Are near-death experiences real or are they created by the brain? Belsebuub on Talk Radio Network

Looking at some of the reasons NDE's show how consciousness exists outside the brain and what they tell us about the afterlife and existence after the death of the physical body.

Interview with Etched Magazine

Journalist Adele Park recently interviewed me for an article she wrote for Etched Magazine on the summer solstice called 'Pinnacle of the Sun: The Magnificence of the Summer Solstice.' Etched Magazine is both a digital and in-print publication that focuses on the South West region of the United States. The article has been published in the 2016 travel edition, which you can preview here: To read the article, click on 'click to preview' and "turn" to page 20.

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Exercises to be aware in the present moment and to observe your egos: Belsebuub

Two simple exercises, the first is awareness in the present moment, an exercise that clears the mind and allows consciousness to perceive three-dimensional reality clearer. The second is self-observation, an exercise to look within to see thoughts, feelings and emotions and to be aware of ego states as they appear. From a talk in Berkeley, California, in 2009.

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Astral travel and OBE’s: Belsebuub on ‘Studio 600’, Radio WKYH, Kentucky

Talking about astral projection and OBE's on the studio 600 show. An interview with Belsebuub on Radio WKYH, a National Public Radio affiliated station in Kentucky.

The Meaning of Dreams: Belsebuub on BBC Radio Jersey

Dreams, what they mean & where they come from. Including dream symbology, dream diary, lucid dreaming, bad dreams, falling into your body, subconscious dreaming, sleep paralysis and premonitions. Belsebuub on BBC Radio Jersey.

Why do we have bad dreams and nightmares? Belsebuub on BBC Hereford & Worcester

In this interview the presenter says: "42 percent of people experience a nightmare at least once a month. I was always told it’s the subconscious playing about with you. So if you’re going to have a dream, it’s all about your day’s thoughts that’s coming to the fore – is that right?" A discussion with Belsebuub on BBC Hereford & Worcester.

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Are dreams just random, or do they mean something? Belsebuub on BBC Radio Northampton

"Have you ever had one of those recurring nightmares where you’re being chased by a monster? 42% of us have a nightmare at least once a month. Researchers say dreams are random, just chaotic images that emerge as the brain goes through its daily housekeeping, but are we right to be so dismissive of that theory?" Belsebuub talks about dreams and their meanings on BBC radio Northampton. From August 29th 2006.

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Why do we get nasty dreams? Belsebuub on BBC Radio Cleveland

Alex Hall talks to Belsebuub about bad dreams and nightmares on BBC Radio Cleveland and asks why we get nasty dreams, what they mean and whether there is anything we can do about them. The interview was recorded on August 25th 2006.

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Belsebuub and a leading NDE researcher discuss near-death experiences on BBC Radio Warwickshire

Belebuub discusses near-death experiences with Dr Peter Fenwick, one of the world's leading NDE researchers on BBC Radio Coventry and Warwickshire, August 14th 2006. More recently in 2012 Dr Fenwick stated "I myself suspect that NDEs are part of the same continuum as mystical experiences."

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What the astral plane can reveal about life – Belsebuub on BBC Radio Leicester

Belsebuub on BBC Radio Leicester discusses the astral plane, what it can tell us about our lives and what exists after death. The interview also explores astral projection, what out-of-body experiences are and how they happen.

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Astral Projection and Near Death Experiences: Belsebuub on ‘The Psychic Show’ LBC Radio

LBC Radio's 'The Psychic Show' asks "Have you ever had a near-death or out-of-body experience?" An interview with Belsebuub on August 11th 2006.

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Have you ever had a near-death experience? Belsebuub on BBC Radio Wiltshire

In this interview on BBC Radio Wiltshire Belsebuub discusses the possiblilties of using OBE's to learn more about what people who die and revive go through in NDE's. He says that in a conscious out-of-body experience we go into the same dimension as the deceased. From August 8th 2006.