Learning through OBEs — Two Hermetic Excerpts


The featured ancient spiritual practice for this week is using out-of-body experiences for spiritual learning. Mark's book, The Astral Codex explains about out-of-body experiences from this perspective, as this is how they were used by many ancient spiritual peoples and how they were able to gain much of their spiritual knowledge. Original article by AncientSacredKnowledge.com Hermes Trismegistus, also known as the Egyptian god Thoth, is said to be the author of the Corpus Hermeticum, a series of instructional fragments of sacred esoteric teachings used and studied through the ages by various initiates and … [Read more...]

How to see ego states within and remove them

belsebuub canada 3 v7

A video of a talk looking at how to observe and discover ego states within and how to remove them or 'die to them'. Ego states are the subconscious emotions, drives and feelings that create so much negativity within and in the world and they affect a person beyond this life. In the absense of the ego, inner peace and stillness are present. From Quebec, Canada in July 2004. … [Read more...]

Talks at the University of Nicosia in Cyprus in 2006

Belsebuub at Nicosia University, Cyprus, 2006

In 2006 I gave a series of talks at the University of Nicosia in Cyprus, they were well attended as I had appeared on a TV show there at the same time. The talks are: Remembering to Be Aware of Yourself The Hidden Side of Dreams A Talk on Out-of-Body Experiences Nightmares: An Experience of Hell Encountering Divine Beings and Sinister Entities If Your Life was over and you could Re-live it from Now   … [Read more...]

Reflections on pride and inner silence

quebec 1 centers-1

A video looking at aspects of pride and giving some observations on inner silence in the awareness of the present moment. This was from the third day of talks in Quebec in July 2004.   … [Read more...]

Peace is from consciousness, not from egos

Belsebuub inner peace 2004

A video discussing what it takes to have inner peace and its repercussions upon society and the world. The egos are temporary, they are not permanent, consciousness is the real you. Peacefulness arises from being aware in the present moment. A talk from Quebec in Canada in 2004. … [Read more...]

The Mantra Om in Ancient Sumeria

Sumerian-Om by AncientSacredKnowledgedotcom

The featured ancient spiritual exercise for this week is the mantra Om from ancient Sumeria. The Sumerian reference says that this mantra can be used to activate a deathless light in the body, and become radiant. Original article by AncientSacredKnowledge.com “Those who recite the sound Om, (activates deathless Light in the body) and becomes radiant (amar su-ti-a)” ~ Temple Hymn 31 (Source) The mantra Om or “AUM” is typically associated with the Hindu tradition and is considered the primordial sound, one of the most ancient and sacred mantras. (You can read more about its sacred meaning here.) With … [Read more...]

Je Suis Hypocrisy?: Selective Free Speech and the Secular Inquisition in France

je suis charlie

Original article by Matthew Butler of The Conscious Reporter The brutal Paris attacks have been rightly condemned. Yet the tragedy has been exploited to distort the very right it’s become an emblem for – freedom of expression – while details contradicting the official narrative are suppressed. This article examines the selective defence of free speech in the aftermath, and how the French Government’s long-running crackdown on alternative spirituality violates the principle of liberty it claims to uphold. France is known as the land of liberty, equality and fraternity. The brutal murder of 12 people at the … [Read more...]

Knowledge of the egos is multi-dimensional

belsebuub 2002 6-1

A video of an interview from 2002 discussing ways to understand the egos and emotions and how the study of oneself is multi-dimensional and multi-faceted. It looks at how the beginning of inner knowledge is from seeing oneself in the present moment as one really is. … [Read more...]

Self-Observation and Inner Change — Two Extracts from the Gospel of Matthew

A miniature painting depicting St. Matthew recording the Gospel by Russian artist Andrei Rublev, c. 1400.

The featured exercise this week brings up a very interesting point and reminder about ancient texts - particularly those in the Christian tradition. (And yes, sorry I did miss a week for everyone who has been following these exercises! We got a little busy with things.) It comes from Jesus, whose message has arguably been the most suppressed and distorted of its kind known in history - in many cases, by the very establishments created to supposedly spread it. Note the King James translation is used below, and in it Jesus is quoted as saying, "whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in … [Read more...]

The hidden influence of inter-dimensional beings of light and darkness


We've made a start on doing regular videos. Here's our first. In this video we discuss the inter-dimensional beings, both demonic and spiritual, acting upon people and upon society at large from unseen realms. … [Read more...]

Clearing the Mind — A Taoist Exercise from the Hua Hu Ching


The featured ancient spiritual exercise this week is on the detachment of the mind. Original article from AncientSacredKnowledge.com In the Hua Hu Ching, a compilation of ancient Taoist teachings attributed to Lao Tzu, an exercise is given for clearing the mind: “Does one scent appeal more than another? Do you prefer this flavor, or that feeling? Is your practice sacred and your work profane? Then your mind is separated: from itself, from oneness, from the Tao. Keep your mind free of divisions and distinctions. When your mind is detached, simple, quiet, then all things can exist in harmony, and you can … [Read more...]

Reflections on the Odes of Solomon from our Summer Solstice Ceremony

A painting of King Solomon who the odes are attributed to, but who is very unlikely to be their real author.

Mark and I celebrated the summer solstice yesterday. As we both sat in a circle of trees in the light of the morning sun and did our ceremony, I read a selection of verses from a little known esoteric text called The Odes of Solomon. This text has defied interpretation, and yet that morning every word was filled with a meaning that resonated very deeply with Mark. Although the author is unknown, it became clear to us that it was written by someone who had experienced the final stages in the path of the spiritual Son, and whose words were profoundly shared and understood by Mark who has also passed through most of … [Read more...]

An Update on Plagiarism – Mystical Life Publications

mlp plagiarism-1-4

Mystical Life Publications, our publisher, has posted an update on what's happening with the reported plagiarism and copyright infringement of our work. Many thanks to the MLP team and to everyone who has contributed so far. … [Read more...]

Wishing everyone a very spiritual solstice

summer solstice sunrise

This coming Monday December 22nd is the solstice - a time of year that is deeply symbolic and connected to the journey to enlightenment. In the northern hemisphere, it is the winter solstice, which celebrates the birth of the spiritual force of the Son within. In the southern hemisphere, it is the summer solstice, which celebrates the ascent to the spiritual Father and return to source. The transit of the sun, and the main stages in its annual cycle, held a special significance for ancient cultures who built their megalithic monuments so they were aligned to the sun at these times. These events have been … [Read more...]

Jonestown Massacre: The 9/11 of the War on Alternative Spirituality

Image: The Jonestown report. Source: wiki commons. License: CC BY-SA 3.0. Image has been modified.

Original article by Matthew Butler of The Conscious Reporter It was the largest death toll of US civilians by human acts until 9/11 , but was it really “mass suicide” or were people murdered? What’s to be made of the spectre of conspiracies looming over Jonestown? This article examines how the Jonestown narrative was manipulated, and the claims of covert government connections to a massacre that fuelled a war against alternative spirituality. On 18 November 1978 more than 900 members of The People’s Temple tragically lost their lives at their religious commune in the jungles of Guyana, in what was … [Read more...]

On the Spiritual Welfare of Others — An Excerpt from the Bhagavad Gita

A depiction of Indra and Gods giving boons to Arjuna and Krishna.

This week's featured ancient spiritual practice is one commonly found in sacred texts, and that is caring for the spiritual welfare of others. Original article from AncientSacredKnowledge.com Below is an excerpt from the Hindu text the Bhagavad Gita, one of the books of the Mahabharata, explaining the significance of helping humanity spiritually as part of spiritual practice: “Those seers of truth, whose doubts have been dispelled, devoid of all sins, engaged in self-realization and who are always concerned for the spiritual welfare of all living beings, achieve liberation in the Ultimate Truth.” ~ … [Read more...]

Om Namah Shivaya — Ancient Mantra from the Yajurveda


This week's featured exercise is a mantra to the Hindu god Shiva that has a deep spiritual meaning. I highly recommend listening to the renditions of this mantra below, which have been beautifully put together by the team at AncientSacredKnowledge.com. Original article from AncientSacredKnowledge.com Om Namah Shivaya is one of the most beloved and ancient Hindu mantras. It comes from part of a Hindu prayer, the Shri Rudram Chamakam,  which is found in the second oldest of the vedic texts, the Yajurveda. It is a hymn to Shiva, the deity of destruction and transformation, and it is said that chanting this … [Read more...]

AncientSacredKnowledge now accepting submissions to expand


AncientSacredKnowledge.com is a website that showcases the best of the world's ancient spiritual exercises in a practical and easy-to-understand way. It's where the weekly ancient spiritual practices we post here on the site come from. This project is now taking the next big step and expanding to include new areas of research; in addition to spiritual exercises, it will be featuring ancient sites, texts, and mythology from around the world that reveal the timeless and universal spirituality of the Son/sun. Anyone out there who would like to see this wonderful project grow can now be part of the effort to … [Read more...]

Contemplating the Origin of Thought — An Exercise from The Secret of the Golden Flower

Illustration from Secret-of-the-Golden-Flower

This week's featured ancient spiritual exercise is one of inner reflection for gaining knowledge of oneself, and can help with becoming more aware of our thoughts as we go through the events of daily life. Original article from AncientSacredKnowledge.com The Taoist text The Secret of the Golden Flower gives a meditation exercise for contemplating the origin of thought, which can give insight into the nature of thoughts, where they come from, and how the mind works. Try it for yourself as described in the text as follows: “Only one must not stay sitting rigidly if worldly thoughts come up, but one … [Read more...]

Using Music for Clearer Dreams — An Ancient Greek Practice


This week's featured ancient exercise adds another practice of the Pythagorean daily program to try. Last week was a morning practice the Pythagoreans used to help with approaching the activities of the day spiritually, whereas this one is for the nightly activity of dreaming, used to approach dreams spiritually. When music is harmonious and has spiritual qualities, it can help the psyche in different ways. In this practice it is used for getting into a more serene, reflective, and spiritual state before going to sleep, and to increase the chances of having spiritual and prophetic dreams. In the outline of … [Read more...]

Plagiarism as a threat to higher knowledge and spiritual awakening


There's literally hundreds of instances of people plagiarizing our work and many people using it for their own profit. We’ve seen our work on the ancient meaning of the solstices used by sites to run paid holiday solstice retreats, and Mark’s free course on self-knowledge looking to us like it has been repeated as the structure and veiled content of one of the bestselling “spiritual” books of all time. Many others have taken his work on astral travel to create astral projection eBooks for sale and paid courses. Mark’s hugely popular courses, which he wrote from bed whilst seriously ill and in pain, were so … [Read more...]

The Pythagoreans’ Daily Program

Bronnikov_gimnpifagoreizev - Pythagoreans celebrating the rising sun

This week's featured exercise comes from the mystical order of the Pythagoreans that was founded by the sage Pythagoras in the 5th century BC in Italy. The description below from a historian offers a glimpse into the daily routine of this dedicated spiritual school (although many centuries after it first began). The exercise is to start the day in a Pythagorean way by taking a quiet solitary walk in the morning somewhere that you feel has a spiritual quality (and that is practical), like a peaceful spot in your garden or a nearby park, before beginning the day's activities. The Pythagoreans used this time to gain … [Read more...]