The Spiritual Meaning of the Autumn Equinox

The autumn equinox (also known as the fall equinox) is the time in the earth’s annual cycle around the sun in which day and night are equal in length, before night takes over and brings the coming winter, a time of darkness and death. The autumn equinox is a special time of connecting with the divine, which is just as important as ever today.

Update on our articles about the spiritual meaning of the solstices and equinoxes

As of 17 March 2018, this article has been removed from our website because it was being so extensively plagiarized by people using it to write their own articles on the meaning of the solstice and equinox without crediting or referencing our work. Usually these people write an article about the meaning of the solstice or equinox on their website as an SEO and marketing gimmick to boost their site’s ranking, or in order to promote and market their “spiritual” products and retreats, and were using our articles as a basis to do so. In some cases they have copied and pasted the entire contents of our article as if it’s their own. There are at least hundreds of instances where people have plagiarized our articles on the spiritual meanings of the solstices and equinoxes across the internet (and on the ancient megalithic sites aligned to them) – all of them after our originals were first published between 2011 and 2012.

As of March 2018, our article had 2,400 shares.

The full text of our article that explains the spiritual meaning of the autumn equinox was first published on this website in March 2012, and was later published in our free eBook The Path of the Spiritual Sun, which also had to be withdrawn because of extensive plagiarism. The entire article is now chapter 2 of the paperback edition of The Path of the Spiritual Sun: Celebrating the Solstices and Equinoxes, which is available for purchase. We do not make any royalties from the sale of this book, as we work on the principle of providing spiritual knowledge without profit.

I’ve written an article on how plagiarism is such a problem rife in “new age” and “modern” spirituality today, and also on why we have the principle of providing our work for free and without profit.

It’s deeply unfortunate that we’ve had to withdraw our articles, which we had provided completely freely for many years in the hope of benefiting people, but as non-profit and independent authors we simply cannot maintain them against the scale of plagiarism our work faces.

About the Authors

Mark Pritchard (writing with the name Belsebuub) is the author of a number of books on out-of-body experiences, dreams, self-discovery, and esoteric wisdom. An early edition of his book The Astral Codex became a bestseller in its genre, and Gazing into the Eternal was a finalist in the Best Book Awards 2009 in Spirituality. He has appeared on radio and television programs internationally, and writes from decades of spiritual and mystical experience, while Lara Atwood contributes with the research into history, cosmology, ancient sites, and sacred texts. You can read more about how Belsebuub and Lara started working on The Path of the Spiritual Sun here.

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About the Author:

Lara Atwood is a researcher and practitioner of the native, indigenous Indo-European religion of her ancient ancestors, which is a branch of the ancient Religion of the Sun. She runs the YouTube channel SakroSawel and the website ("sakro sawel" means "sacred sun" in Proto-Indo European). Writing alongside her husband Mark, she helped co-author the book The Path of the Spiritual Sun.


  1. Pua September 11, 2018 at 7:50 pm - Reply

    Mahalo nui loa( Thank you very much) Belsebuub and Lara. Mahalo for all your years of inspiration acknowledgement of the Equinox and solstice times. I appreciate you teaching me the true and deep understanding of them, and by connecting with their presences, keeps me deeply connected to great mother earth and great father sky, becoming a full realized compassionate human. I am in deep empathy for your loss. I shall miss you,belsebuub. Much blessings to you and Lara on you new adventures! Aloha, Pua. Love and Light!

  2. Layla April 7, 2018 at 4:00 am - Reply

    I really loved reading these chapters and discovering the amazing knowledge and understanding given, and I am so thankful to Belsebuub and you for the meaning it gives to our life and the deep connection to divinity and the awesome potential for that connection to grow and re-unite.

    I came across this video, which is a reading of an Akkadian Hymn known as Exaltation to Ishtar, and as the author says is the Sumerian Inanna.

    This is what the video description says:

    “The Exaltation of Inanna is an Akkadian hymn to Ishtar (Sumerian: Inanna) and is the world’s oldest attributed writing. The hymn was written by the Enheduana, the daughter of Sargon of Akkad, during her time as the high priestess of the moon god Sin (Sumerian: Nanna), and is one of a body of work attributed to her. The purpose of the hymn is to both praise and placate Inanna, so that she will not destroy Akkad but turn her anger to the “foreign lands” and destroy them instead.”

    Parts of the exaltation reminded me of the Pistis Sophia, the part you provide that can be read at the autumn equinox ceremony, other parts that describe her as the destroyer and terrifying look to her enemies reminds me of descriptions of the Hindu goddess Kali. It so interesting and valuable to see that there is this intrinsic truth that has been spoken of throughout the ages, no matter the time, the place or the race.

    Thank you so much for the exceptional research you have done and to the most incredible source of spiritual knowledge that has been shed upon our human history.

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