In 2009 Belsebuub gave a talk on death and ghosts. It has been on the website for some time, but it wasn’t listed and very few people knew about it. So now it’s been put in the articles section where it’s easier to find.

From the talk:

Q: Is it possible for a recently deceased person’s consciousness to come and visit you in the astral plane?

Belsebuub: Yes, it’s very possible, especially if not long has passed since their death.

But very often it’s the personality or ghost of the dead person which comes and visits in the astral plane or in dreams.

When a deceased person visits someone, even thought they are in a different dimension, some people do sense their presence. They are sensing the astral world while being in the physical one.

These ghosts are the condensed mental form that a person acquires over the course of their life, which is discarded at a stage of death. They look and act just like the person but are unable to understand anything new. Because the ghosts think that they are still alive, they visit the places and people they used to see when they were alive. So if you were a part of a now deceased person’s life—when they were alive—the chances are that their ghost will come to you because they think that they are still alive, when actually they are in a dreamlike state. They very slowly dissolve and evaporate over time, while the consciousness, mind and egos, which are the main parts of a person, continue their journey separately.

So although it is possible for the consciousness, particularly just after death, to visit somebody in the astral plane-the astral and the physical dimensions being the same place, just different dimensions—after time the deceased person (consciousness, and mind) moves on and what’s left hanging around is the personality and that’s what’s most likely to visit somebody in the astral plane.

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