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Study the egos to find the knowledge that will lead you to spiritual awakening

Try not to get demoralized when trying to understand the egos, but persist and study them thoroughly. As in the darkness of the subconscious is knowledge, and that knowledge can enable you to unlock the light of consciousness within you and lead to your spiritual awakening. This questions and answers session was recorded in December 2009 and it was the last public talk Belsebuub gave.   https://youtu.be/yz2jt6AQcuQ From The Peace of the Spirit Within by Belsebuub: If you don’t explore within yourself, then the absence of knowledge of how you function will prevent you from understanding the spiritual and psychological root of yourself, which will prevent you from fundamentally changing. It’s like a mechanic trying to fix a machine without any knowledge of its inner workings. We as consciousness are here in three-dimensional form for the purpose of acquiring self-knowledge for our awakening journey back to the source we originated from. But for us as consciousness to do that, we need bodies to be in the different dimensions and an intermediary between ourselves and form, and that is the mind. The mind and the entire psyche is multidimensional; in this physical dimension we have a physical body with a brain [...]

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The Spell of Nature and the Sleep of Perception

­­We are all in nature, as the multi-dimensional experience of consciousness in form. But we are here for a reason. To know that reason and to do something about it, we need to wake up. Not just in terms of information, as that is just a step, but in our perception. We see only partial glimpse of reality with the body, there’s more to experience beyond it by having out-of-body experiences. But while in the body we have the choice of waking up, perceiving the moment and observing ourselves, and that gives us the ability to see not only with the maximum capacity of the body, but also to recognise what is happening within ourselves at any moment. Nature gives us the apparatus for life, but it comes with certain limitations upon our perception, namely a program founded upon animal drives and desires, whose main purpose is survival and reproduction of the species. When coupled with the human mind animal drives multiply and engulf the psyche, and, as they are within the subconscious, it has a strong grip over us, clouding our perception and keeping us locked within a daydream in which animal desires dictate the experience of life. In [...]

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The Process of Awakening Consciousness

The kind of awakening and inner transformation that I describe has a defined process. It's not random nor is it arbitrary; it is precise and methodical. The steps to spiritual awakening have been described in part in sacred and mythological texts, and in the architecture and artwork of the past. There is another way however, in which the steps are taught, and that is through the events that take place in the lives of a rare number spiritual figures. This has happened in just a small number of occasions at precise times in humanity's history. The Lives of Religious Figures Depicting the Process of Enlightenment There have been a number whose lives have depicted the journey to enlightenment; the events in their lives symbolically showed the various stages of awakening. Jesus is the most well-known of these, but if you look carefully you'll discover remarkable similarities between the life of Jesus and the lives of other figures such as Dionysus, Horus, Osiris, Mithras, Odin, Krishna etc. It's also clear that the lives of these figures followed actual events in the cosmos, in the astrological calendar, and these were integrated into the spiritual worship of ancient peoples through symbols, teachings and [...]

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Welcome to Belsebuub.com

There's a process of inner transformation that very few people know about. It's not new, as it's expressed through some of history's religious and mystical teachings, in ancient sacred sites, in mythology, in esoteric symbols and secret mystery schools, and is even indicated in the movements of the stars and cosmos. It forms the basis of some of the ancient religions of the world, and it's based on a profound understanding of the spiritual principles that underlie all creation. I refer to this process as the Path of the Spiritual Son - it contains a secret knowledge, revealed personally through mystical inner experience. Its practitioners have been persecuted throughout the ages and it has been suppressed in many forms in society as it arose. The process enables consciousness to return to its source, re-united with its own Being, its own higher consciousness. The principles contained in it are also of great value to society and can elevate it to higher levels. In fact, when its values are lost, society goes into decline just as it is today. I'm currently working on a description of the process in a book I'm writing, so if you want to find out about it, [...]

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