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Ancient Sacred Sites Aligned to the Summer Solstice – New Article

The serpent mound in Ohio, whose head aligns with the summer solstice sunset. (photo copyright 2002 Timothy A. Price and Nicole I.) Some of the most famous ancient megalithic sites in the world align to the summer solstice – in numerous different cultures: Egyptian, Pagan, Mayan, Essene, Buddhist, Native American, and Easter Islander. Sites such as the Great Pyramids and Easter Island, are speculated to be some of the most ancient in the known world, and to have links to the civilizations of Atlantis and possibly Lemuria. Others trace their lineage back to the original spiritual knowledge of the Mayans and ancient peoples of Britain. These sites indicate the existence of an ancient cosmic spirituality, sometimes referred to as ancient solar religions – some highly advanced in their technology and understanding of the cosmos. Read the article here

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Decoding the Ancient Meaning of the Sphinx and its Origins as Anubis – New Article

Here is a new article that explores the ancient meaning of the Great Sphinx of Egypt and why it was originally carved differently to what we see today - from a spiritual perspective:

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