How our inner change improves the lives of those around us

A look at how inner states, particularly the egos, affect the ways we view the world around us and, how they affect the lives of those we live with, or regularly come into contact with. By changing within, we break some of our own constibutions to the negativity that may exist in relationships with other people, and it's important to look at how we relate to others, making clear and intelligent asessments of our own deficiencies and doing what we can to change for the better. These are answers to questions in the second Q&A session. This was filmed in November 2009.

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In seeing reality there is love: Belsebuub

There is an alternative to the feelings of ego states - to develop and nourish consciousness, which is the source of love. Within consciousness are many qualities and abilities, not least is the ability to percieve reality. Reality itself is greater than the five senses can percieve and the interconnectedness of consciousness in the universe is a reality. The feeling of oneness in the perception of consciousnes is the source of love and it's where we must look if we wish to increase our capacity for love, for the good of humanity. This is the response to the second and third questions in a weekly broadcast in which Belsebuub answered questions on different topics. This first session was filmed in November 2009.

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Q&A 1 – Responding when people are negative towards you

This is the first question in a weekly broadcast in which Belsebuub answers questions on different topics. In this first session, Belsebuub answers a question on negative feelings, especially the ones that happen when other people are negative too. He discusses some of the effects of having bad feelings towards people. At the end he also thanks people for their technical help in making the questions and answers sessions possible.

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Belsebuub on the book “Gazing into the Eternal”

In this short video Belsebuub describes how the book came to be made. It was filmed in a questions and answers session called 'Ask Belsebuub', which ran for five weeks in November and December 2009. The video is embedded in the page on the Belsebuub biography site Teaching in The Gnostic Movement part 2.

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The war against demons

In this response to a question Belsebuub talks about demons and how there is an unseen war between the forces of light and those of darkness. In other works of his Belsebuub explains that demons are real multidimensional entities and that some were once humanoid. Some were once beings whose last physical body was on another planet. In this solar system they gravitate around the earth, the interior earth is the center of the beings of darkness, at the point of infinity, sometimes known in esoteric spheres as the seat of Satan. This is where the giant temple of demons is, which Belsebuub has visited while out of his body. The solar system forms a boundary, which is effectively a prison for the beings of darkness. Darkness is a substance and it’s possible to awaken in light or in darkness. Demons have awakened in darkness and they constantly work to drag humanity downwards and to stop anyone from awakening in light. This is the third of the questions and answers from the talk 'Human and Demonic Darkness' at a retreat in Oregon, USA, by Belsebuub in 2009.

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How an inner abyss drags thoughts and emotions down into low states

This talk explains how there is an inner abyss and from its regions, energies go into the psyche and affect it, dragging thoughts, emotions and feelings downward. Thereby increasing low feelings, moods, depression, anger, fears and many more unpleasant inner states. The inner abyss, the region of nightmares, is related to and is in the same dimension as the outer abyss, or hell and they intermix. As, following cosmic laws, the microcosm is a replica of the macrocosm. The inner abyss drags emotional states downwards, just as after death as the souls (essences) of the dead are also dragged downwards when their circuits of lives are over (look up near death experiences of hell). The talk also explains what to do about the inner abyss and how to counter, and ultimately overcome it. The second of the questions and answers from the talk 'Human and Demonic Darkness' at a retreat in Oregon, USA, in 2009.

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Transforming inner darkness into light

"If we are of darkness we are attracted to the darkness, as that is where our affiniy lies. But if we are of light, we go to the light. Therefore find the light within you, treasure it and nurture it, so that you may be attracted to light and may one day become the light" The inner darkness is the sum of the ego states that dwell in subconscious levels of the mind. The outer darkness is the abyss, the regions and properites of darkness in their multi-dimensonal aspects, which are the abode of demons. This is part 2 of a talk at a retreat in Oregon in 2009.

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The inner darkness in the realms of the abyss

Belsebuub talks about some of the things he's seen in his own experiences out of the body, in which he explored inferior dimensions, hells, abysses and their effect on the human psyche. Belsebuub looks at the inner abyss, the world of demons and the origins of nightmares. And explains how facing this is a spark of light, the consciousness, and the seed of spiritual development.

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Karma – it is a reward or a punishment? Belsebuub on Triple J Radio

Triple J radio host Dave Callan and Belsebuub discuss karma, and how cause and effect can influence us in ways we can't necessarily see. On the Graveyard Shift show on Triple J, ABC Radio in Australia, March 2009.   This is the last of the radio interviews that were recorded. Many thanks to Jon who edited them and uploaded them to YouTube.

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Discover more about yourself by studying your dreams

How to discover more about ego states by looking into what's in dreams. How to use dreams to change. This is the second part of the second talk at a retreat in Oregon in 2009.

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The way of the inner Being

The way is a spiritual revolution within. The second talk at a retreat in Oregon, USA in 2009.

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Let the spiritual within you teach you

Answers to questions on self discovery, in the second part of a talk at a retreat in Oregon in 2009.

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An inner awakening is a revolution in consciousness

A talk at a retreat in Oregon in the USA in 2009.  

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How to get profound esoteric wisdom

What to do to discover profound esoteric wisdom and teachings and find a source of spiritual knowledge within yourself. The second part of a talk filmed in Berkeley in California in 2009.

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How to understand esoteric and mystical teachings better

How to look into ancient spiritual texts to get a deeper meaning from them. The texts discovered at Nag Hammadi in Egypt are used to illustrate the examples.  

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