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Why have an out-of-body experience? Belsebuub on BBC Radio Cleveland

Will Banks talks to Belsebuub about Astral Travel and lucid dreaming on BBC Radio Cleveland and asks why we would want to have an out-of-body experience and what having one can do for us.

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Astral travel – Belsebuub interview on ‘Now That’s Weird’

Paranormal radio and TV presenter Ross Hemsworth discusses astral travel and out-of-body experiences with Belsebuub on the show 'Now THAT'S Weird' in April 2006.

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How we get secret knowledge by astral travelling

How the astral plane and the dream world are related and how both can be doorways into another dimension, where we can discover secret, hidden knowledge about ourselves and life. An interview from December 2007 in Berkeley, California.  

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We can see the spiritual reality beyond the material world

Living a spiritual life is more valuable than just having a material existence in nature's program and we can see more of reality by awakening our inner faculties, learning to astral project and having lucid dreams. Belsebuub explains how to perceive the spiritual reality beyond the material world and discusses astral projection, egos and the subconscious, consciousness, detachment, and inner peace. Recorded in Berkeley California in December 2007. This video is also available on Vimeo, along with a curated collection of Belsebuub’s other interviews.

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How to Have Clearer Dreams and Remember Them Better – New Article

Dreams reveal a lot about what's actually happening within a person, but it's sometimes difficult to remember them clearly. There are reasons for this which this article explores. Its much more than having a good memory, as the hidden state of the psyche profoundly influences what a person dreams. Read the article here.

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Q&A on Out-of-body Experiences and Astral Projection – New Article

Questions and answers on OBE's and the astral plane. Why does our physical state affect our ability to project or wake up in a dream? Does a full moon have an effect upon lucidity in dreams? How to keep up the interest and the enthusiasm in doing practices and trying to get into the astral if it’s been a while since there has been an experience? When I set a certain time apart and said, “Ok, I’m going to really go for astral projection and see if I can get out,” the experiences don’t come. And I was just wondering how that works and if I’m missing something out on there? I’m just wondering how important it is to really get that understanding of the astral and to start getting proper astral experiences, or should I really try and keep focusing on the self-knowledge aspect? Read the talk here. More questions and answers by Belsebuub on out-of-body experiences can be found here.

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