Last night there was a major gathering in the underworld of beings who have awakened in darkness.

It was a special time for them as there was a rare combination of celestial events.

In some parts of the world there was an eclipse of the sun. These eclipses are ominous symbols of darkness as they represent the lunar forces of darkness eclipsing the solar forces of light.

But it was also the time in the moon cycle when it’s black. The black moon has a special force which facilitates and conveys darkness; it’s a special time for their ceremonies and is an important event personally for those Demons and aspirants of darkness who have physical bodies.

It was also the time when the moon is closest to the earth, and a black moon that close has incredible strength.

Finally, in the southern hemisphere it was the autumn equinox. After this time the days become shorter than the nights, and darkness is greater than light. In the northern hemisphere this was countered somewhat by the spring equinox, after which light becomes greater than darkness.

It’s quite possible that there will be a follow-on effect upon events in the world and upon targeted individuals.