A light of consciousness that overcomes the darkness within Hidden deep within the mind is the realm of inner darkness, root of the subconscious and the egos. The light of consciousness can illuminate the darkness within. The darkness can be destroyed, releasing light and with it the knowledge of darkness. As light gathers more light it illuminates the way on the return journey to source consciousness. The third segment of a talk in Oregon, USA in 2008.

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The present moment and facing illness: two talks from 2008

Two videos from a talk in Oregon, USA in 2008. How to be aware and look within: Simple directions on how to be aware in the present moment. How to look within to understand yourself and bring about inner change, peace and change to your life. Illness and its karmic causes: How to face up to illness, especially for those on a spiritual path. And also looking the causes and effects of illness that may exist beyond the physical world.

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How to open the book of yourself and read it

What it takes to change within and what to do to have a spiritual awakening. The talk was in Berkeley California in 2008.  

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A Biography of Belsebuub

A biography website about Mark Pritchard (Belsebuub) has been created. As stated on the site, it is a work in progress at the moment, but several chapters of Mark's life have already been written about - illustrated with photographs, documents, video, and audio. It chronicles the events of his life, starting with his childhood, as well as his spiritual search and mystical experiences, including his experience of the spiritual path. The website is

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The plagiarism of this work is too extensive for us to continue like this

It’s sad and very unfortunate, but we’ve had to stop the downloads of our free eBooks as they are being plagiarized on a huge scale. This has meant that our publisher Mystical Life Publications has had to spend more than a year trying to stop hundreds of plagiarizers. That’s time they could have spent towards more constructive things and that in turn has meant a loss of new activities. Here's what Jenny and Sabah from the Mystical Life Publications team have to say: Its wrong to continue simply being an anonymous and unwilling supplier of other people’s work and being left with an awful task of trying to chase up unscrupulous people, some of them who have been difficult and threatening to deal with. This can’t go on. Plagiarism of my work has been going on for a long time and I believe that many aspects of my work are more widely known through plagiarism than they are by me. My motivation in teaching is to let people know of the spiritual things I’ve discovered, so that they can freely have them too. And yet between the theft of my work and the abuse and harassment I've had to [...]

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Remembering The Gnostic Movement

A new website has just been created that looks back over The Gnostic Movement, showing many of its activities and spiritual practices. It's closed now, but The Gnostic Movement was an organization that Mark taught in for about 10 years, which ran classes and retreats. A lot of care has obviously been put into this very nice site and it's a lovely reminder of the time.

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To have a spiritual treasure within yourself

A sense of beauty, how disharmonious inner states are ruining the world, the superficiality of plagarised teachings that are unfortunately so common, the real message of peace within and creating something spiritually exceptional within ourselves. A talk in Oregon, USA in 2008.  

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How we get secret knowledge by astral travelling

How the astral plane and the dream world are related and how both can be doorways into another dimension, where we can discover secret, hidden knowledge about ourselves and life. An interview from December 2007 in Berkeley, California.  

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We can see the spiritual reality beyond the material world

How living a spiritual life is more valuable than just having a material existence in natures program and how we can see more of reality by awakening our inner faculties, learning to astral project and having lucid dreams. Includes astral projection, egos and the subconscious, consciousness, detatchment, and inner peace. Recorded in Berkeley California in December 2007.  

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Christmas as a celebration of universal spiritual principles

The celebration of Christmas has similarities with celebrations in other religions on the same date that predate Christianity and yet December 25th is celebrated today almost solely as the birth of Jesus. Why? It’s because Jesus as a spiritual figure has stood the test of time, while others have faded into the mists of history. Yet his life has striking similarities with the lives of older spiritual teachers in cultures around the world who were also said to have been born on the same day. This is because they all share a common message. The accounts of their lives carried in them a profound symbolism of the process of spiritual awakening, and these principles are the same, no matter what culture or age we are in. They all relate to inner processes that are part of the journey of consciousness back to its source. And the birth of the Son, which has been represented by the sun, is a crucial element of that process. Here are some of the articles on this site that relate to the birth of the Son/Christ, perhaps they will be useful for anyone who wants to go through the real Christmas within themselves: The Symbolic [...]

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