Out-of-Body Experiences: Our Natural Connection to Other Dimensions

We have the potential to travel to other dimensions. We’ve always had this ability; if fact, it’s just part of what it is to be human. This should be the discovery of the century, if it hadn’t already been known for thousands of years.

Throughout history this latent potential has been alluded to by mystics the world over. Many divine visions, accounts of being caught up in the spirit, and journeys through heavens and underworlds, were actually the accounts of people who had out-of-body experiences and traveled to other planes of consciousness.



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Feel good versus real good

The word “spiritual” to most conjures up a scene of perfect peace. Like doing asanas in yoga-style garments on a secluded tropical beach at sunrise, and then returning to a retreat hut for meditation and fresh organic fruit.

Spirituality has become synonymous with what makes us feel “good.” Spas, crystals, beads, positive affirmations, scented candles, eating organic, repeating spiritual verses, can all make us feel like we are more “spiritual”, but can they actually make us any more spiritual?

If standards as to what is spiritual relate to pleasant ideas, and things that are external to us, then anyone can surround themselves with things associated with “spirituality” and in doing so appear more spiritual than others—when they may have no more consciousness than the next person standing in line at the supermarket. Additionally, it’s easy for someone to simply recite whatever makes people “feel good” and then look like they are giving spiritual information.

But isn’t the real good to be found in the inner qualities of consciousness—like true friendship, courage, faith, and honesty—and in some of the most unexpected, ordinary, everyday, and trying of circumstances? In my view, it’s what’s within and who we are that counts. Real love doesn’t put on […]

Waking Up to Higher Consciousness

Writer Maria Thomas interviews Angela Pritchard about some of the questions people have regarding consciousness, the vortex, and waking up to higher perspectives.
What is the difference between a synchronicity and a coincidence?
There are infinite numbers of interactions and events occurring around us continuously. From the minute crawling of an ant in the lawn, to the thoughts about others we’re transmitting and receiving telepathically and unknowingly, right up to the passing of our sun around the centre of the galaxy and beyond. Some of these events randomly coincide, like if you pull the lever of a poker machine enough you eventually line up the same images. It’s a matter of odds, and in a universe whose fabric is dictated by mathematics and geometrical patterns, coincidences are mathematically and statistically inevitable.



Ascension and Raising Our Energetic Frequency

Energetically we are vibrating at a certain frequency right now. We might be feeling anxious, lethargic, excited, upbeat, moody, or just a bit ho-hum. Each of these feelings has a frequency that creates sensations in our bodies and emits energetic vibrations to everything around us. These are the energetic atmospheres in which we live and experience life through, whatever our circumstances may be.

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Not everything ancient is sacred – case in point, the Health Benefits of the Bedchamber

Here’s a reminder that not all so-called “sacred texts” are actually spiritual.

An excerpt from an old text on Chinese Taoist sexology I came across today called the Fang-chung pu-i or Health Benefits of the Bedchamber states:
Long ago, the Yellow Emperor had intercourse with 1,200 women and ascended into the realm of the immortals, whereas the ordinary man cuts down his life with only one woman. How far apart indeed are knowledge and ignorance. Those who understand the tao regret only having too few women to mount.
~ translated by Douglas Wile
Hmm, how far apart indeed…

There are many similar “Taoist” sexual texts that share similarly monstrous statements. Health Benefits of the Bedchamber is dated to at least 984 AD when copies of it were made and preserved in Japan, whilst earlier copies were persecuted out of existence in China. They reveal how the concept of Taoist sacred sexuality fell into the wrong hands, and became horribly distorted and degenerated by the profane.

The author of another ancient Chinese alchemical text, called the True Transmission of the Golden Elixir, was right to express their worry that the sacred method for the integration of yin and yang would fall into the hands of those who […]

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Playing the unconscious host or taking back our power

Would you let a complete stranger, someone you’ve never seen, stay overnight in your home? The answer for most would be – not a chance. Our body is our home; well actually, it’s our temple (or at least meant to be). Inviting unknown entities into our bodies through mediumship and channeling is just like opening our home up to strangers.

Let’s not be naive; there are both good and bad people in this world, and some who are downright evil. We see a tiny frequency of light – almost all of it is invisible to our physical eyes. That means there are vast dimensions of light and space we are completely blind to. These are inhabited by all manner of beings, that just like here, are both good and evil. How do we know who an invisible entity really is, having never met it and being completely unable to see it? Are we to believe them, just because “they say so”? (Mark actually saw and felt the vibrations of a sinister entity, which claimed it was an advanced Chinese spiritual master, enter two channelers and speak on spiritual things to an unsuspecting audience.)

We know full well from our own experience and […]

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Not everything occult is evil; the light has its hidden knowledge too

It’s not just great that people searching for truth look into the occult roots behind many world events, it’s absolutely essential for understanding the deeper mysteries of human history. But everyone who I’ve seen speak about it names every esoteric group they can find and lumps them all together – branding them as “satanic” and as sharing the same sinister agenda. This kind of claim is bigoted and ignorant.

Throughout human history there have existed undercurrents of people who have explored the hidden side of life. There are those who have used this knowledge for sinister purposes – to control and exploit others. Whilst there are those who’ve used esoteric knowledge for good – and have contributed greatly to the freedoms and principles of entire civilizations. Both often work in secrecy – the malevolent to hide their true motives, the benevolent to avoid the persecution of the ignorant and the agendas of the dark side operating within society.

Those who label everything esoteric or occult as evil are inadvertently or deliberately persecuting those ultimately trying to save people from the plans of those working through truly sinister secret orders. It’s better to make the distinction between those using the esoteric for light […]

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The Mother included as part of the Holy Trinity in the Gospel of the Egyptians

I’ve written a bit about how the feminine aspect of creation has largely been excluded from our perception of who or what created this universe—entirely at odds with natural principles and the fractal nature of reality.

And even how in many cases this was done by design, like in the suppression of all Gnostic texts that included her as part of “Godhead”, even though many are ascribed to the disciples and contain the teachings of Jesus himself.

The list is mounting, as I just stumbled on yet another.

This text is called The Gospel of the Egyptians. Jesus and his parents were said to have traveled through Egypt, and the creative trinity of Father, Mother, and Son is central to ancient Egyptian spirituality—portrayed most famously as the deities Osiris, Isis, and Horus. In the orthodox version of Christianity the Mother in this same trinity became supplanted with a male Holy Spirit.

The Gospel of the Egyptians is just one of 52 early Christian texts that were accidentally discovered together in a sealed jar under the sands of Egypt by a farmer in 1945. The collection of texts today have been given the name the Nag Hammadi Library. Many of the texts are attributed to […]

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Talks in Greece 2005 & 2006

Talks at the Greek retreat in 2005 and in Athens in 2006.


The merging of the Being with consciousness

Preparing for Esoteric Wisdom (the Clay Model)


The Process of Awakening Consciousness

Taking the First Steps towards the Path to Enlightenment




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