How to begin this spiritual journey – Belsebuub

An introduction to spiritual change and knowledge of esoteric phenomena. Includes, understanding ego states, self-discovery, consciousness, awareness, astral projection, what the root of ourselves is and what's the purpose for living. A talk in Berkeley, California, USA in 2009.

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How fascination and identification with things turns into dreams

Finding inner silence in nature can help to break the constant fascination with things in everyday life and the associated daydreaming and dreams it gives rise to. Yet it's possible to become less fascinated and to find inner silence in everyday life. The second part of a talk in a park in the Bay Area, California, in 2009.

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The life beyond: where we go to every night when we sleep   There are different kinds of goals, They could be upon living an ordinary life, or enlightenment. To set our sights on the spiritual rather than the material Requires faculties beyond the five senses. To set our goal as the spiritual, requires an awakening of those faculties, Then we can see beyond the physical world, Then our experience of life is not just limited to this three dimensional existence. If someone has a clear out-of-body experience for the first time They face a different kind of reality. It’s a new experience of living. Unless it’s clouded by the subconscious, it’s a real experience And that experience is part of our life and who we are. We go into the life beyond this one every night when we sleep, We come into this world and body from there And we go back there and return there every night. So which is real, there, or here, or both? This is temporary and is within time. From a talk by Belsebuub in a park in the San Francisco Bay Area in April 2009.

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Exercises to be aware in the present moment and to observe your egos: Belsebuub

Two simple exercises, the first is awareness in the present moment, an exercise that clears the mind and allows consciousness to perceive three-dimensional reality clearer. The second is self-observation, an exercise to look within to see thoughts, feelings and emotions and to be aware of ego states as they appear. From a talk in Berkeley, California, in 2009.

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A light of consciousness that overcomes the darkness within Hidden deep within the mind is the realm of inner darkness, root of the subconscious and the egos. The light of consciousness can illuminate the darkness within. The darkness can be destroyed, releasing light and with it the knowledge of darkness. As light gathers more light it illuminates the way on the return journey to source consciousness. The third segment of a talk in Oregon, USA in 2008.

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The present moment and facing illness: two talks from 2008

Two videos from a talk in Oregon, USA in 2008. How to be aware and look within: Simple directions on how to be aware in the present moment. How to look within to understand yourself and bring about inner change, peace and change to your life. Illness and its karmic causes: How to face up to illness, especially for those on a spiritual path. And also looking at the causes and effects of illness that may exist beyond the physical world.

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To have a spiritual treasure within yourself

A sense of beauty, how disharmonious inner states are ruining the world, the superficiality of plagarised teachings that are unfortunately so common, the real message of peace within and creating something spiritually exceptional within ourselves. A talk in Oregon, USA in 2008.  

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How we get secret knowledge by astral travelling

How the astral plane and the dream world are related and how both can be doorways into another dimension, where we can discover secret, hidden knowledge about ourselves and life. An interview from December 2007 in Berkeley, California.  

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We can see the spiritual reality beyond the material world

Living a spiritual life is more valuable than just having a material existence in nature's program and we can see more of reality by awakening our inner faculties, learning to astral project and having lucid dreams. Belsebuub explains how to perceive the spiritual reality beyond the material world and discusses astral projection, egos and the subconscious, consciousness, detachment, and inner peace. Recorded in Berkeley California in December 2007. This video is also available on Vimeo, along with a curated collection of Belsebuub’s other interviews.

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