The Pyramid texts in Egypt are often thought to be about the process of the soul after death, but they have a more significant meaning, which is the depiction of the process of death and resurrection on the Path of the Spiritual Son.

This event is represented in the solar year by the spring equinox, which is Easter time.


Here is a small selection:

163: He comes indeed, this Unas, weary of the Nine, an Imperishable spirit, he that bore more than you, he that suffered more than you, he that is more weary than you, he that became greater than you, he who will be happier than you, he who roars louder than you. You have no more time there! Lo, this is what Seth and Thoth have done, your two brothers who could not bewail you!

167: To say the words:
“Atum, this your son is here, Osiris, whom you have preserved alive. He lives! He lives! This Unas lives! He is not dead, this Unas is not dead! He is not gone down, this Unas is not gone down! He has not been judged, this Unas has not been judged! He judges, this Unas judges!

195: Be pleased with him, be pleased with his purification, be pleased with the words he says to you:
“How beautiful is your face when you are pleased, when you are new and young! A god has given you birth, the father of gods!”. He has come to you, O Great of Magic! It is Horus who fought to protect his Eye, Great of Magic.

221: How pleasant is your condition! You become a spirit, o Unas, among your brothers the gods. How changed, how changed (is your state)! (Therefore) protect your children! Beware of your border which is on Earth! Put on your body and come towards them!