The Powerful Use Esoteric Knowledge While Keeping it from Humanity: Empower Yourself by Awakening Consciousness – New Article

Pop star covered in upside down crucifixes and doing a symbolic gesture in covering their eye - creating the all-seeing eye.

Pop star covered in upside down crucifixes and doing a symbolic gesture in covering their eye – creating the all-seeing eye.

You should be active in your spiritual life.

You’re never going to discover why you exist, and what the purpose of your life is, if you don’t do something about it. Do you want to live your life superficially, or do you want to have a genuinely spiritual life?

Reading, discussing, watching videos and belonging to groups might be helpful to begin with, but ultimately it’s not going to get you there. If you want to have a rewarding spiritual life you’re going to have to EXPERIENCE.

It doesn’t matter what you think about consciousness, higher truths or different dimensions, it’s what you experience and what you are that counts.

Planes of existence beyond this world exist, there are higher beings, heavens and demons, and hell is real; I’ve been there. I’ve seen realities that can’t even be imagined or dreamed about.

Wake up and see for yourself what’s really going on. Be more conscious in your life and learn from the dimensions beyond this. But watch out, because you’re ingrained in a passivity that will stop you, and you don’t even realize it.

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About Belsebuub

Mark H. Pritchard is an author and practitioner of esoteric knowledge, and writes with his spiritual name Belsebuub. His work is primarily on the transformation and exploration of consciousness from over 30 years of dedicated metaphysical experience. He has authored a number of books on out-of-body experiences, consciousness, and spiritual awakening, including The Astral Codex and Gazing into the Eternal, which are free to download on his website

Belsebuub is the name of his spirit/soul/consciousness. Everyone has their own unique spiritual name; it’s a matter of knowing it.


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  1. Thank you so much for helping me to wake up. It’s obvious to me that there is a stream of darkness emanating from the ‘entertainment’ corporations, designed to keep us as Sheeple. I want to dedicate the rest of my life to learning the white esoteric knowledge. I just hope I can gain the necessary courage and wisdom.

    • Angela Pritchard says:

      Hi Nick,

      Great you wish to learn white esoteric knowledge. I’d recommend learning to practice to gain direct experience and knowledge, rather than just seeking out and acquiring intellectual knowledge.

  2. Esoteric Knowledge is miss-understood, simply having a teacher does not mean you can become esoteric, It basic principles structure you knowledge. Not everyone is capable of doing this, it is like learning to read from scratch without a teacher. To be esoteric is to be initiated, this true initiation has nothing to do with religious cults or secret societs it is just an extended state of the human condition. Its guift is to see past the countless facets of the occult. Its ability is to realise what is relevant and what is not to its end!

  3. Where can I learn more about Esoteric Knowledge? Are there classes? And if so, how would I know if it is the knowledge of light instead of darkness? Anyone please?

    • Geraldine says:

      Hi Antonio,

      The free ebooks on this site are a great way to start. Personally I started with learning how to astral project (Out-of-body experiences), it enabled me to verify the spiritual world and change my understanding of reality. Because of that I wanted to learn more and started to study the other books. But realising that we exist beyond our physical body was a big deal and gave me a strong base to take this information seriously. Also, I was able to then verify that demons of darkness exist as well as divine beings.

      Have you had a look as well on the resources listed on the main page? There a few good links there.

      Hope this helps, best wishes :)

  4. Esoteric knowledge is not suppressed!!!!!!!! I WILL SAY IT AGAIN ” ESOTERIC KNOWLEDGE IS NOT SUPPRESSED”…. It is simply beyond the average person to understand. The information is available to all. You can study enough mystical systems that are available to us to become esoteric. The reason we think it is suppressed is because it is a rear thing indeed to meet a true initiated person. And if that person climbed to the roof tops and screamed out the truth for all to her no one listening would be any wiser for the knowledge would be beyond them. To be initiated in the esoteric arts has many meanings, it means the vast knowledge of mystical material can interrelate with itself to create a filing system for the mind which is guided by understanding ( feeling ), this gives the ability to create a spiritual map of existence through knowledge. All information is filed correctly so as the truth is very difficult to hide and easy to hear. One last word, this is not understanding in its purest form meaning that even at the highest levels of esoteric understanding it is still only knowledge, it will not help with patience at the dinner table with the kids screaming after a hard days work. That is a different path all together.

    • You might be interested in the website – it talks a lot about the different ways that esoteric knowledge and things related to it are suppressed.

      It’s a bit scary, the more you look into it you see that not only is esoteric information not well known and not understood in the world like you mentioned, but there is definitely an agenda to stop people finding it, to make them negative towards it and to encourage and promote the darker sides of esotericism rather than the light.

  5. I just want to say thank you. This is the first article i’ve read from Belsebuub. I am going to share it with someone that i love so that they can finally awaken to these things. Sometimes for a lot of people it’s a difficult thing to realize the truth’s of this world and this article is perfect. Thank you once again.

  6. I really enjoyed this article but as I try to become conscious its hard to find help in doing so as you said you can read watch videos and etc but there need to be some physical work. You spoke of initiation for the white light, so were can you begin to do this. Is there people out there willing to help some one like my self. I have been studying on chakras and meditations. I just want to become awaken the correct way with some one who’s an expert at awakening. I’ve read on kundalini or other things. Please help.

  7. ALSO be wary of the New Age ‘all positive and light’ brigade. One of the most amaziing books (vital to read) which exposes the New Age and the patriarchal belief systems is Return of the Dark/Light Mother or New Age Armageddon? Towards a Feminist Vision of the Future , by Monica Sjöö,

    Nature is sacred, and the body is sacred. They are not born in sin, fallen, the realm of the ‘prince of darkness’ illusion/Maya, a trap of the divine spirit, a ‘3 D reality’, a ‘5 sense prison’, and other demeaning terms. All of those descriptors comes from the same mindset in different guises which are intended to make us distrust nature, the body, and our own being. Making us paranoid, fearful, anxious and distrustful.

    Earth is being attacked on all sides, and we need to re-member, regain this very ancient respect and love for this wonderful Earth and universe.

  8. A confronting read, but definitely something all seekers need to be informed about. Thanks for shedding light on what we face, and providing an inspiring message on how we can break free from darkness and ignorance.

  9. Hi, I don’t know how I found this site, but I was meant to find it, that’s for sure! Been travelling this road a long time and it is quite rare to come across this information. Thanks for making it available.

    Just a couple of questions, I’ve been working through ‘A Course in Miracles’ and much of the work centres around the principle that we create an illusion of ‘reality’ with our ‘lower mind’ or ego. This illusion diverts our attention away from Divine awareness. (I hope I got that right, and am making sense). The text and exercises seem to revolve around the use of the mind and altering perception or perspective. I have had experiences similar to the ones you mention on this site and these seem to be at odds with the what I am trying to achieve in ‘A Course in Miracles’. I don’t know whether you are familiar with this book, but I would appreciate your view on this even if you have to do so privately.

    The same goes for the book ‘Steps to Knowledge’ by Marshall Vian Summers. It is similar to ‘A Course in Miracles’ but focusses more on correcting behaviour and thought. I understand there is a ‘purification’ process to self realisation, but both of these works seem to be somehow counter intuitive. There is something that just doesn’t seem to sit right with me about these processes. I don’t know what it is and I don’t want to be wasting my time on something that is going to be unproductive.

    • Hi Simian

      I hope you don’t mind me commenting, but I just wanted to share my experience with what you’re going through.

      I was brought up in a religious orthodox family where belief in God was strong, and although it helped me to learn about God and to ‘believe’ in God, I soon became at odds with the approach because my personal experiences started to step outside of the dogma of belief. I faced a similar question that you face, which is right; but in my case it was whether it was my established ‘God fearing’ upbringing or take up the spiritual exercises to discover more about what I was feeling, and had been for a while?

      Around that time I started to have out of body experiences that I didn’t know what they were, I also was drawn to the possibility of past lives because I could see that I had understanding beyond my current experiences of life that I didn’t know where it came from, and which my orthodox religious upbringing did not condone. As you can imagine being brought up to fear God, I didn’t want to go against God, but I also felt there was a great deal of love. It was a very difficult and confusing time for me, but what resonated with me the most was the information Belsebuub offered, it spoke to me with a sense of know how that I knew was true because I experienced what he taught. I began to understand that there was so much more and going out on a limb was intuitively the right way to go. It was also the first time that I had come across such information that, at the heart of it all, was what I was truly after, Self Knowledge.

      I know how you must be feeling, its the uncertainty that makes it confusing. Take away the uncertainty and see what you have.

      All the best.

    • Course In Miracles has some very dark ties and is generally considered a “light – based mind control” New Age deception, mixing truth with a lot of spiritual poison.

  10. Thank you for this powerful and meaningful article.

    Speaks directly in me, showing me where I’m weak, shocking me, making me reflect, reconsider and giving me a boost.

    The more I read it and try to perceive what it says, the more strength and inspiration I get and determination starts to increase in me.

    Thank you once again.

  11. Thanks for this article, it is very informative and eye opening and at the same time encouraging.

    Some points remind me of this quote; [em]”The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”[/em]

    Looking at some music videos of pop stars the dark symbolism is so blatant. But people are unaware of the dark influences that are affecting them. Gradually over the years I’ve seen that darkness has taken over, or is very present, in all sectors of life; the entertainment industry, deception in spirituality and religion, politics, the food industry, the energy industry, science fields, the medical industry, cover up of extraterrestrials etc.

    I guess most people don’t know about it and are focused on themselves, on chasing pleasure and are thus carried in the direction of darkness. And I’ve seen people who have seen a bit of the bad state of the world and often try to do a little in their ‘field’, (like many environmental movements) but lack the techniques, knowledge and means to make big changes in themselves and in the world. For those few who bring out real truth and changes, that’s like starting a war, like lighting a fire in a dark cave with evil bats.

    Yet the opportunity mentioned about how we can use the struggle against darkness for learning, change and to help the world is amazing. It invites one to be active and choose an interesting, challenging, but very worthwhile life.

    Thank you.

  12. To me some concerning points are being put forward in this article, and they have shaken me in a good way. It feels like I’ve been living in a dreamlike reality and I’m trying to wake up time and again. It’s this image I have of the world where everything is rosy and things will always be like this. I think this ties in a lot with the part where Belsebuub speaks about the sleeping majority and the sheep like behaviour to believe what is presented by the media.

    Reflecting on the music industry, my youth, the songs I used to listen to, the idols and imitating their behaviour, it left me with a very sad feeling. I’ve been so much influenced by the media and mostly being totally unaware of it. So much time was spend leading me nowhere really. It also made me see how much effort is made by those who want to control and highlighted the activity made by them but also how this compares to my efforts to bring forth light within the world and within myself.

  13. Thanks Belsebuub, that’s a fantastic article. It’s great to have some light shone on those things.

  14. Taking a look at some of the things you’ve pointed out in this article, as well as observations I’ve made myself when looking at the music industry, celebrities, politics/government etc, it’s incredible that so many have fallen prey to what really seems clearly evil or dark.

    It’s horrible that humanity is being domesticated in this way, when each of us carries an incredible amount of potential to experience something much greater.

    It’s inspiring to have the tools and opportunity to break out of this sleep and away from this darkness and it really shows me how important and urgent it is to help others to get the chance to break out of it too.

    Thank you for this article Belsebuub.

  15. Awesome Share!

  16. A great article that clearly states the dire situation we are in.

    “Wake up and see for yourself what’s really going on. Be more conscious in your life and learn from the dimensions beyond this. But watch out, because you’re ingrained in a passivity that will stop you, and you don’t even realize it.”

    These are powerful and inspiring words to read. We face a darkness within and without, which constantly wants to devour us. The idea that groups at the higher levels of society are manipulating peoples psyche , to distance them from anything pure and spiritual is truly disgraceful, and this is what is going on.

    As Belsebuub pointed out in another article, “darkness is now greater than light for this humanity, it’s in the slow beginning of its end”. This article is quite timely and its is good to become aware of the darkness external to us as well, for this external darkness wants us to submit to our inner darkness. Seeing this, should increase our resolve to fight it.

    Thank you for this insightful article Belsebuub. :-)

  17. and thank you very much for your sharing this, Belsebuub. :)

  18. I am glad that the people here are genuinely seeking for truth beyond what is easily seen. Namaste. Be strong, my brothers and sisters in the Light. :)

  19. Thank you for an incrediblly revealing article!

    It really is astonishing and very sad how humanity has arrived at the point of fearing and hating true white esoteric spirituality, the very thing that gives life and purpose to our existence.

    The point you make here,

    “get knowledge and don’t fall into the trap of drawing conclusions from ideas that have no esoteric experience behind them. It’s easy to do that, but you’ll just stay blind to higher truth, even if you fight for truth on a physical level. Fight for truth on all levels and empower yourself with white esoteric knowledge.”

    highlighted within me how easy it is to spend years not really aiming for and/or gaining experiences, living on the periphery of a real spiritual life – but thinking we are in it. Making it a religion and living of the experiences of others instead of acquiring our own.

    Your article really has inspired me in so many ways. Thank you very much for the insights and the thoughtfulness of what you have shared, your love for humanity is unmistakable.

  20. A great and inspiring article, thanks very much Belsebuub.
    I remember seeing some of the recent London Olympics opening and closing ceremonies and being shocked at how blatant some of the dark esoteric symbolism was and equally shocked how the people around me at the time had no idea about it. Not that having some awareness of this stuff going on in the physical equates to true esoteric knowledge as you inspiringly point out.
    That the hierarchy of light could be so broken in this world is utterly terrible!
    That those of us interested in this work have the chance to do it and still be helped with it is magnificent!
    Many thanks for your guidance and inspiring words!

  21. Thanks very much Belsebuub for shedding light of the reality of these things to us through this article. We do indeed live in dark times and reading this article just confirms this.

  22. I have been reading this article over a few times, and was astonished by the information I missed. I’m still going to have to go over it a few more times.

    There is a popular rule that many Vampire stories go by in which a Vampire cannot enter your home like an invisible force field is there unless you invite the Vampire in.

    I have noticed within popular entertainment and media, TV, music, movies, games etc.
    A person turns these things on or brings these entertainments home in the first place (giving permission to enter) and allows those forces to penetrate their psyche, especially by not being conscious. Through this people are worshiping these entertainments of evil. Since it is so highly valued, it becomes a form of worship and if what is valued is very dark and evil then a person is lead to unconsciously worship evil.

    Recently from what I have noticed is that one of the main agendas is to have a “revolution” where by the people overthrow the governing bodies. It’s too bad that most people are being hypnotized to follow directions and are unaware of how those motives where programmed into their psyche, which is through the highly valued entertainments.

  23. Thank you so much for this article. It is tragic that we have become like passive sheep and that most of humanity is completely unaware, and so disturbing the pervasivness and bombardment of the dark forces, particularly by the media and “role models” for today’s youth, but at the highest levels as well.

    Thank you again for your words of wisdom and inspiration to fight.

  24. Interesting how the EU picture shows the adult people with block-heads, while the baby has a round head.
    Children often show amazing potential but after all the vaccines, fluoridated water, junk food, TV, low grade education etc, most end up as block heads.

  25. Thank you for this article. It is very well written and provides timely warning.

  26. Thank you Belsebuub for writing this article and revealing your insights and experiences.
    I have had a small number of experiences with beings of darkness in the astral plane- and as unpleasant as it was, it has shown me that they do exist.
    I’m inspired to become a good person & wake up.

    Thank you


  27. Gabrielle says:

    Thanks very much for this article. I found it very helpful and inspiring.

    For example, the insights regarding the domestication of the human race are really helpful…bringing perspective to issues that are impacting us, but that as you say, can be difficult to recognize. This article helped me to see just how serious these obstacles are and how much focus, persistence, and activity is needed to break through and to experience things of a spiritual nature.

    It also helped to create an inspiration to reach towards those experiences, and not to wait for them to happen. I feel very inspired to renew my efforts and approach to experience things in other dimensions, for example. I think this will be one of those articles that many of us will refer back to when needing to bring things into perspective.

    Regarding passivity, something that I have found disturbing in recent years is how many of the products marketed towards young children promote passivity. There are groundbreaking educational shows and technology-based learning toys, however, young children (2 – 7 years) are now often glued to televisions or attached to toys that function very much like video games. On top of this, there is an alarming trend of diagnosing young children and putting them on medications that impact how they interact with their environment, arguably increasing passivity. All of these seem to be promoted and encouraged by societal values. The combination of different factors that are shaping the future of our world is alarming.

    Thanks again for this insightful and inspiring article!


    • I noticed this too Gabrielle, kids today seem to have problems to even play on their own, unless they have a computer or TV. What’s more, some of the shows for kids I’ve got to watch with my niece were really strange, encouraging lack of control, speaking somewhat bad language and in general being overly emotional or aggressive. I noticed after she watched them, she would behave differently for a while, getting more “courage” to say bad things to us, even just out of the blue, without any reason.

  28. Patricia A. says:

    Thank you Belsebuub for this astonishing article – its timing is appropriate given the way the majority of people are and continue to be conditioned by society’s standards. It’s alarming and disturbing to see how many people fail to question the information they are exposed to from the various different influential mediums and organizations, comfortably accepting things as they are without having a clue to their affects on them individually and collectively. I think the message from the article is pretty clear : there is an urgency for each of us to do what is necessary to be aware, fight oppression/passivity and to wake up.

  29. There’s plenty to investigate in this article, thank you Belsebuub.

  30. Thank you very much for putting all this information out. I hope it will reach as many people as possible.

    I have also came across a documentary lately, that speaks about some really dark practices in pop music industry in particular, including violence, dark rituals, inverted symbols, etc. The sad thing is that young people take those pop stars as their role models, copy their life-style, etc. I know I have been influenced a lot by the pop music in my teenage years, and can clearly see now how it was strengthening some of my worst egos at that time. And today, this industry is even further down the road…

    • The medium is the message. A cradle to grave program. Just a program. Focus on the positive changes hidden behind the ugliness of the world stage. Your mind is so strong! The process is so simple, while seeming impossible to us as we slowly awaken to the realities of where who and what we are sink in. When you are awakening, you will see through the facades and lies and distortions. Those beings are possessed by the program, and have no idea.:) Others have a c lear idea and yet go to the dark side, the madding crowd is always wrong \:)

      Not easy being green eh :)

      Trust is a key. Trust unlocks the gateways. When belief gave way to trust everything changed.:) for the better.,

      Still under attack, but protected. I win. Always.:) Decades of winning. The test is not over till the last awakened spirit is heading home. The doomed are what they are. Doomed..eternally gone. Dissolved with the bubble of this universal testing ground.

      There’s an endless infinite megaverse out there, populated by immortal spiritual beings. Heaven is a guilded cage where nothing much happens. This is where the action is folks. A multidimensional Hunger Games.:) What’s your hunger ? It is here..:) The good the bad and the indifferently sleeping. That’s my cue to go to bed now.:)

  31. I was always wondering why the elites would make esoteric symbols apparent in such an obvious way. Especially to people that don’t even know what these symbols mean.
    Now it makes more sense though.

    There are constant messages in modern pop and rock music and generally in society that it is ”cool” to be bad and that all things of the light are boring and strange.

    There are crimes committed by teenagers even at schools and many people overlook sublime as well as obvious messages in violent movies and hardcore music and blame only guns or even only specific individuals.

    It seems that the system is rotten from its roots. The elites know how to manipulate people and be the bad shepherds that lead the sheep to the cliff.

    Apparently though the sheep are equally responsible for their fate since they could just change their direction instead of allowing to be lead blindly.

    I find that your message Belsebuub is one of hope. An invitation to wake up and dynamically pursue the light. It contradicts anything lukewarm and hits the nail on the head on what needs to be done to help humanity. I hope it reaches as many people as possible.

    It seems more urgent than ever to enhance, increase and awaken our consciousness and help others do the same.

  32. It is shocking to see these dark forces permeating everything we are exposed to nowadays (media, merchandise, architecture, governments and legal bodies, etc.) in such an open manner. Well, maybe not that shocking — the dark side seems to have a need to be noticed, so I guess it’s not that surprising.

    I was actually recently talking to a friend about the movie Metropolis, and subsequently watched parts of it. How terrible it is that people don’t even realize what they are watching! It is such a dark film, full of references to the powers of the dark side over society (especially if you’ve seen the types of ceremonies the elite of the world carries out in private gatherings), and yet it is considered a highly acclaimed work of art.

    “Heretic, blasphemer, witch, pagan, cult, these are all bigoted words meant to shut people out of society and destroy them.” –> It is interesting that this is the message that’s spread around, and that spiritual communities are often ridiculed, shunned, or persecuted based on these labels, and yet the people doing the persecuting often don’t realize how the people in power themselves actually use ancient rituals which would easily be considered “pagan”, “cultish”, “witch-like”, “heretic”, “blasphemous”, and evil by most. The things seen in the media are usually only hints of things, but there are much darker and intense things going on behind the scenes that I think more people should be aware of.

  33. It really feels like the sweep of darkness is approaching faster and faster gaining momentum. As a matter a fact its already here… Outside and Inside.

    What tremondous effort we must all make right now, to not be swept away by it.

    May we all gather strength, and support each other in this terrible battle for middle earth.

    This must be that final battle between Light and Darkness we have heard about our entire lives, what a terrible struggle, but knowing that this battle takes place within a person shows the divine beauty of this spiritual work. what a quest, what a battle, I say this as if we were all together right now in the trenches because we are infact.

    May we all give it everything we got, our soul is at stake.

    Thank you Belsebuub, Im glad to have met you and been able to have access to your teachings in this life and in this time of battle.

    As Jordan said keep’em coming!

  34. You said, “A small number of initiates of light in the world could create a powerful force for good.” How many exactly?

    • Takes 7000000 to awaken to create change. We are well past that, see all the changes happening? Positive changes? Look for the positives. The negatives are just part of the training program and actually only have the power we give them..
      The insane have a built in self destruct mechanism too, never fails. See it every day. Everywhere. But remember, cornered animals can be dangerous.:)

      Ya know, Shift happens.:) This one no different than all the others. Today collective awarness is accellerating. More and more awakening.

      The PTB are like the naked emporer now..they think they are covered but are naked to our all seeing eyes now :)
      There is about 10 million to 10 billion years to get everyone woken. Some controversy there. So those who fail one incarnation can hit it in another..for a time.

      Time runs out, the unforseen element is always just around the next millenium.:)

  35. Thank you for this article, it was really helpful for me. Doing this work to awaken consciousness seriously and working to get real esoteric experience is very difficult with all of the forces we are up against internally and externally. With each article, you have been explaining more and more about these forces we are up against and that has been really helpful because it’s given me a new insight into these forces I am coming up against – mainly internally but externally as well. With each new bit of understanding, I can see these forces clearer, what’s happening, and it’s giving me more motivation and strength to do what I need to do internally and externally to face and overcome these forces. What you wrote about passivity in this article was especially helpful for me. Thanks again.

  36. Thank you very much for these new articles, Belsebuub. They seem to help me seeing a clearer picture of what`s really going on the world and what can be done to develop spiritually and help others during these times. I find your shared insight and esoteric experience very valuable.

  37. Very strong and inspired article!
    How many traps and difficulties for everyone there are internally and externally!
    How we reached in so low level as humanity?
    It’s unbelievable what man is doing to his brothers and to enviroment!
    Thank you for this article

  38. It’s clear from this article for the need to overcome passivity and opposition, and become able to effectively experience higher knowledge in life and out of the body. With the knowledge that I do already have, I know there are difficulties to overcome, but it is always rewarding.

    Thanks for this excellent article. I hope I can turn this motivation into real experiences.

  39. That is the article that I needed. Your article give motivation and a boost to go forward with a detailed manner.
    Time to see the reality and take decisions for changing the life.
    It is what I need for the new coming year
    Many thanks

  40. That was very motivating and insightful. Belsebuub, you have a real gift of communicating the un-communicable. One can only hope that like you say, interested people can truly take up this work seriously and succeed. Thank you; keep ’em coming :-)

    • Very much agree Jordan. Belsebuub has an uncanny ability to communicate this information which to some is controversial.
      I’m very grateful to him for writing this, I feel inspired to change and help others to also.

  41. I felt a really deep sense both of sadness and inspiration reading this.

    Sadness for a humanity trapped by its worst elements, both within each person and within the structures of the society that governs it.

    Inspiration that there is a possibility to know something more than a passive, sheep-like existence.

    Looking at all these rituals and symbols that pervade the highest echelons of power, it really is mind-boggling and frightening to realize the existence of evil and how it governs the society we inhabit.

    It is easy to shrug these things off as conspiracy theories — and it seems like that’s how the powerful keep their machinations hidden in plain sight and marginalize those who would speak out. I’ve found myself to be guilty of this in the past, since it can all seem far-fetched.

    And yet looking at the state of the world and the obvious collusion of the media, entertainment industry, and political forces to exploit the masses for the interests of the rich and powerful, I’ve become open to many possibilities that once seemed absurd.

    Thank you very much for making this available. May it inspire us all to gain the knowledge of light.

  42. Thank you very much for this, it is exactly what I needed at this time.

    • Cool. Thanks for an added dimension to the journey. I remember when the topic of meditation was an invitation to ridicule or condemnation from some believers in religions. Invariably, ironically, these judges where the most in need of awakening.:)

      Now it is everywhere. Here, there, everywhere. Some poorly done. Some done very well. All have at leqast a part of the picture. Lately i notice an upsurge of sites and books appproaching the whole dimension of spiritual awakening.

      That’s very reasuring to an ancient fellow who once felt the deepest, most hopeless certainty that there could never be an awakening. So I set out myself to waken the world. Noble effort yes, how ever, the education, experience I gained on that side path was well worth the effort.

      Now when I get that directionless empty sadness at running out of material to study, the little giggle of happiness follows quickly and a voice inside says, oh, no, sorry Will, MORE COMING :)

      This is just more of the MORE.:)

      Experiences of metaphysical nature happen more frequently lately. Nothing earth shaking but no less exciting and enjoyable. Reality shifting experiences. Some where quite physically painful..others were gut wrenchingly painfull emotionally. Some were raging. Some where as simple as getting a joke I heard 50 years ago now, 30 years ago then, and getting it :) Laughter. I never laughed. :) Now I laugh every day, often at myself.

      Very exciting times and learnings.

      Kundalini meditation via Gopi Krishna, wow, to gnosis, anamnesia I think, remembering where I came from, and who I really am. Most remarkable I’m doing it in one incarnation. But, that was what my mentor told me before I was born. That I had a mission. That I could live the horror he showed me that would be my life. No way I said. NO way I can survive that ! Guess I was wrong Michael. I did.:)

      Well, I followed promptings to go places and do things without realising that was happening. Synchronistic happening.

      You know, I think some of us are going to make it home again. Sites like this and ever more of them pretty much guaranteee it now. SO, no worries. Enjoy the walk. Ignore the worldy aspects of things, realise that outside of spiritual awakening nothing really matters here. Personally, I don’t differentiate between evil and madness, :) A cracked shell usually results in a rotten egg.:) Pun intended.:)

      It’s true too that in order to get anything out of our self, we must put something into it, and conversely, in order to put something into our self worth while, we must empty a whole lot of crap out first :) Crap that distorts, distracts, deludes, misinforms, colors, covers, confuses and challenges our ability to think critically and spiritually, rationally or logically. Experiencing our reality as it is, not as it is portrayed cradle to grave as being among the main stream clones of a ready made multi generational mad world.

      I can say now without doubt, there is so much more to this world and existence than we are trained to be unable to see or hear, for fear of mental health warrants and psychiatrists :) Now we know who is nuts and who isn’t.:)

      We know now how to heal the madness:) The mad must reac that bare patch of ground and find themselves sitting there windering what hit them in order to get better. Spiritually malnourished. Fill that need and watch the changes. I have seen so many miracles I once was certain were impossible and lunacy.

      One must die that the other may live…be reborn, not physical death, but consciousness death..perceptions of I. Ego, the idiot within, must die. That tyrant. That liar. That selfish, greedy, arrogant , homocidal maniac who dwells in the forefront of our consciousness, choking out the soft voice of spirit whispering us, trying to get our attention, while ego screams around chasing butterflies of artificialities.

      Reality is more excit5ing than vodeo games or porn, booze or drugs or wealth pursuits. In fact at times It became over bearingly difficult to maintain a clear view, a knowing, a reality where magic dwells..and it is all right inside every one of us..waiting, hopeful and eventually muted and soon to die as well.

      Keep it alive, that you that is divine and magical. Don’t stop looking within and aound you for the tell tale glimmerings of a glitch in the constructed paradign we inhabit. Normal is a bad word :)

      We are surrounded by spirits who love us and help us, just for the asking and immediately. Rather, trusting perhaps, I seldom ask for anything.:) Yes more coming.:)

      So much paradox.

      • Today I read your posting dated in year 2012
        About esotetic knowledge, dimensions, spiritual awakening.
        And secret societes. I had this feeling of ” validation” on what I have
        Been feeling for a long time but the kind of information must
        People don’t know and if someone knows it ; they won’t tell you.
        I would like to continue in touch with you and your postings.


        Yamile ojeda