Study the egos to find the knowledge that will lead you to spiritual awakening

Try not to get demoralized when trying to understand the egos, but persist and study them thoroughly. As in the darkness of the subconscious is knowledge, and that knowledge can enable you to unlock the light of consciousness within you and lead to your spiritual awakening. This questions and answers session was recorded in December 2009 and it was the last public talk Belsebuub gave. From The Peace of the Spirit Within by Belsebuub: If you don’t explore within yourself, then the absence of knowledge of how you function will prevent you from understanding the spiritual and psychological root of yourself, which will prevent you from fundamentally changing. It’s like a mechanic trying to fix a machine without any knowledge of its inner workings. We as consciousness are here in three-dimensional form for the purpose of acquiring self-knowledge for our awakening journey back to the source we originated from. But for us as consciousness to do that, we need bodies to be in the different dimensions and an intermediary between ourselves and form, and that is the mind. The mind and the entire psyche is multidimensional; in this physical dimension we have a physical body with a brain [...]

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How to see ego states within and remove them A video of a talk looking at how to observe and discover ego states within and how to remove them or 'die to them'. Ego states are the subconscious emotions, drives and feelings that create so much negativity within and in the world and they affect a person beyond this life. In the absence of the ego, inner peace and stillness are present. From Quebec, Canada in July 2004.

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We have it within ourselves to raise our conscious level and that of humanity – new article

We should take the time to know how we respond inwardly to life, because by changing ourselves and allowing consciousness to shine, we change not only our own lives but those of others around us, and, if enough people raise their conscious level, we can bring about a real change for good in the world. If we don’t understand ourselves, no matter how many victories for truth there are, the inner level of the majority will keep dragging society downwards into corruption, disorder, and destruction. And even those who pursue truth in the world are not immune to the adverse effects of the subconscious. All of us live in the present moment - it’s a quality of being alive, but it’s the way we perceive it that can make huge difference to our lives. Within us is a multitude of constantly changing thoughts, feelings and emotions, and not all of it is good. In fact, in the subconscious are awful inner states that are usually hidden from awareness and that are the roots of corruption and destruction. Read the rest of the article here

The Spell of Nature and the Sleep of Perception

­­We are all in nature, as the multi-dimensional experience of consciousness in form. But we are here for a reason. To know that reason and to do something about it, we need to wake up. Not just in terms of information, as that is just a step, but in our perception. We see only partial glimpse of reality with the body, there’s more to experience beyond it by having out-of-body experiences. But while in the body we have the choice of waking up, perceiving the moment and observing ourselves, and that gives us the ability to see not only with the maximum capacity of the body, but also to recognise what is happening within ourselves at any moment. Nature gives us the apparatus for life, but it comes with certain limitations upon our perception, namely a program founded upon animal drives and desires, whose main purpose is survival and reproduction of the species. When coupled with the human mind animal drives multiply and engulf the psyche, and, as they are within the subconscious, it has a strong grip over us, clouding our perception and keeping us locked within a daydream in which animal desires dictate the experience of life. In [...]

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What is within us determines what we do in life and if we can see what is within ourselves we can change it. If what is within is negative, then outcomes that derive from it can be expected. Likewise, if what is within is spiritual, then it brings actions in accordance with spirituality. Negativity is actually programmed within us so that we can learn from life, it arises in essence from subconscious states that can be referred to as egos, such as pride, anger, greed, depression, worries, etc., that lock us into the program of nature. Each ego is self-centered and affects everyone beyond their knowledge and yet by observing within we can get knowledge about them and then they provide the material we need to be able to understand ourselve and get greater knowledge from our lives. These dark inner states must first be seen, if we can't see them we will never actually uncover them and will always be trying to deal with the symptoms of low feelings and not the causes. The spiritual part within us is found in consciousness or the essence and manifests in the awareness of the present moment. That's why you can feel [...]

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