over the years to bring these teachings to the world, many sacrifices that many people would never make. It is very clear to me that humanity is his number one concern. I am very grateful for his loving guidance and wish more of the world would hear and take up his message.


Christos says:
December 2, 2010

My experiences with Belsebuub were mainly experiences that have to do with my inner work. He was helping me to understand things.

In one of these experiences I was not aware that I was in the astral plane but I was quite lucid. I thought it was the physical. He was seating with me at a table, teaching me how to be aware. He wasn’t talking, he was just showing me how it is to be clear in the moment. I was watching him how he was aware and I was in a way imitating him. It is difficult to explain how this was happening because it is something that I felt and not something that was explained to me. During the day I had been trying a lot to learn how to be perceptive of the moment and I think that’s why he helped me in the astral.

I have seen him teaching in classrooms in the astral plane. People usually don’t pay attention to what he says. We behave more like animals there, jumping from desk to desk and making noise. He is not distracted though, he continues teaching and only few people that are careful enough can listen to him. I have been in situations where I was not paying attention at all and in other situations where I was trying to listen but the noise from others was not allowing me to listen to him. In one occasion a couple of students got angry at him and I thought they were going to attack him and I got ready to defend him. But they were just being angry, saying things to him. He cannot be harmed anyway.

In other occasions I was shown that when I am in front of a spiritual Being I need to be as aware as possible so that I get the most out of him, because he doesn’t only teach in words. I felt that just his presence is a teaching by itself.

People can say that I just dreamt these things but I know they were not in my imagination. These experiences were very simple. He always appeared very humble, normal and not at all asking for attention. I feel that the description that he gives for Judas in his life story applies to him as well: ”an unimposing figure who irradiated a quiet kind of warmth, the sort that would pass unnoticed in the world”.


peter says:
December 2, 2010

For myself I have some prove that Belsebuub is a genuine spiritual being.
The way he can tell or show things in dreams is just beyond ordinary human.

Some time ago when I had bad skin problems which the doctor’s couldn’t help me with. I got heavy medicine, in dreams I saw it was bad drugs.

I had seen in dreams that the problem was related spiritual. So I was working hard to fight egos mainly. After a while I got a teaching dream with Belsebuub in it, with symbols in it relating with the cleaning of my body. Since then slowly the eczema reduced. From time to time I could verify this in dreams. It’s nice to see evidence in physical as well.


Lilia says:
December 2, 2010

Like with the above posts, I too have had many experiences with Belsebuub that where unexpected, helpful and life changing. From about 6 years ago I have started having experiences with Belsebuub.

An example was when I was studying a specific ego and I had this dream where I was expressing the ego and then I went in the back yard of that place and I saw Belsebuub sitting on a chair. Then, I became more lucid and asked him to show me about this ego that I have been working for some time and I couldn’t really understand how to decrease it (and eventually eliminate it). With some symbolic representation he showed me something to consider about the ego that I wasn’t considering before and he told me something to do so that I can deal with it. When I woke up, I applied what he advised and verified that it worked! Thank you Belsebuub.


Lucia says:
December 2, 2010


The conscious astral experiences and clear dreams with Belsebuub, as well as the teachings given to me by my own Being are things that always bring peace and unshakable faith to me.

Unfortunately, I can also relate very well to what Christos has said here, about us behaving like unruly kids/animals in the astral, while Belsebuub continues teaching.

I had many dreams of being taught in a group, or just me conversing with Belsebuub, and when I recalled them in the morning, i was often ashamed how I behaved, flying here and there, doing stupid things while at the same time having a serious discussion with him. I so much wish I could be more serious during those times, but unfortunately, my egos pop up in the most undesirable moments. I think he must understand this, that’s why he continues teaching in those circumstances, hoping that people will be able to remember it and gradually fix their behavior. I am often surprised how he answers even angry or frustrated questions in the astral, as long as there is a sincerity behind it and a will to find out the truth.

I had also personally verified that Belsebuub can hear our prayers and answer them if they are in agreement with the divine law and are sincere. I was calling upon him once in a desperation in physical, invoking him 3 times, hoping that maybe he can materialize if i call enough… (I knew it was naive, but I really wanted to be helped back then). He didn’t materialize, but that night I received a great practical help about how to deal with a certain inner state I was struggling with at that time.

I also prayed for a special thing once in physical, and it was given to me, with him making a slight remark about it when we later met.

Like others, I also hope that more people will hear and take up his message, and use this opportunity to awaken with a clear guidance from a real spiritual being.


Vadim says:
December 3, 2010

What an inspiring experiences you had, Lucia. Thank you very much for sharing.

I can certainly relate to what you’ve described…for example about being help in need, once in the astral I flied first well but then was falling into the dark precipice, which seemed to have no bottom, being afraid, feeling desperate.

And then I really called from my heart for help, these words just appeared to be the right ones to say: “Belsebuub, help me!”

Right after saying it the 3rd time, I felt that spiritual presence which I experienced many times before that occasion and afterwards with Belsebuub and other spiritual beings and people truly being in awareness, both in the physical and the astral.

But that feel was of a very powerful spiritual presence, activating and attracting my inner spiritual.

Immediately afterwards, (my perception of time was of a split second) – that being gently but strongly grabbed my in a bear-hug, slowed the speed, brought me to the ground safely, placed my steady on my feet with a great care, like parents take care of their little children. There was that wonderful feeling of a deep sincere gratitude and child-like trust.


Jonathan says:
December 2, 2010

To share one interesting experience, at one of my first more dedicated astral practices I projected during the night and looked around the room. It was very nice to see it in the astral, and meet some unexpected visitors! I also played a little bit of guitar I believe… some Andean inspired tunes.

Anyway at the end of the experience I went outside and asked, “where’s Belsebuub?” and to my surprise I heard his voice say, “I’m right here!” I woke up immediately after, with wide eyes and a happy smile ;) .


Trent says:
December 3, 2010

I can relate with some of the experiences here. I have had quite a few astral experiences with Belsebuub. A couple that stand out were when I was struggling to try and get a deeper experience of awareness. I was trying hard during the day not to go along with the constant daydream and at night I was really trying to get into the astral. That morning after practicing for a while I went to sleep and woke up in a dream. I called Belsebuub and without even asking I received a symbolic teaching in what I was doing wrong with awareness.

One of the funny ones was after I called him a being that appeared like him came. I knew the being was of a negative nature and started to do the recitations. I was doing them weakly and more negativity surrounded me, distracting me more. Then Belsebuub casually walked around the corner and showed me how to do the recitation properly. He did it with so much power, but at the same time with an immense peace, and the negativity just scattered.

With the techniques that he teaches I have been able to astral project numerous times each day for weeks at a time (while I am practicing well). I remember for a long time that I just used to go along with the ideas that I had about the practices, about how I thought they worked. It wasn’t until I actually explored them further that I realised that the ideas that I had about them were wrong and weren’t what was being taught that I really started to get regular experiences.

It is so important to use the techniques as a guide and to really find out how they work for ourselves. Quite an amazing job Belsebuub has done in giving us enough information to learn how to do these things (so the knowledge is ours) without spoon feeding us to prevent us becoming more robotic than we are (that is if we don’t swallow everything we hear but strive to find out the truth).


Jenny says:
December 3, 2010

It’s been really inspiring to read everyone’s experiences.

To start, my astral experiences and lucid dreams with Belsebuub have been such valuable and undeniable life changing experiences that have taught and guided me so much. These experiences go beyond something I just remember, these experiences are like written into my heart that words or logic cannot even begin to describe – it’s a feeling and understanding I have been left with.

Reading everyone’s experiences so far, I can relate to many of them, especially about being taught by Belsebuub in class rooms or groups in the astral plane – what that is like and how we can often behave.

The experience I would like to relate though is actually similar to David P’s and is one that happened in daily life. This experience happened not that long ago, it was actually at the mini-retreat gathering in Canada. Belsebuub was talking to a few of us and was explaining some things about doing the esoteric work. There was one part of what he was saying that really shocked me. It wasn’t what he said that necessarily shocked me, but the exact words he said to make a point. The words he used to explain his point were exact words I had used and were brought up in conversations I was in a few months earlier about this point. Belsebuub was not there for those conversations and would have had no physical way of knowing what I had said or the exact words that were used (unless he had talked to certain people, which I don’t think he did).

This experience of what he said and the words he chose to use to say – to me, this was no coincidence. I felt this part of the conversation was partly directed to me and at that point I almost felt like the world had stopped- I felt so much was being communicated beyond just words, and I was learning exactly what I needed to at that time, because the issue of what he was talking about was something I was struggling with, trying to understand at that time. It was an amazing experience, that gave me just what I needed for my own work and understanding.

To me, these types of experiences, feelings, perceptions in life and in the astral plane, are completely different than those of every day normal life and are undeniable, unshakeable experiences, no matter what other people can try to say about them.

I also wanted to as well say that my experience of meeting Belsebuub in life and in the astral has been really amazing – he truly has a very peaceful, gentle, caring, but as well strong sense that just emanates from him. I am truly fortunate for all of the experiences and teachings I have received from Belsebuub in life and in the astral. I hope many others will have the opportunity to find these teachings and experience the same. Thank you Belsebuub for all that you do!


Hrvoje says:
December 5, 2010

It’s very interesting to read those stories. Thanks everyone for sharing them.

I had several experiences with Belsebuub. First time was in a very clear dream. I was in some kind of a waiting room where people waited to have talks with Belsebuub. Suddenly Belsebuub came out of his office and said “hello” to me. In that moment a strong subconscious defect manifested in me. I realized that it is he that brought this up in me so that I can see what to pay extra attention to during the day.

Another time when he was in the same room as me a specific subconscious defect manifested in me. When I returned back I realized that he made me see that for which I thought all along is a higher conscious feeling, is in fact a subconscious defect.

There was another one where I became conscious in a dream and saw Belsebuub. He gave me a teaching without using words, and then some moments later I saw another famous spiritual Being in the same room. That made me realize that Belsebuub could very well be a higher being since he was able to make me conscious from a dream where i was submerged in subconsciousness and from which I wouldn’t be able to woke up myself and it also made me see that he is in a very good company :)

But I still never really felt any love emanating from him. I heard how it is very common in astral to feel love emanating from spiritual Beings, and I knew that it is a very tangible way to see the nature of someone. I also heard that masters can close their radiation for various reasons and how if they would be fully opened a person wouldn’t be able to stand such powerful emanation of love.

Then one night in the astral, I was in a car. I saw Belsebuub approaching the car I was in, opening a door and sitting next to me. It was as a child is sitting next to me, but not a child in terms of ignorance or playfulness, but a child in terms of purity, and much beyond an ordinary purity of a child. I also felt love emanating from him. He told me some things I needed to know and also some things which I unfortunately couldn’t remember afterwards. It was experience which was quite profound to me and which made me better understand a saying of Jesus how we need to become like children in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Thank you Belsebuub for your guidance and help.


Lisse says:
December 5, 2010

Great, inspiring stories when I needed to hear them! I have received teachings from Belsebuub in the astral. I have also been in a classroom many times with students behaving in a certain way and the interesting part is how Belsebuub reacts and how I react. Not the same :-)

One experience I had was a lucid dream and I was waiting for something when Belsebuub appeared and asked me a question. I tried to answer in an intellectually clever way and then he just turned and walked way. I ran after him when I realized the stupid thing I had said and then he stopped and asked me the same question again. My answer was just a bit more stupid than the first and he didn’t say anything while I reflected my answer. Then he asked me a third time the same question and now I got it… I answered with a big smile and he just smiled back at me and took me to what seemed to be an altar. He told me, without words, to do a mantra and he gave me some kind of healing I think. It was a great learning.

I think it’s fantastic that we all share these experiences. This is for real.


Dean says:
December 5, 2010

Wow. This is definitely the best thread on the web! Really inspiring reading. I can’t wipe the smile of my face, and as others have said I can certainly relate to experiences that others have described!

One experience that has really helped me was when belsebuub answered a question I asked after a talk he gave. There was some negativity I was struggling with and as much as I tried to shake it, I just couldn’t. I spoke to him about this and he gave me some very clear guidance, no bells and whistles, but casually discussed how I could change this.

I didn’t delay and immediately began to ‘try out’ his advise… My Gosh!!! It was like I’d gone of on a tangent with how to approach awareness and self observation, and his advice brought me right on track :-) I felt myself free of these horrible feelings and I began to enjoy the company of those around me, where previously I would just be silently irritated.

I’ve been fortunate to receive guidance from Belsebuub in the astral and the physical that has been, and continues to be a true help in leading a more spiritual and peaceful life.


Julian K says:
December 5, 2010

These are amazing experiences, and really inspiring. Thanks for sharing. It’s actually very motivating, I hope to get more clear and objective experiences.

For me, the experience that stands out most happened when I was starting out as a teacher trainee. I met Belsebuub in a dream, and he showed me a few symbolic things, and then woke me up in the mental plane. He showed me a certain part of myself there, and I could see it like a cartoon-ish animal, and he showed me how files are kept in the higher dimensions of our actions, and how the good and bad in our actions is judged objectively, not subjectively as things can seem in the physical world. After that, we flew off somewhere, and saw some beautiful places that don’t exist in the physical world, but could, I think, if humanity was in a better state.

I’ve had many more dreams and experiences with Belsebuub, and many teachings from him, some which I later heard in the physical in almost exactly the same way. I’ve come to trust his words, and to really try to understand the teachings. Even so, I understand that our relationship with our own divine being is more important, and that that’s what spirituality is ultimately about. That reminds me of 2 sayings, one from Buddha: “if I point at the moon, don’t mistake my finger for the moon”, and the other from Jesus “a tree is judged by it’s fruit”. I think these awesome and transformative experiences go a long way to show the nature of Belsebuub and his teachings, and it’s clear to me that they show the way to get in touch with one’s inner being, in a concrete way.

I hope we all get many more inspiring experiences, and that many others can learn these techniques as well.


Labros says:
December 6, 2010

There is one experience that came to mind directly when I read this post.

At some point in a dream I was sitting along with two other co-students infront of Belsebuub, He was talking to us about something which I couldn’t remember. At some point, with no particular reason I became lucid, aware that I was in a dream. Immediately I involuntarily hovered over the floor and was put right in front of Belsebuub. I looked at him for just an instant and then from the middle of his chest came forth some kind of energy, so powerful and radiant that it brought me to my knees and I had to close my eyes. As I was kneeling I felt light, warmth and all the goodness of the world surrounding me like I was in the middle of a hurricane, but I also felt power and strength that I couldn’t handle.

I feel a bit weird right now trying to describe how it felt….because when I read back to what I wrote it sounds a bit insufficient or non-acurate.

I think this was a great experience because the feeling I felt ( I think) was something that could not be constructed by my subconscious…it was unique and it also had nothing to do with my mind….

I think that the relationships we have with anything intimate (whether that is belsebuub, or our wife, family, friends and other loved ones) are at the end of the day really personal…and whatever goes on the outside world in terms of slander and ill will, inside us there is some kind of fixed truth or feeling about this relationship. I think this feeling is much more hard to destroy or distort.


Olga says:
December 6, 2010


It has been really inspiring to read these stories from everyone. It is so true how much potential there is to experience mystical teachings and receive guidance, and there are no boundaries to get this learning when we have the tools to get there, and take into account our own personal state.

I can relate to what others have said about the inspiring symbolic messages from Belsebuub in the astral and receiving teachings in groups. One experience I would like to share is when I had been struggling in my life to do the right thing, to resolve a difficult situation, on one occasion I received a very straightforward teaching from him, which was unique, simple but with direct wisdom through a symbol which was quite universal, and which gave me no doubts the side tracked attitude I had before. It was something I could apply to my life right away.

I can also relate to what Jenny said when meeting Belsebuub in person. I remember one time at a Canadian retreat, something which words cannot describe, and I felt a telepathic communication for a brief moment, which helped me to get out of a certain inner state. As though he had known the nature of my own state, without being judgmental, but to me, it was highlighted and helped me to realise quite quickly to clear it and learn from it.

Thanks everyone for posting these experiences, I have never read such a meaningful and heartwarming thread with so many people experiencing the help that is there to receive personal spiritual guidance.


Jordan says:
December 7, 2010

I’d like to relate one interesting experience. One night, I tried very hard with my astral projection exercises, but was unsuccessful and fell asleep the usual way. Yet during one of my dreams, all of a sudden I found myself entering what seemed like a really happening and bustling place which had many people coming in continuously from seemingly every which way. Right in the middle of it all was this very tall slim man, who exuded quite a presence and authority, yet also had a very relaxed and friendly manner.

Many people were coming and going all the time and running around sort of frantically, but this man was very solid and stable right in the middle of the place; in this way, he was very noticeably different from the others. Soon, I became more lucid and things got more vivid. I began to take control and walked to the middle where the man was standing. As I got there, I realized he was taking questions and also he was explaining and illustrating to everyone about the astral plane, and trying to help people to wake up and become conscious there. I knew clearly that it was Belsebuub.

This was the first experience with Belsebuub that I can remember clearly. Like many have mentioned, I’ve since had many dreams and conscious experiences that have helped me so much. But again like others have said, it’s been very motivating and inspiring to meet him in person as well; most recently on the Canadian retreat there was a talk he gave that I could only describe as just so awe-inspiring and powerful. It’s mind-boggling that someone can be so simple, honest, and humble, yet at the same time, command such a power, warmth, and strength that emanates from within. I think it’s often easy to miss if you don’t really pay attention and I’ve also noticed the clearer you get in the present moment the more interesting things you can pick up on.


Scott says:
December 7, 2010

In both the physical and the astral I have been fortunate to see and experience Belsebuub’s strength and wisdom. One experience I would like to share though relates to his compassion and love.

I had been going through a very difficult time in my life and felt at a loss as to how to proceed. In the astral I walked into a room and there other teachers there that I knew who were receiving a teaching. I waited for a while then the scene changed and I was laying on Belsebuub’s lap. I was crying and he was stroking my head in such a way that all the pain and anguish I had simply melted away. I have never felt such love, understanding and support in my life. I recall laying there and being overwhelmed by the understanding and the inner strength I received from this. I awoke the next morning a different person.

To read his books, listen to his lectures and talks or watch his videos the depth of his spiritual experience is present. They are a true resource that we can call on in times of need.


David says:
December 11, 2010

Thanks everyone for posting in this thread. I’ve found reading it very inspiring and strengthening but it also makes me sad for all the times that I’ve gone off track and slipped away from this kind of experience and guidance.

What amazes me is how much depth of understanding and meaning Belsebuub can impart with a question or just a few words. I had an experience in my kitchen with Belsebuub (in the astral :) ). I saw him and I don’t remember even asking him a question, he just pointed at a box that was on my kitchen table and said ‘What’s in the box?’. It sounds simple but it highlighted something inside me that I really needed to work on and in such an unexpected way that it still makes me smile thinking about it.

That experience was about 7 years ago but I can still remember it more vividly than dreams that I had yesterday which I’ve all but forgotten. It seems like clear experiences and teachings like that in the astral become a part of a person and can be remembered when things get tough no matter how long ago they were.

I have also had the opportunity to ask questions of Belsebuub after his live online talk sessions on more than one occasion. I have found that the answers I get are often different to what I expected to hear but on reflection go right to the heart of the problem and give a lot of guidance on what needs to be done or changed, like Belsebuub can see into me and what I’m struggling with and what I need to do to move forwards. I can listen to Belsebuub’s talks and read his books again and again and each time get something new out of them – his depth of understanding and the clarity in his teaching is obvious and I feel like I would be pretty lost without his direction and guidance.


Suavi says:
December 12, 2010

Ahoy comrades!

From the posts above, I can see that many have had inspiring experiences with Belsebuub. I am considering myself very lucky, because I also remember one encounter with Belsebuub in the astral plane. But in order to better explain this extraordinary experience I must first mention that it has been given to me to experience the Light that casts no shadows. I find it very hard to explain this most intimate and most inspiring experience, perhaps phrases like being completely free, lacking nothing and fully submerged in infinite love are most suitable. The reason why I mentioned this is that my meeting with Belsebuub in the astral plane had similar flavour.

On one occasion, while I was conscious in the astral plane, I called his name several times with whole strength and shortly he answered to my calling. Without going into much detail, all I can say is that Belsebuub is a being of Light and his presence induced in me an overpowering feeling of love, very much like in my previously mentioned experience of infinite bliss. The memory of my meeting with Belsebuub, however short it was, is very precious to me and every time I remember it my heart fills with yearning to be one with the Universe.

I truly wish that every human being will one day discover the true spiritual essence within themselves.


Vadim says:
January 23, 2011

Thank you for sharing, Suavi!

I can certainly relate to what you mention about that feel of a pure light emanating from Belsebuub. That light is such a force against all inner darkness. That helped me a lot in my fight with strong addictions.

As far as I can remember consciously, it all started in a vivid clear dream where I have seen Mark walking fast. I hadn’t met him yet so I felt really interested to meet him personally.

So when seeing him in that dream, I wanted to introduce myself and hopefully learn something, but he seemed not to see me and keep walking somewhere in a sort of focused way, with a strong sense of direction. I also kept walking after him, hoping to catch up and say hello, but I just couldn’t catch up, as he walked quite fast and to run after them or yell to get attention, didn’t feel appropriate.

I had quite powerful addictions to overcome in my life and there was that place where I used to go fulfill my cravings, and to my surprise, as I tried to catch up to Mark in that dream, that exact place just appeared on my left side, and right away I felt tempted not to remember myself and go there feed pleasures!

There was that inner struggle within me. And my wish to meet and learn from Mark was stronger than that tempting feeling. I preferred to keep walking and trying to catch up to him, rather than indulge in addictive behaviour.

When I opened my dream diary recently, it was really interesting to remember that experience as I did not value it much that time, but it seemed to help me a lot learn resisting cravings towards harmful addictions.

It was just one dream, followed by the process where I strived to learn – and guidance from Belsebuub, both in the physical and the astral, was a very important part of it.


Andrew says:
January 9, 2011

This thread is so inspiring. Thank you to everyone who has shared their experiences. I’ve had many very similar experiences with Belsebuub and to hear that so many others have too is just awe-inspiring.

I was lucky enough to meet Mark Pritchard in the physical in 2009. When I first met him in the physical, he offered to shake my hand with such child-like openness It blew me away. He was not presenting himself as something special, he was absolutely humble, innocent and child-like. And that was just shaking his hand :-) During that night in my dreams in the night’s practices he taught me and showed me different things about the esoteric work and about my past. Then in the day time he spoke about those same matters, but to the whole group. I had to look around wondering if everyone else had learned what I had that night, or not. It was incredible to see the teaching in both dimensions correlate.

Another special experience for me was after a very hard week of internal work. I was suffering a lot in the daytime, trying my best to die to the ego’s, but I just felt nearly crushed by them. It was quite tough for me and the spiritual seemed very far away. Towards the end of that tough period I dreamt I was in a group getting taught by Belsebuub. I finally became lucid and realized, we were getting taught :-) As soon as Belsebuub realized I was clear and awake, he asked me to follow him. We walked together a ways, and I felt so alive and clear. He helped my awareness and I was more ‘alive’ then when in the physical. He started to give me a gift. I took it but then he kept getting more and giving me more. I accepted for a while but after my arms were loaded down I laughed and said ‘that’s enough’. He replied ” I just want you to know that there is more “. We joked a bit more and the experience ended. In the physical I felt this gift for a few days time. It was wonderful.

All my experiences with Belsebuub (physical & astral) have been completely what I needed at that time. If only conscious in the astral for a few secs, he uses it the best way possible to help me. To see so many others sharing the same experiences brings me a lot of joy and even more gratefulness for all the work he does.

Thank you Belsebuub. Thank you.


eleni says:
March 24, 2011

Hello all! It is wonderful to read all your experiences. It is these experiences that are the difference between knowing the truth and just believing.

There was a point were I was feeling really weak and found it hard to manage all this pressure and negativity. I decided at that point that I was going to seek Belsebuub in the astral and ask for his help. It was unlike any other astral goal I had ever had. I never said “I will try to go to the astral plane” or anything like that. I was determined. So I sat down before my attempt and watched one of Belsebuubs videos which inspired me a lot. Then I went to bed and tried my exercise. I fell asleep but realized immediately I was in the astral plane. I was in a room with a few other students from around the world and Belsebuub was sitting at a table. I went near him and we talked briefly. His words helped me understand so much of what was going on then but also what has been happening lately. They helped me be strong and know where the truth is.

I believe it is priceless to have an actual experience with Belsebuub and when seeking the truth everyone must strive to meet him. I would also like to thank Belsebuub for everything he has done for me and my family. His teachings and words have helped me get through rough times and helped me change, in ways I could never imagine.


EM says:
March 25, 2011

Thanks everyone for sharing your amazing experiences! I haven’t had many experiences with Belsebuub but I remember a clear dream I had recently where I met with Belsebuub and was able to ask him some questions which he answered for me. He also pointed out some of my behaviours that I need to change because of the harm such behaviours do to myself and others. I awoke from this dream feeling really inspired and excited to meet Belsebuub in the astral again.


Silvia says:
April 8, 2011

I’ll describe my astral experience and then my meeting with Belsebuub. I will not share every detail and will be a bit vague in some areas. Here it is:

On Sunday, March 13th, I astral projected and traveled to meet with Belsebuub. For a week I concentrated on Belsebuub and telepathically told him periodically that I was going to see him because I had a question that only he could answer. I just kept calling him and asking him when we can meet up because my question was important and urgent though I know he is very busy so I made myself patient.

So finally the morning came where it seems he agreed to meet with me. But in order to make sure that it was actually important to meet with him, my divine mother made me search the Earth for him! This was a challenge because I knew if I lost concentration then I would snap back into my body so I tried my best to not get distracted as I flew around the Earth searching many places and then finally I understood that I had to Feel patience within me and I was brought to a kitchen someplace in the astral.

This kitchen was part of a very large place. I looked around and did reality checks just to keep myself lucid.

Then I went out a door to outside. There was a long table with lots of food and refreshments. Lots of people that I know and lots that I never met were there walking around, talking. I could see more smaller classrooms attached to the building I just came out of. All doors were open and I could see many students in class learning Belsebuub teachings. It was really cool. I then knew I was in Belsebuub’s school.

I asked someone, “Where is Belsebuub?” He pointed across the park saying “Over there, on his swing bench.” I looked over at the grass, and yes, sure enough over there in the bright Sun over the green grass was Belsebuub sitting on a big swing bench.

I ran up to him and quickly said, “Belsebuub, I need to talk to you! Please answer a question for me!” He said, “OK, first go get me a refreshment please, and one for yourself.” (at that moment I was actually taught something that I can feel on the inside!) It was like he was talking like a “normal” person asking something “normal” but on a Deeper and Higher level, he spoke to me in a different way that I will not describe to you!

So I went to the picnic table and poured two glasses of refreshment beverages. And walked back to the big swing bench and sat down next to Belsebuub. First I thanked him for taking this time to speak with me and then we talked.

After talking to Belsebuub, I went on to learn more. I saw what’s happening to a lot of people and myself, and I actually still have lots of information to digest from this long experience. Even though it was a month ago, I am still learning from it.


Priscilla says:
April 20, 2011

Thanks everyone for sharing their stories, I perfectly understand what you mean when you say that a certain experience is something you’ll never forget or that the feelings are indescribable. All your stories have inspired me to share also what I’ve experienced with Belsebuub, and also because I want to give my testimony that this is for real and that his teachings had also helped me a lot.

Just as a background I have to mention I came to Australia to study and during the first year here I started to have really clear and vivid dreams. In them I was shown really strange things and symbols, I met with people I didn’t know and they were giving me clear directions for some aspects of my life, I even dream I was back in my Country (other side of the world) with my family or friends and saw events happening that later on I verified with them over the phone that they actually happened. I was quite scared actually; I really didn’t know what was going on, I mean, obviously someone was trying to tell me something! Before coming here, I was just a normal person, I never remembered my dreams or even thought about them, but this ones were so real! and I started looking for meanings in some dream books but didn’t made sense to what I was experiencing.

Anyway, I found course for Astral Travel and Dreams poster and attended not knowing what Astral Travel meant (never heard of that before) just wanted to know more about dreams. So by reading Belsebuub’s book, everything made sense to me, every experience had a logical explanation, what I was experiencing was actually something real and I was relieved that it was a perfectly normal thing and very grateful that someone had explained everything so clearly in book very easy to read.

Personally I’ve only met Belsebuub once in Sydney, and when I stood next to him I could feel so much peace surrounding him but at the same time great strength (yes, hard to describe). That night I remember having a very brief experience where I was trying to tell him about something very important that I was waiting on, I was really worried and couldn’t remember the name of a place where this had been taken, and of course he knew exactly the place and told me the name in such a calmed way. Within a couple of weeks of that experience I received a call telling me that it was ready and my wait was over, and I don’t think it wasn’t a coincidence at all. Also in the Astral I’ve met Belsebuub a few times, and every time he just shows me exactly what I need to work on or the answer to a question that I had in such a direct and precise way that doesn’t need to take much time, only one powerful symbol or gesture says it all.

I wish that more people can find these teachings and experience this for themselves, because when you know the feeling, when you have experienced a real teaching, nothing will take it away, no one will convince you of anything else, because you know it’s true, it just becomes engraved in your heart.


EllaE says:
April 23, 2011

Thankyou all so much for sharing these profound and intimate experiences. Some really moved me, and inspired a push within to connect more to Belsebuub. This morning I woke up in a rush and knew there was something important I was missing from my dreams….. the memory of a joyful meeting with Belsebuub overwhelmed me. I nearly fell over : – ) He brought me such a feeling of happiness, it was like meeting a friend as a child, and shone a light upon some current obstacles of mine in an amazingly delicate way.

I have not met him in the physical, but the closeness I feel to him is an enormous support in my spiritual work, and I feel I must work to deepen this relationship, as I fathom a bit more with each meeting the incredible force he is and the incredible gift he is to all who recognize his divinity.


Vida says:
June 7, 2011

Wow. This is just a ridiculously inspiring thread. Not your typical inspiration either. It has this amazing mystery and awe surrounding it. I feel like I should light a candle and dim the lights as I read these. They are so deeply mystical even on their own.

So, I just read over all these accounts and I wanted to share mine, basically because last night I had almost an entire night of dreams and experiences with Belsebuub that have left me feeling puzzled, amazed, ashamed, full of awe and especially love.

It is really interesting, for reasons I don’t understand yet, anytime I do the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum, I have dreams and experiences with Belsebuub. I often sing it to my daughter since she likes the more song type mantras (like hare ram, gate gate etc) for some reason and the last 3 times I have done this, I have had experiences in the astral with Belsebuub.

For whatever reason I haven’t had the classroom experience with Belsebuub. It has almost always been on a retreat or some kind of retreat place in the astral where I have seen him and heard him teach.

Last night however, I did experience the classroom setting, and it is truly amazing to me that after reading all the above posts, to know exactly what you mean when you speak about him teaching, our reactions and behavior, other peoples reactions/behavior and then the way he just calmly carries on with his teaching.

Truly inspiring.

Usually when I wake up from these intense and meaningful experiences the feeling stays with me for a while but eventually the reality of daily life sets in and it unfortunately kind of fades. Not the meaning or understanding I gain from the experience but just that initial feeling when you wake up after that kind of thing… Anyway, when I woke up today, for whatever reason, the feelings and impressions that were left upon me from these experiences last night, have still not left my heart. I can’t really give it justice to try to explain it but the one thing I’ve felt inside today has been love and a passion to do the work. This passion has always been there of course, but today, it just feels extra strong. Like every time I find myself remembering to be aware and to self observe and to die, is just so beautiful to me.

I just thought I would share this and I know its all a bit vague but like I said, I’m still sort of trying to take in everything I experienced. I am quite in awe and really feel such a gratitude towards Belsebuub and his teachings and to everyone who practices them. So thanks everyone for sharing these great treasures of experiences.


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