There are different kinds of goals,
They could be upon living an ordinary life, or enlightenment.
To set our sights on the spiritual rather than the material
Requires faculties beyond the five senses.
To set our goal as the spiritual, requires an awakening of those faculties,
Then we can see beyond the physical world,
Then our experience of life is not just limited to this three dimensional existence.

If someone has a clear out-of-body experience for the first time
They face a different kind of reality.
It’s a new experience of living.
Unless it’s clouded by the subconscious, it’s a real experience
And that experience is part of our life and who we are.
We go into the life beyond this one every night when we sleep,
We come into this world and body from there
And we go back there and return there every night.
So which is real, there, or here, or both?
This is temporary and is within time.
From a talk by Belsebuub in a park in the San Francisco Bay Area in April 2009.