A Vision for Retreat Centers for the Expansion of Consciousness


There’s a lot that can be learnt by reading and browsing the internet, but there’s no substitute for meeting with people and doing practices in a retreat. We’ve been working towards retreat facilities for some time; they’ll be in North America, Australia, and possibly in time in Europe too. These retreats will be places where people can go to practice this work and expand their abilities to experience reality, providing the practices, facilities, and environment to increase the faculties of perception—using the world’s most effective spiritual exercises to make people aware of the extraordinary potential of … [Read more...]

We Have Very Little Internet Connection at the Moment

Mark & Angela

We will only have an occasional internet connection over the next few weeks, and have only been able to connect to the internet for a few brief times over the previous three weeks. As a result we haven't been able to make any new postings or do much online. We’ll keep you posted when things are back to normal. Mark and Angela … [Read more...]

The Danger of Becoming the Darkness When Fighting the Dark Side


Seeing dark global agendas stream rolling over goodness, truth, and freedom throughout the world is more than enough to make anyone feel angry, negative, and even enraged. We as a humanity, along with all our rights, are under siege and the most common response to being attacked is either through anger and aggression, or fear and retreat—which is based on a raw fight or flight reaction. While it sometimes seems there is no other way to respond, there is a danger of becoming the very thing we've set out to defeat if we act through aggression or hatred in any way. Instead, there is another way of responding in … [Read more...]

Wishing Everyone an Illuminating New Year

the sun

Let's hope 2014 will be an inwardly productive year for all and bring success to everyone of us who wishes to express and grow the light of love and consciousness within. Whatever challenges life may bring, may everyone find the courage to face them and use life's precious opportunities to learn and spread goodness and truth wherever possible in the world. A very big thank you to everyone who has shared the journey of 2013 with us, and who supported and contributed towards getting the message of conscious awakening out in many different ways. Mark & Angela . . … [Read more...]

Q&A on the Inter-Dimensional Entities Behind the Dark Global Agenda


Below in the comments of this post, you'll find questions and answers on the article I wrote The Inter-Dimensional Behind the Dark Agenda That's Taking Over the World. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to write in, there were just so many questions, so apologies to those I wasn't able to get to. … [Read more...]

The Inter-Dimensional Entities Behind the Dark Agenda That’s Taking Over the World


Many feel that there is a multidimensional cause behind the sinister agendas afflicting the world (such as the New World Order). But it is possible not just to sense, but to actually know and uncover its root through firsthand experience. And, unless the root is uncovered, its octopus like tentacles will continue to regrow and find new ways to influence the world, even when several have been cut off. It is difficult to overcome that which we are ignorant of, and by using information both from research and multidimensional experience we can discover the connections between events in the physical world with … [Read more...]

Video Interview on the Mother Goddess in Spirituality

TV goddess episode screenshot 2

In this latest episode from Total View I chat with host Jenny Haase about the importance of the universal Mother Goddess, her role in ancient religions and myths throughout history, and how she was effectively censored from orthodox Christianity. We also discuss how this censorship has now come to light through a number of recently discovered ancient Christian texts, and what impact this restoration of the mother goddess could have on our own spiritual journey, and society throughout the world. A very important subject! I hope you enjoy. … [Read more...]

Video Interview on the Ancient Celebration of the Solstice and Equinox

TV still 31Oct13

Total View is a brand new show on YouTube that looks at life, the universe, and current world issues, from a wider perspective. I'll be chatting to host Jenny Haase there regularly on all manner of topics, like other dimensions, ancient knowledge, the supernatural causes behind world events, the potential of consciousness within and much more. Here's our first interview on the ancient celebration of the solstice and equinox, which explores why the most common alignment of ancient sacred sites was to the sun, and how it is connected to the journey of consciousness. After this video was shot, I now have access … [Read more...]

Ignorance is Not Free

Illustration courtesy of Deesillustration.com

Some have called ignorance bliss. But if you actually look into it, there is an incredible cost and consequence to ignorance; and there is no free ride for anyone. There is also a huge range of things both physical, emotional, and metaphysical we can be ignorant of, each with their corresponding consequences. On a Physical Level On a physical level, living a life of being ignorant of where our food comes from, its nutritional value, what is in vaccines, buying endless goods as if they come out of thin air, of the existence of chemtrails etc., means that not only do we cause suffering to animals, the planet, … [Read more...]

‘Esoteric Content’ Censorship Coming to a Website Near YOU!


Already McDonalds, the Caffe Nero chain, Orange Phones, and a UK college, have been caught blocking access to alternative spiritual websites in the UK (such as Vigilant Citizen, Osho in UK, and Energy Therapy). This is set to massively expand, as the UK government has announced an internet censorship plan which could block access to alternative spiritual sites for 95% of UK internet users. Find out more about the UK filter and how it will affect you, below. This infographic is courtesy of Dara at www.reachinglight.com. You can get a copy to post to your site here. Spread it … [Read more...]

Why We Have a Need to Know About the Esoteric

The Druid god, "the green man", worshiped at the 2012 Paralympics closing ceremony. Just because it is esoteric, doesn't mean its for a sinister agenda; those who organized the Paralympic closing ceremony were genuinely interested in incorporating elements of the Druids religion.

Esoteric knowledge has played a fundamental role in many civilizations throughout history, including our own, and yet the UK is looking to censor “esoteric material” across the internet by the end of this year. This is not being spoken about openly, and is likely to set a precedent for other proposed internet filters around the world, as the UK’s filter appears to have already been influenced by the French company Orange’s filtering of “esoteric practices” and “universally acknowledged sects” in the UK. It may not be immediately apparent to most people as to what the implications of this are, and it seems at … [Read more...]

The Path of the Spiritual Sun – New Free eBook Released

The Path of the Spiritual Sun_3D

The Path of the Spiritual Sun has just been released as a free eBook. I remember the moment we first decided to begin writing it. It was 2 weeks until the summer solstice; standing together on the verandah, looking out across the beautiful wildflowers in the summer breeze Mark suddenly struck by an idea, turned to me and said, "we should do something for the summer solstice." Over 2 years later, this book has become perhaps the first and only compilation of its kind. What started as an idea, turned into a remarkable journey of discovery which has transported us to destinations we never knew existed. Through … [Read more...]

Inner Peace and the Awareness of the Present Moment – New Article

Meditating by the ocean

Simply by perceiving the moment we can feel the beauty that emanates from consciousness, as inner peace is a quality of consciousness. If we perceive the whole we can be aware not only of the world we are in at that moment, but also our thoughts, feelings and emotions, and by observing these we can discover much about ourselves. While we are not aware we lose out on both inner learning and the feelings of peace that consciousness could bring. A deeply spiritual inner peace is not in its root a quality of an emotion, nor of a thought, nor is it an idea or a belief, or the absence of conflict. It is a quality of … [Read more...]

We Have it Within Ourselves to Raise our Conscious Level and That of Humanity – New Article

Observing the inner and outer world

We should take the time to know how we respond inwardly to life, because by changing ourselves and allowing consciousness to shine, we change not only our own lives but those of others around us, and, if enough people raise their conscious level, we can bring about a real change for good in the world. If we don’t understand ourselves, no matter how many victories for truth there are, the inner level of the majority will keep dragging society downwards into corruption, disorder, and destruction. And even those who pursue truth in the world are not immune to the adverse effects of the subconscious. All of us live … [Read more...]

Extraterrestrial Contact Experience with Dr Steven Greer

Steven Greer IMG_2577 edit_resize

Last weekend myself and the Mystical Life Publications team went to spend some time with Dr Steven Greer of the Disclosure Project. It was his first visit to Australia; he spent 3 days giving a series of talks and going out under the stars to make contact with extraterrestrials (ETs), and then was off to attend a secretive meeting of government officials at a location in Australia. Even though the workshops were fully booked, the organizers opened up spaces in the weekend of talks, which allowed us to go at a greatly reduced price. Then they opened up the final night under the stars by donation, which we … [Read more...]

The Astral Codex – A New Free eBook by Belsebuub Released

The Astral Codex by Belsebuub

The Astral Codex by Belsebuub has just been released as a free eBook. Having out-of-body experiences totally changed my life; feeling myself leaving my physical body and entering another dimension was absolutely incredible, and I think it's going to have a profound impact upon the world-view of anyone who seriously takes it up. Having out-of-body experiences is a natural part of being human, and is one of the most ancient and essential ways for getting spiritual knowledge. Some of the material in it was first released back in 2001 as a free online course given as a series of weekly, downloadable pdfs. Back … [Read more...]

Return to Source – New Free eBook Released

Return to Source_3D

We have just finished work on a new eBook called Return to Source: How Enlightenment is the Process of Creation in the Universe in Reverse, which is now free to download. This little book is short, but contains some incredible jewels of wisdom from sacred texts and myths from all of the world - including from Taoism, Hinduism, the Mayans, Egyptians, and Essenes - which when strung together, have formed a remarkable overview of the process of enlightenment. It was a journey of discovery in itself just researching it, which has opened my eyes to a completely new way of seeing spirituality. I always had the sense … [Read more...]

Sign the Petition to Stop the Censoring of Esoteric Websites in the UK


Our freedom of spiritual expression, and the free flow of spiritual ideas and information, is under threat. The UK government has announced an internet filter that is set to block “esoteric material” across the internet in the UK by the end of the year—this scale of web censorship has never before been seen in the UK. The involvement of corporations and state powers declaring what spirituality will be blocked is eerily reminisce of China’s internet censorship policy. But in case you thought it could never happen in the UK, the UK PM David Cameron has actually praised the Chinese company Huawei, founded by a … [Read more...]

Why Enlightenment Takes Time – New Article


Enlightenment means different things to different people; most of us have different versions of what it is and how it occurs. In some descriptions it happens in an instant, perhaps as a realization of something, or as a result of doing a certain practice, or by a divine intervention. What the term means to me is the ancient and even timeless universal process of the return of consciousness to its source. Although there are different versions of enlightenment, that’s fine, it’s just worth recognizing that we don’t all necessarily mean the same thing when we say it. It would be great if we could all be … [Read more...]